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1966 GMC Custom-Gabriel G.

| Tags: blue turquoise

This was the very first car I purchased back in 1992 and I still own it today. It was last completed over 21 years ago and is now undergoing a complete frame off custom restoration.

1987 Chevy 2500 – Rachael D.

| Tags: CC

I started the build with 2 trucks and picked threw each with the help of my father and brother. I wanted a lifted truck so we put in 4 inch blocks and 10 leafs on each side so the truck won't squat at all. Messed around with some paint an metallic till I loved be color! Just a daily driver and it's perfect to me.

1994 Chevy K1500 – KC P.

May 8, 2015 | Tags: CD

Bought the truck from the original owner 5 years ago with the intent to restore to original with a little extra but as time went on more and more came up and had to time so the rust began to take over and rot out the body well 2 years ago I moved to florida and started to work at a body shop and eventually got to start my truck I would work after hours from 5 pm to almost 1 or 2 am each day which made for long hours and no sleep i cut out all the rust ... read more >>

1991 Ford Ranger-Jay G.

May 7, 2015 | Tags: 1991 91 metallic green white and green

I was tired of the usual when it came to the Ford Ranger. There are very little after market parts to dress them up. I had a local body shop weld a cowl induction on a new LMC hood. Along with a new grille, headlight assembly and new custom tail lights. Finished off with 85 camero mirrors and painted with Ford bright white upper and deep green metallic bottom. I call her thunder cause it still bangs and rattles.

1987 Ford F150-Andrew H.

| Tags: 2 door 80-96 black FD

My mom got the truck a few years ago with only 60K on the odometer. The owner who originally had it didn't drive it much so the truck was in good shape. After my mom got it her bf used it to haul wood. Cause of this the bed was damaged pretty good. Rest of the truck is in decent shape, no major rust or dents. With a new bed getting the body back into perfect shape probably wouldn't be too hard. Drive train is in excellent shape which shows Ford's reliability. I would like to restore it, its low ... read more >>

1985 Chevy Silverado – Calvin C.

| Tags: CC

After getting my first job on my fifteenth birthday, I started to save all of my money with the goal of buying a square body Chevy. I had always loved these trucks, and it was my dream to have one. After a couple of months of saving up all my money, I started looking around for a truck that I liked, but I could still afford. A couple of months went by, and we found the perfect truck and drove 3 hours to go pick it up. The truck was in good condition, but it definitely needed some work. ... read more >>

1985 Chevy K10 – Brian A.

| Tags: CC

I always wanted one on these trucks growing up and never had one, so I told myself that when I had my own place and a garage I would build one. So the day came and I started looking around till I found one with a good frame and brought it home. The truck was totally taken apart even the rivets in the frame everything cleaned and painted and started to put it back together. I ran across things in the project that made it take way longer than I wanted but it is all together and I am ... read more >>