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1985 Chevy K10- Joshua B.

April 24, 2019 | Tags: CC

This 1985 Chevrolet Silverado K10 has a very sentimental meaning to my family and I. The truck has been in my family since 2001 when my uncle, Jerry in Tennessee bought it for my cousin, Kyle's first truck. Together they took the truck from a stock Silverado to the beast you see now. Kyle proudly drove it to high school and always had a huge smile on his face. In 2010, tragedy struck when Kyle passed away in a work truck accident leaving behind his beloved truck. Afterwards it became my uncle's daily driver until the gas guzzling became too ... read more >>

1983 S10 Tahoe Pickup- Jeff F.

April 23, 2019 | Tags: CST

I am the second and fifth owner of the truck. I bought it in 1983 with 1200 miles. The person I bought it from ordered the truck with every option you could get: air, cruise, tilt wheel, power windows, power door locks and heavy towing package. I lowered the truck with dropped spindles and springs up front and lowering blocks in the rear. I also put 16” IROC wheels. My wife drove the truck to work one mile every day until 1994, when I pulled the 2.8 V6 motor and bought the 305 TPI motor. I got busy in my ... read more >>

1996 GMC Suburban- Larry S.

| Tags: csd

I had always wanted a Suburban. I pulled my race car to the track for years with half ton trucks. I was tired of the trucks sagging and being under-powered. I came across this 1996 K2500 Suburban as I was just looking for a truck. I got a deal I couldn’t pass up, and in September of 2016, I got the Suburban I always wanted along with the power of pulling my race car. With the 454 power, I never worry about having enough power to pull now.

1990 Chevy Silverado- Wes S.

| Tags: CD

I bought "Scarlet" new right off the transport truck. After 17 years being my daily driver, it was time for her to have a facelift. After wheels, paint, pinstripes and fender flares, I covered the rock chips by painting the rocker panels with bedliner paint...tough stuff! Next came my wish list from LMC: stainless steel rocker panel trim, headlights, tail lights, parking lights and sidemarkers. The interior was the final step. I replaced the 60/40 bench seat with a bucket seat and console set. I also had the door panels and jump seat done to match. Then it was back ... read more >>

1986 Ford XLT- Scott L.

| Tags: FD

My first car was a 1966 Mustang. It was purchased in 1980 while I was a junior in high school. My parents made me save for it, I paid $1300, my dad assisted and taught me how to do repairs. After a year I sold the Mustang for $3000. From that point on my dad always went in half on purchases. We restored several cars. To this day we, including Max, my son, have several old cars. In 1986 my dad and I both bought new F150's. I traded mine for a new ‘88 GMC while dad kept his until ... read more >>

1948 Ford F1- Alfred P.

| Tags: FA

My dad bought a 1948 Ford F1 truck from its original owner in about 1965. My dad passed away in the summer of 1978. I purchased his old truck at the farm auction my mom had in the fall of that year. The truck sat on the farm or in my shed for thirty-four years before I began restoring it. The frame-off restoration took about six years and I am still doing the final touches. I had the original 6 cylinder, L-head, 226 cubic inch engine overhauled. It has the original 4-speed transmission with "Granny 1st gear.” ... read more >>

1953 Chevy 3100- Rick and Kim W.

| Tags: CA

Why a truck? I’ve always had a truck. I’ve always been fixing or building or hauling something for one of the kids. I’ve had my ’53 for a little over a year and I’m ready to add some personal touches, to make this truck my own. Paint-to-match running boards are high on my list, as is swapping out the manual brake booster to a power one. I also want to do some work on the interior. But all this will have to wait until the winter, because I’m having too much fun driving it right now, either taking grandkids out ... read more >>

1965 Chevy C10- Steve and Kenneth E.

| Tags: CBE

I bought my ‘65 C10 truck in 1983. I passed by a car lot and there it was. A sign on it said $500.00 cash. The ‘65 was always my favorite truck, so I drove it home. One day my son said, “Dad, lets restore the ‘65 and make a show truck out of it,” so I said, “Okay, let’s do it.” This was in 2003. We started buying all the parts new that we could get. It took us eight years. Then it was ready to paint and put together. Everything was going so well, but on the morning ... read more >>

1977 Chevy Silverado Stepside- Bo H.

| Tags: CC

This is our son’s 1977 Chevy Silverado Stepside, 4-wheel drive truck. Bo purchased the truck in 2012, and we were in the process of restoring it when he was murdered. He was shot while working security at the local bar and grill during our annual city carnival. Bo was trying to help this man obtain a ride home. He was performing a random act of kindness to a total stranger. Members of our community came together and finished the restoration project. Everyone involved with the restoration had knowledge of what Bo had wanted on this truck. This community effort was ... read more >>

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