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1949 Ford F100 – William V.

October 16, 2019 | Tags: FA

My 49 Ford I found this truck in Austin Texas in a garage been there for over 50 years had 16,792 miles on it I’ve been driving it ever since I did a few upgrades and I hope to pass it on to my grandchildren this is my every day driver

1969 GMC K2500 – Peter H.

October 15, 2019 | Tags: CB

My First Build Having never owned those cool 4x4 trucks from any era, I told myself someday I would restore a truck. This 69 GMC K2500 was well on it's way to scrap when I rescued it in the spring of 2017. In fact the vehicle quite possibly shouldn't have been restored given how much body work and new or replacement panels it needed. When I had completed all I could do I handed the truck over to my brother-in-law Mike and his good friend Steve. Over the course of a year they would piece together and paint a ... read more >>

1985 Chevy C10 – Ernie G.

| Tags: CC

Blue 1985 Chevy I first saw the posting 9/26/2019 on OfferUp. Truck was listed for $3,000 and the ad stated broken heads. The previous owner also mentioned that it over heated after replacing the radiator, water pump and fan clutch. After all the repairs the engine still got hot. He automatically assumed that the heads had a problem. The previous owner agreed on $2,800 cash. Once I took her home and did a little digging and I ended up replacing the thermostat and temperature gauge that was faulty. The $18 thermostat and $20 gauge with a little bit of ... read more >>

1983 Chevy K10 – Dan S.

| Tags: CC

Mud Truck turned Show Truck This is the fourth square body I’ve owned. Ever since I could drive I’ve had one. They have been daily drivers, hobby trucks and rock climbers. This particular one was a Mud Truck for several years before I restored it to its current condition. The only thing that didn’t come off the frame was the cab. LMC had it all, I made many trips to the parts counter. The LMC employees knew me by name and provided great customer service even when I made mistakes. I turned every fastener on the Truck and made ... read more >>

1985 Chevy C20 – Mike S.

| Tags: CC

My 1985 Chevrolet C20 This truck has only 78K miles. Was originally my work truck. Was just a plain old fleet truck with a Reading utility bed. The bed kinda fell apart lol. Decided the truck was too good to let go. This is my third square body I've owned. Love it and drive it every day. Thanks so much LMC for helping with the many parts keeping it on the road.

1969 Ford F100 – David F.

| Tags: FB

1969 F100 HD Well flew to Phoenix and got Herman in 2018 spring. Drove him all over west with bad steering, bad brakes, ect. He ran well got us back to Tennessee where he lives now. Great trip lots of adventure and fun for me and my wife. He lived in west all his life we love and are upgraded this beast long base dana 60 360cuin 4spd, granny likes gas.

1969 FORD F-100 – Brian C.

October 14, 2019 | Tags: FB

"Butch" I bought this 1969 FORD F-100 as a house truck to haul our yard supplies and bark mulch in. One thing lead to another and it became a frame up restoration. It has 56K original miles and is a one owner. We named it "Butch" after the original owner who recently passed away. Butch no longer hauls bark mulch but enjoys the finer things in life!

1974 Chevy C10 – Mark S.

| Tags: CC

1974 Chevy Truck I purchased it in 1975 when I got out of the Army. It was my work truck and lived in CT. It saw many winter's with snow, ice and salt. It developed it's share of rust and corrosion. 10 years ago I had to decide wether to buy a new truck or fix this one. Since I love my truck I decided to fix it. The result is a clean truck with a 496ci BBC with 610 hp that will surprise a new mustang owner, lol.

1956 Ford F250 – Tommy V.

| Tags: FA

Dream Come True I purchased this 1956 Ford F250 from a friend whose dad bought from the original owner's son after he passed away. This truck means so much to me because I learned to drive in my father's 1966 Ford F100. I completely restored this truck with 95% of the parts coming from LMC. I kept the original 272 y-block in it with a fresh rebuild. I did modernize the power-plant with ram horn manifolds, electronic ignition, an aluminum 4 barrel intake and valley pan with PVC port from John Mummert in California. I kept the original 3-speed ... read more >>

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