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1980 Ford F150 – Zach W

| Tags: FD

At age 15(2010) I was handed the keys to this beauty in the first photo, living in Maryland daily driving this truck was the worst thing I could’ve done road salt ate the body away over the years till it wasn’t worth saving. I always talked about doing a full restoration because this truck and I had been through everything together and finally began 2017. With the help of a lot of hard to find specialty parts from LMC I began a full frame off restoration of my truck. We took it down to the bare frame of a ... read more >>

1974 Ford F250 – Jake L.

October 18, 2020 | Tags: FC

Gus This is my 1974 Ford F-250 named Gus. A few weeks ago me and my dad built a Ford Explorer and called it the Jurassic Fart. We built it for a trailer race demolition derby. When we got there I noticed an old dentside Ford truck on a trailer. I asked the owner if he was wrecking it that night and he claimed he wasn't wrecking it but there would be accidents. So I sat there in the bleachers and watched that perfect truck get wrecked. It was sad to watch. But afterwards people were allowed on the ... read more >>

1983 Chevy S10 – Steve A.

| Tags: CST

We love our 1983 S10 with those Jump seats in the back -- Grandkids live them. Color of them not the usual. The truck has been kept in great shape over the years and fun to drive for those short trips (as displayed by the 66K miles on it.)  Extended cab, 4x4, A-C on that V6, and still have the original radio in it and working great.. Love the parts we have bought in the past from LMC Truck -- keep up the good work! Steve, The Mtns if TN

1983 Dodge D150 – Carsten G.

| Tags: DC

First Gen I brought my truck to Germany from Tennessee in 2019. I love this simple technology, the durability and the design of the trucks from the 80s. These cars are hard to find on German roads and I am always happy to get them out of the garage. I don't drive it every day, but when the weather is nice and I have some time, I really enjoy moving the truck. Thanks to LMC, with the worldwide shipping of their spare parts, people outside the US are also able to drive such vehicles. ... read more >>

1956 Ford 100 – Charlie F.

| Tags: FA

Big Red Visiting a close friend in New York, as I pulled into his driveway, it had a For Sale sign on his "Baby ". We worked out a good deal and had her shipped back to Florida. That's been 4 years. Gave her a lot of TLC. BIG RED is doing real good and so is my friend.

1964 Chevy C10 – Dave S.

| Tags: CBE

I bought this truck in February from an older gentleman in Georgia. My brother took delivery and did some of the metal work at his shop in Stone Mountain. When I heard they were going to lock everyone down because of Covid 19, I had the truck shipped to my shop in New Jersey. It arrived the first week in March, just before the lockdown. My first thought was to access the project and get parts on order quickly. I began disassembly and started stripping the body panels. It took many hours of sanding, grinding and welding to get ... read more >>

1973 Chevy C10 – John L.

| Tags: CC

Frankenstein I call my truck "Shelley," after Mary Shelley, the author of "Frankenstein." She started life as a 1973 Hawaiian Blue fleetside 2wd Custom Deluxe 10. My dad gave me the truck in the early 90s, to replace the overloaded Buick I was using to deliver newspapers. Over the years I made many “upgrades” to the truck. I rebuilt the engine when a push rod broke and caused the piston to score one of the cylinders. My dad found a long stepside bed with a rotten wooden floor at a farmer’s auction. Many trips to the junkyard yielded a ... read more >>

1966 Chevy C10 – Willie M.

October 16, 2020 | Tags: CBE

Ole Black I bought my truck in 1986 from a friend . It’s always been call ole black since I’ve owned it. It’s one of 5 I’ve owned but this one I keep because my late wife said at the time if I sell it she would divorce me. It has a 1964 283 cid bored .30 Lunati cam turbo 350 with 2200 stall . Most of the parts are LMC.

1990 Chevy 1500 – Brad K.

| Tags: CD

The Fireman Of all the pickups that I have had, this old regular cab, short bed Chevy has been my favorite. My daddy and I found this pickup through a mutual friend that was a body shop repairman in 1994. I was in need of a vehicle to drive in high school and they had this red pickup that they used for a parts runner. It had apparently been wrecked lightly and they picked it up at an auction to fix and maybe sell later. We came across it in May of 1994, and I knew it was the ... read more >>

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