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1997 Chevy K10 – Gary H.

| Tags: CD

The Love Of A Square Body When I first turned 16 back in 1980 I bought my uncle's 73 Chevy C10 stepside, straight 6 cylinder, three speed on the tree. I always wanted to get another one now that I’m knocking on 60. I found a 77 K10 four-wheel-drive short bed. When I first saw it with the for sale sign I said I got to have it. It's all in primer and needs some odds and ends but that will be my summer truck to cruise around in no AC. It has the 255 option, you know two ... read more >>

1982 Ford F100 – Jerry P.

| Tags: FD

When I was a teenager my uncle parked a blue bullnose at our house for a week. I don't recall why but I do remember it was for sale. I wanted that truck so bad. It was a long bed F-150 with a 302 and dual exhaust. I remember it sounded so good. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get that truck. Ever since I have always wanted a 80-86 Ford Truck. About 25 years later in July of 2019 I finally was able to buy one. I came across a 1982 F-100, 300 six cylinder, three on the tree. ... read more >>

1998 Chevy 1500 – Gordon W.

| Tags: CD

Williams Family Truck In 2016 I was looking for a truck to replace my 1996 k1500 that I used for 20 years. I live in Maine so it was very rusty from the main winters. I located a 1998 two-door long bed in Marshville North Carolina it was owned by Ned and Joyce. They bought it brand new in 1998 and they took wonderful care of it. Long story short by the time I got home, there's no way I could use this truck for my work because it would absolutely ruin it. The truck was so well taken ... read more >>

1965 Chevy C10 – Richard F.

| Tags: CBE

Built a 65 Pick up in 1982, a friend borrowed it and was T-Boned which totaled the truck. I found this truck and transferred the power train, Rebuilt it from bare bones to what it is today as a family project. Kids joined in to help. The bed is made of Oak, and looked so good, We built a Tilt Trailer with a solid Steel Floor used as a utility trailer. Most all parts to restore this truck was purchased from LMC Trucks

1973 Ford F100 – Tyson M.

| Tags: FC

A boy, His dad, and a Truck... Could there be anything more traditional North American than that? A father-son project where quality time spent together allows the preservation and enjoyment of a classic machine. I have done a few trucks over the years, and LMC has been my go-to for hard to find parts. Recently, I lucked into a 1973 F100. Factory 302/automatic and made in Canada. With the help of my nine-year-old son, Hudson, we are going to two-tone paint it, redo the interior, and performance modify the engine. Brought her home last week… Already have a full ... read more >>

1991 Chevy S10 – Cody B.

| Tags: CST

My First Truck I'm 15 years old, I turn 16 in April and get my driver's license. I always wanted a square body S10 short wheel base. My dad found one and we've been fixing it up slowly so we can have it done by the time I get my license in April so that I can drive it back and forth to school and take it to car shows with my dad's 68 Chevelle.

1950 Ford F1 – Steve C.

| Tags: FA

Years ago I purchased an original 1950 F1 Ford truck out of texas. My grandkids were young at the time. I used to drive them on our property on my lap. I sold the truck to my school buddy one year later because he wanted it so bad to fix up with his sons. Never happened. As my grandkids grew up they always talked about papa's old white truck. They wanted it back so bad but my buddy would not get rid of it, well his son's lost interest. Three months ago he gave in and I got the ... read more >>

1973 Ford 100 – Jimmie O.

| Tags: FC

Jimmie's F100 XLT It was early Sat. Aug 18, 1973, my dad, Jimmie, said to me and my three brothers, Jim, Kevin and Keith,” lets go look at new trucks.” We needed a truck to haul our trailer full of Motorcycles. We ended up at Webster Wolford Ford in Oregon City, Oregon. The salesman John “Rusty” Koehulein led us to their overflow lot a mile away. On the back row we found a bright Red F100 Ranger XLT "Trailer Special”. This was the perfect truck for us. We needed a truck that could haul a camper and pull a ... read more >>

1996 Chevy Step Side – Ricky B.

| Tags: CD

Keeping my Dads 96 Step-Side Alive My dad Chet worked at General Motors for forty years. To make sure that his family was taken care of, my dad would work 12 to 16 hour days at the GM plant in Michigan as a manager. My dad was one of the hardest working guys that I knew in my lifetime. I remember when dad purchased his 1996 step-side special order and customized just the way he wanted it. Dad had purchased a couple more trucks through the years but his step-side was all that he would drive. My dad was ... read more >>