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1974 Chevy C10 – Lawrence R.

| Tags: CC

1974 Chevy C10 Pickup I have always wanted a project, something low budget but able to have some super upgrades starting out with a straight 6 and top loader 4 speed was originally a 3 on the tree. I purchased this truck and drove it home. It will need a lot of TLC but l think it's going to be a fun and enjoyable project hopefully be driving it with a lot of upgrades by mid summer!

1985 Chevy S10 – Ringo H.

| Tags: CC

1985 Chevy S10 Ext Cab Pickup I have my project with a 2.8 /automatic transmission. I'm going to swap in a 1995 3.4 Camaro motor in my ride. It's a slow project, I'm a Disabled America Veteran US Army 1970-1973. Doing all work under a tree. From Denton, NC

1997 Ford F150 – Roberr S.

February 16, 2021 | Tags: FE

This truck was my father in law's. He got it new in 1997. When he passed away my brother in law got it and rebuilt the engine. After he finish the engine and had it back on the road I got from him and everything on and in my truck is exactly the way my father in law had.

1956 Ford F100 – Brad M.

| Tags: FA

Hawaii Mishap I have long desired to rebuild an early 50’s Fat Fender Ford F100 but could never quite find the project vehicle that offered the right level of challenge without getting myself “too deep”. A visit to a specialty body shop to check out my friend’s 58 Corvette paint job introduced me to the perfect project. Sitting out in the back lot was a wrecked 1956 F100. The story was that the owner had sold it to a buyer in Hawaii and prior to shipment the shipping container was dropped and the truck was badly damaged. Considered totaled, ... read more >>

1958 Ford F100 – Dustin S.

| Tags: FB

1958 Ford F100 on a 1979 F250 Chassis This project started out as a mostly stock 1958 F100 with a 292 Y block. We transplanted the body onto a 1979 F250 camper special chassis and dropped in a 460 with a C6 and NP205 transfer case. We also used a high pinion dana 44 front and dana 60 rear end to put the power to the ground. Thanks to LMC most of the hard to find parts were available for us to complete this project! Thanks for the support!

1976 Dodge W100 – Gustavo S.

| Tags: DC

It was my dads back in day. It was sitting at grandmas till we got it running to drive it home when I was 13. I got a hold of it in 2018, took it apart down to the frame axles and all. I was told I would never get it back together and should have left the truck the way it was in one piece. Determined to finish, I started the restoration from there. Swapping the drivetrain to a 3.9 4bt cummins, np205 transfer case, replacing every nut and bolt. With a little help from dad, because two ... read more >>