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1990 Dodge W250 – Lane K.

April 6, 2020 | Tags: DC

Grandpa's Truck My truck is a work in progress. I have done a lot of work on it since I got it 3 years ago from my grandmother. She told me it was my grandpas but that it was gonna take a lot of work because after he died they let it sit for close to 10 years. When I got it, I went through the whole thing and replaced a lot on it (there is still much to be replaced). For my first truck, I love it and I would not trade it for a brand new anything. ... read more >>

1994 Ford F150 – Jimbo K.

| Tags: FD

My 1994 F-150 4x4 my name is jimbo Kohnke i bought my F-150 new from Kings crown Ford in 1994 its been a great work truck and pleasure truck over the year,s ive kept it in the garage over the years and kept a lot of turtle wax on it ,there has been many different parts ive replace over the years ive bought from LMC truck Life from bumper to bump they been there for my every need and real helpful helping me figure problems when something went wrong and great delivery time i have 277,132.0 miles on it ... read more >>

1954 Chevy 3100 – Austin E.

April 4, 2020 | Tags: CA

Grandpas Old Farm Truck This farm truck has been in the family for over 50 years. Grandpa got it from one of his friends and parked the truck in 1979 when my uncle turned 16 so he wouldn’t tear it up. I acquired it from my cousin and my father and I fixed it up. My grandpa used it as a going to town truck for the farm. My dad learned how to drive in it, and I also learned how to drive a three on a tree in it. My kids will also have the opportunity to drive ... read more >>

1980 Chevy C10 – Jeffrey O.

| Tags: CC

1980 Resto-mod C10 From Rags to Riches. This truck was essentially totaled with no front end on it after my best friend wrecked it; as he just got a divorce and out down a bottle of jameson prior to driving. He was going to total it out, but I negotiated a deal to give me the truck as long as I promised to rebuild it the right way. I’ve bought all my parts from LMC Truck and it’s taken about a year to complete

1972 Chevy C10 – Anthony S.

April 3, 2020 | Tags: CB

Farm Truck 32 years ago my Dad and uncle bought and resold a 1972 Cheyenne Super that had been sitting for a few years under a Pecan tree. This truck was straight but from below the window to the top of the cab the orange an white two tone paint was covered in black pecan sap. The owner had passed away and we purchased from his wife, she told us it’s life story that he loved the truck. Dad gave me the keys and told me to drive home and get it cleaned up and serviced. So I did ... read more >>

1995 Ford F150 – Carlos V.

| Tags: FD

Ol' Red F-150 4X4 XL It came to me late - it's mine now and I vowed to bring it back to its Glory - The original owner probably did not know it at the time - because it was just a Truck and Transportation. But unlike those who may have borrowed it and owned a title for it in the past - I want to not only take care of it like they did, but pump big and small new beginnings into the heart and soul of My Truck. Like me , this truck is old - but ... read more >>

1972 Chevy Blazer – Lawrence P.

| Tags: CB

Love/Hate Affair 8 years of a frame off restoration started as a 16th birthday truck for my son, hes now 23 and we are 98% complete!! Oh how I love the restoration timelines!! We started with a 400 with a 700R tranny, the overdrive was a wish at the beginning but the converter failed and we ended up with a ruined tranny and eventually we realized the engine had been compromised. The final product has a 350 crate along with the 350 turbo. We have after market air, customized self made roll bar, sliding back bench seat for 36" ... read more >>

2000 Ford F150 – Peter R.

| Tags: FE

Bought her new in March 01. The first new vehicle I'd ever bought (with a gift of 10k from my dad who insisted I had to use it for a new(not used) vehicle. Really over-extended myself with this truck but I fell in love. So fancy with the Mark III luxury truck package, running boards,bed rails,covers on the rear door windows and swooping graphics along the hood and down the sides. I still love her but she's getting a little frayed around the edges. Stopped driving her during bad weather more than 10 years ago. Now she's in the ... read more >>

1979 F100 Mirek N. Czech

| Tags: FC

I bought the car at the beginning of 2019 Alabama.It's my first 1979 model, so far I have all the 1966 F100s.That's what I'm going to make a beautiful new car.Thanks to the LMC, I can handle it.Support us here in Europe in the Czech Republic.Thank you I would very much like to buy F150 1979 4x4 that's my dream.

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