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2005 GMC Sierra – Kiley S.

August 14, 2019 | Tags: CE

I got my work truck five years ago. This is my fourth truck-like vehicle but my first full-size pickup. I use it to literally haul anything and everything. Camping, too. The four doors are nice to bring family and friends along for the ride. My future plans are to drive it until the wheels fall off. The 5.3L has 235,000 miles on it. Generally, I like to see how far I can take my vehicles. I know 350-400K is not impossible with this truck. With me it is possible.

1967 Ford F100 – Robert G.

| Tags: FB

I bought this truck brand new in '67. It's been in storage for over 25 years. My youngest daughter drove it for two years when in high school. In fact, all three of my kids drove it for a year or so. Alison asked me a year and a half ago if she could have it and of course, you can't turn your daughter down. She said she wanted to teach her kids how to drive a stick shift. It has the old granny 4 on the floor and 4th gear is almost like overdrive. Today, ... read more >>

1978 Ford 100 – Ulises B.

| Tags: FC

Heredity is the Taste for Trucks My father, a Colombian farmer, began to take an interest in Ford trucks. He had different models of the F100. Four years ago, on my 40th birthday, I asked him to sell the one he still had - it was my best gift. Now, I will restore it to have a long life with me.

1978 Ford F150 – Layne H.

| Tags: FC

Just a Thought, Now a Reality When I was about to leave for college, I bought a 1998 Honda Accord for $400. Before leaving, I decided to trade it for a 1994 Pontiac Firebird. After realizing that it wasn't the car for me, I traded it for a 1977 Ford F150 4x4. After a few months of having it, my father put the thought of, "Hey it would be really cool to restore it and put a 12 valve Cummins in it." After a few years driving that truck to college and back, I decided it was time to ... read more >>

1972 Chevy C10 – Tom E.

| Tags: CB

Green Garage Find Almost 11 years ago, I was at a customer's home. Sitting in the garage was this '72 C10 that he had purchased. I saw it and asked him if he would sell it to me- I got a "no." Well, every year, I asked him for his truck. I got "no’s." Finally, in December of 2018, I was working at his house and he agreed to sell it to me. I found out that he bought it from a man who restored it and had it painted this cool metallic green. The only things I have ... read more >>

1989 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Michael S.

| Tags: CC

Mike's "Heartbeat of America" I have owned my truck nearly 12 years. My dad bought it new in 1989, and after his passing in 2007, my mom gave it to me. At that time, it had 55K miles on it. Now, it has 130K on it. It had been a daily driver for me during that time. Last year, I started restoring it. First, it went in the garage for a new drivetrain. It got a fresh 383 stroker and a new transmission. I wanted a lower geared differential so I also got that replaced as well. A posi-traction ... read more >>

1976 GMC K2500 – Chris W.

| Tags: CC

Next Generation '76 GMC My mom met my pops when I was about 15. He had this '76 custom built GMC that was as tall as it was sexy. It sounded so good rolling down the road and I immediately fell in love with that truck. It was built by Rocky Hudson out of LaGrande, OR. It has a 1/2 ton cab, sitting on top of a 3/4 ton chassis, and supported up by a 1 ton suspension. 350 4 bolt in front of a 4-speed manual transmission. This truck would climb a tree if the bark wouldn't slip ... read more >>

1978 Ford 150 – Courtney C.

| Tags: FC

Junior’s Memory I got this truck in May of 2016, when I was 16. The previous owner was a very important man in my childhood and when he passed, I got his truck. I restored it from the bottom-up with my dad and that makes it double-special. It took two and half years to get it back together and running. If it wasn’t for LMC, none of it would have been possible. All the hard work my father and I put into this truck has been worth it because now I get to take this truck everywhere with me ... read more >>

1986 Chevy K5 – J.P.

| Tags: CC

True Love I retired, 12 years Army, in 2013. At that time, I came back home to Missouri but had no family left to come home to in Excelsior Springs, my home town. So, I came to Springfield, Missouri, where my uncle, aunt, and grandma lived. During my transition, I found myself going through a divorce and I became homeless. I slept in my storage unit for about a month until I saved enough money and purchased a full-size Chevy express van. I also started attending OTC every day, where I met the love of my life. You see, ... read more >>

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