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1971 Ford F100 – Mark W.

October 18, 2019 | Tags: FB

FORD F-Series Trucks over 40 years and 1,588,000 miles I got my first Ford when I married my wife in 1978. She drove a 1971 F-100 longbed 4-Speed with Granny gear. It was a great truck and we put 150K on it very quickly, but I unfortunately totaled it at the Grand Canyon in 1979. I replaced it with a 1979 F-350 longbed Crew Cab. I drove that for 300K miles until 1983. After moving to California, I went back to a 1971 F-100 longbed 4-Speed with Granny gear, as there was no room for Crew Cabs where we ... read more >>

1955 GMC 100 – Mickey T.

| Tags: CA

Memories Galore Story of my truck I purchased my 1955 GMC 100 P/U in 1975. The truck broke down in the parking area where I lived, in Chattanooga, TN. The owner worked on it, off and on, for 3 days. He was getting very frustrated. I walked out of my apartment one day, and asked him what he would take for it? He said $250.00 and I immediately purchased it. I had never seen a GMC like this one. It was a 6 cyl. with a 4-speed Hydramatic auto transmission. The front chrome on the truck was very rare ... read more >>

1966 Ford F100 – Scott W.

October 17, 2019 | Tags: FB

My daughter's first truck. "Pearl" This is Pearl. My 17 year old daughter’s 1966 F100 custom Cab. She wanted an old truck for her first vehicle. We bought Pearl before Abby had her license to drive. It took us about 18 months to fully restore her but Pearl was back on the road by the time Abby took her test. Now they are inseparable. She drives Pearl every day to school and work. It was a family project. We did a full restoration with the help of my dad, daughter and my new group of friends (and slick 60’s ... read more >>

1969 Ford F100 – Cheynne C.

| Tags: FB

The Rustina Project My truck was abandoned after the owners fought a supposed head gasket problem and left it to sit and become covered in awesome patina, some from sitting for years and some of it from it being a company truck for a local plumber. I actually spotted the truck in the background of a Craigslist ad for a Chevy truck lol. I noticed only the top rear passenger side roof line and new it was a bumpside. Sent a bunch of emails due to no other contact info which led me to the daughter whose grandfather owned ... read more >>

2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 – Adam G.

| Tags: CE

Restored 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 I bought this truck in 2015 and 3 months ago I finally decided to tear it apart and start from the ground up. Me and my dad did a total cab on restoration. I installed new bedsides a HD hood rocker panels and cab corners, painted the entire frame with prismatic flake and repainted the whole truck back to its original color. 3 months later I am beyond pleased with the outcome, feels and looks like a new one.

1976 Ford F250 – Tyler W.

| Tags: FC

Building My Dream Truck When I was little I always dreamed about building a Ford truck with a Cummins in it. I always loved the 70's Ford body style. I got my first one when I was 14, it was a 1978 Ford F-150 4x4 shortbed. I got another truck from a neighbor built one out of too. 8 years later I had an impulse buy from one of my friends and bought a 1976 Ford Highboy. I then got my hands on a complete first gen Dodge with a Cummins and that started it all. About a year ... read more >>

2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Shawn H.

| Tags: CE

I found the exact truck I wanted, wrecked at a salvage yard, a 2002 regular cab short bed z71 4x4 with a 4.8 and 5-speed manual. This was my first truck I got back in 2009. I replaced the smashed bedside, wheel and bent axle shaft to get the truck back on the road. I drove the truck through PA winters and more recently completed a frame off restoration with my wife, that I am lucky to call mine, who is a automotive refinisher at a bodyshop. She does the body side if things I do the mechanic side. ... read more >>

1978 Ford F100 – William C.

October 16, 2019 | Tags: FC

Ole Blue I bought my '78 Ford in April of 1982 from my uncle in Cairo Ga. It was time for him to trade so I bought it. We have been together ever since. It has been my daily driver up until just recently. My mom even drove it for 2 years while I was in Germany on active duty. She loves to hear the dual exhaust roar. Since buying a newer truck ole blue sits under the carport. Thought about selling it and my sweet wife said go put it somewhere where I won’t see it for a ... read more >>

1984 Chevy K15 – Jamie W.

| Tags: CC

Uncle Ken’s 1984 Chevy My Uncle Kenny Luebbe bought this 1984 Chevrolet 4x4 6.2L Diesel brand new in '84 when I was 9 years old. My father got a twin to it in '85 that was red/grey combo. I rode around during the summers in this pickup as a young child thought it was the coolest thing ever. My uncle traded it off in 1996 at a local dealership. Often wondered where it was. Then in 2015 I found it on an online farm auction site. Made a few calls to verify it and wow could not hardly believe ... read more >>

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