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1972 Ford F250 – Fred C.

February 26, 2021 | Tags: FB

Frank the Tank I picked up this 72 f250 and immediately my 6 year old niece started calling it frank the tank. It has a 68 grille with a 351w and C6 auto with power steering. Thanks for looking.

1978 Ford 250 – Jeff S.

| Tags: FC

Father's Truck My father handed over this 1978 Ford truck to me (I was 17) which he purchased brand new. Shortly after that, he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 37 in January of 1983. We were cutting firewood with this truck in an ash swamp in the middle of winter in Minnesota when he experienced a heart attack. I have a lot of memories of him in this truck. He named the truck "Lord Mr. Ford" after the song by Jerry Reed. He always had a name for his trucks. I drove it for my junior and ... read more >>

1998 Dodge 2500 – Justin D.

February 24, 2021 | Tags: DE

Justin's Truck I got this truck from my cousin, I traded my jeep for it. It's a 1998 Dodge Cummins 24v 5 speed. I am in the process of making it rust free and I'm doing all my own body work at 17. I don't know much, but trying to do it all myself.

1974 Chevy K10 – Lionel E.

| Tags: CC

It is a California truck. I purchased this as a hobby. The truck was pretty much original. I gave it a suspension lift, new shocks, leaf springs, and brake lines. But now this is where LMC comes in to help me get the parts I need to finish it off. Still have much to do, but the truck runs great and is getting lots of attention everywhere I go.

1977 Chevy K5 – Daniel C.

February 19, 2021 | Tags: CC

1977 2wd K5 Cool little story, I bought this truck from my best friend years ago and as life got tough on me with my daughter going to college and getting married I had to sell it to help pay for things. Never bitter about it but missed my truck bad. Then one day my daughter invited me for dinner and when I showed up her and her husband found the truck and bought it back for me. Needless to say the truck will never leave this family again

1974 Chevy C10 – Frank S.

February 18, 2021 | Tags: CC

From Scratch with LMC At 71 I launched a new hobby. For 5 years I watched a blue 74 C10 square body hull wasting away in the neighbors yard. After several years and multiple offers the hull became my project. Thank God for LMC! I did some body work, then painted it red. Wrong answer. Wife hated it. After 50 years together I knew the only answer was sandpaper, tape and a different color paint. I wisely let her pick it out. I installed a 350 bored out .0030, double hump heads, aluminum pistons backed by a turbo 350 ... read more >>

2002 Ford F150 – Kim W.

| Tags: FE

A Gift of Appreciation I had a 1999 Ford Ranger that left me stuck in the desert until a little girl in a Jeep came to pull me out. I swore from that day on that my next truck would be a 4X4. Well, the Ranger was totaled in an accident, and I was in search of another truck. I had been giving my sister - in -law and her family a leg up after they fell on hard times. Well, one Sunday, they pulled up in front of the house and called me out. There sat a 2002 ... read more >>

1998 Dodge 1500 – Braden Y.

| Tags: DE

My whole time growing up, trucks have been big at our house. I would have been turning 16 soon after I got this truck. My dad and I decided to start fixing it up so when I turned 16 I would have a nice truck that would last me a while. It ended up starting with doing simple things but then sort of went overboard. It had some clear coat that was pealing so Dad and I decided to try to repaint the spots that were pealing. We have done some work before but are no where near professionals. ... read more >>

1987 Ford F250 – Jerry B. & Walter M.

| Tags: CC

1987 Ford F250 Resurrection This truck began its life in Texas. Then one day, it was retired and put in a Texas field where it sat for 12 years untouched. It literally was coated in dirt and clay and had moss and mushrooms growing on it. Fuel tanks and lines rotted out. It was old and tired and needed new life. Oddly enough, it was perfectly preserved Texas style. One day, my buddy of over 30 years, Jerry Bachman and I decided to pull it up to the garage and begin the 1987 Ford F250 Resurrection. The paint is ... read more >>