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1969 Ford F100 – Michael C.

November 17, 2020 | Tags: FC

Build for Dad When I was around 15 me and my Dad worked on this truck together. Not knowing how it would always stay with me. It was pieced together to make it all happen. It's a 69 f100 with a 67 289, on a 76 4x4 frame. The truck has 40k original miles. My dad kept the truck while I left home and went on a journey. A couple of months ago, I was able to get it from him and start my dream of rebuilding it. It's been a blast to work on and with LMC’s help ... read more >>

1977 GMC C15 – Jason B

November 12, 2020 | Tags: CC

Bought this GMC 3 months ago and with the help of LMC made it look new again. Original Canadian Alberta truck with only 50000 miles. Cruise, tilt, tach, A/C and power windows. 350 4-bbl Thanks LMC for your help!

1971 Ford F250 – Mark M.

| Tags: FB

‘Ole Blue’ Like so many that have submitted stories to, ‘Share your TRUCK Journey,’ I’ve always wanted a Ford pick-up. My favorite is the 67-72, because that’s what I remember as a kid and my brothers have one or two themselves. When I found mine, it was an original owner, Las Vegas truck. It was a little rough, but my intent was never a show truck, but something that could be used. After being garaged while I worked on kid’s vehicles, I finally have it how I want it: a useful beast. It took 14 years and a lot ... read more >>

1989 GMC S15 – Diance R.

| Tags: CC

This is my 1989 S15 Sierra Classic that I inherited in Nov. 2012 from my aunt, she and my uncle bought in new in 89 in Oak Ridge, Tenn. It is all original except the radio and rear bumper. It has always been garage kept, it probably has never been in snow and very little rain. I got caught in one rain since I have owned it. Fun truck to get out in, get a lot of compliments as most of these little truck's has gone by the wayside.

1964 Chevy C10 – Jim C.

| Tags: CBE

Family Heirloom My great Uncle bought this 1964 C10 truck brand new from O’Hara Chevrolet. It originally had a 6 cylinder with 3 speed transmission and was used daily as a work and farm truck. The truck was later handed down to my Uncle and restored in the early 80s. The engine was replaced with a 283 and the transmission upgraded to a Muncie 4 speed on the floor. The truck was then placed in shows and won several 1st place trophies. As time passed the truck was placed into storage and over twenty years later needed a lot ... read more >>

1955 Ford F100 – John M.

| Tags: FA

My 1955 Ford F100! I bought this truck in 1988 for $150. My friends and I painted, built on it, and revamped it. It now has a '66 289 Cobra motor, with c4 transmission, air conditioning, and a Chevrolet front clip. I still improve on it now, with the help of LMC parts! After finding a passion working on cars and trucks, I now own my own auto shop called McKinney Garage in Courtland, MS.

1973 Chevy C10 – Shane M.

November 10, 2020 | Tags: CC

My Dream Built True I started this truck with my dad when I was 14 years old and I am now 43. I bought the truck from one of my dad's friends who only wanted the engine out of it. It was a 1973 2wd fleet side rust bucket with no engine and torn up transmission. This truck has grown with me over the years. I shopped LMC truck on a regular bases for the detailed interior parts front fenders and hood. There's no bolt on this truck that hasn't been turned by me at least once over the ... read more >>

1987 Chevy Silverado – Jimmy G.

| Tags: CC

Here is my 1987 Silverado with a new paint job. I bought this truck new in January of 1987. It took me to work and back until my retirement in December of 2000. That was 60 miles round trip per day. The truck took me all over Texas as I competed in the Texas Police Officers Rodeo Association. After well over 300,000 miles, I had the engine and transmission rebuilt. This truck was amazingly dependable. After retirement I started restoring it with the help of LMC. The side trim, door handles, and wheel well trim and grille are all ... read more >>

1969 Chevy C20 – Thomas G.

| Tags: CB

I’ve always wanted an old Chevy 4X4. So I bought this 1969 Chevy 20 series truck in September of 1982. My Father had a garage so we did a 4X4 conversion. The truck needed a cab, so we took one from a C60 and retrofitted it for my truck. The truck has a 465 4-speed transmission and the transfer case is a gear driven NP205, the rear differential is a 14 bolt 10.5 ring gear. The front is a Dana 44 with power disc brakes with 4:09.1 gear ratio. Now I have my 4X4 pickup just built the way ... read more >>

1994 Chevy S10 – Keith S.

| Tags: CST

In Rome, Illinois, I started out with a Mercury. A 1950 that I knew I wanted to start making changes to. I installed a Corvette grille and it fit perfectly. After that, the Chevy bug got me. Through the years I bought two 1963 Chevys. One was a 2-door Bel Air. I took out the 283-cu. in. small block and replaced it with 350-350 4 bolt main, Hooker headers, 780 duel inlet Holley on an Edelbrock Aluminum Intake, and Crane Cam with solid lifters. It was a street-strip fun sleeper. A 538 for racing and 411 Street Gear. So ... read more >>