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1996 Ford Bronco – Stanley K.

January 24, 2020 | Tags: FD

Our Hope Back in 2000 I was blessed with purchasing a like new 1996 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Addition. It is Dark Green/Champaign with the Champaign/Black interior, 5.8L/351Windsor, 177K miles with no off road, no wrecks and no rust. As you can see in the pictures, it has had some style/theme up-grades to honor our Military and Veterans with many parts coming from LMC truck. It is supposed to mimic a P-51 Mustang which is my favorite aircraft. I just retired from the military after 25 years and have driven the truck for the past six years to car ... read more >>

1960 Chevy Apache – Bill V.

| Tags: CBE

1960 Apache 20 (3/4 ton) Longbed I have had ‘Old Red’ for almost 50 years. I bought it from a coworker in 1971 for $100. He had received it as a hand-me-down from his father-in-law (original owner who put on the ’62 hood) and he let the block freeze. Two cans of Bar’s Leaks and the water leak was stopped. I was building my own house and used it as a utility haul truck. With its ‘granny gear’ 4 speed and a “NoSPIN Differential” (see photo) it also served as a great truck for getting to, cutting and hauling ... read more >>

1995 Chevy 1500 – Kevin A.

| Tags: CD

Broken Up Needed a low truck due to a work accident, purchased a 95 Chevy 1500 long bed extracab, it's still a work in progress, it's been dropped 6 inches with a c-notch and airbags in the rear and a ride tech front-end kit, rolling on 245/40r20s, motor swap with a 99 vortex 5.7 litre.

1997 Dodge 1500 – Steve S.

| Tags: DE

Rugged Old Ram My story is not flashy or exciting. I have a ‘97 Dodge Ram 1500 that is used as a truck- hauling wood , pulling boats, plowing driveways, and  transporting lumber. She was pretty when I started but Central New York winters are not kind to vehicles and it needs a little help now . The 5.9 motor is tough though and nothing gets in its way, especially snow. People are amazed at the snow it will push. I have over 3 thousand in repairs and upgrades and now I want to replace some sheet metal to ... read more >>

1989 Chevy C1500 – Rick R.

| Tags: CD

Hello everybody, my name is Rick. I'm 58 years old and I'm hearing impaired (deaf). I live in Antioch, CA, one hour east of San Francisco. I am a certified automotive mechanic. I graduated from South Seattle Community Collage and then worked as an equipment maintenance mechanic for Contra Costa County for 30 years. In 1989 I went to Winter Chevrolet, the local Chevy Dealership in Pittsburg, CA, and ordered a brand new Silverado C-1500. I waited for 3 months while the truck was being shipped to the West coast from the factory back east before I could take delivery ... read more >>

1977 Ford F150 – Karl T.

| Tags: FC

43 Years With My Partner  I was 43 years old when I bought my first new truck. I ordered it with 3 tone trim and super cool radiator with a 302 engine. 150 horsepower. I used my truck in heavy construction from 1977 to 1992 and went through two engines! I retired my truck in 1992. I wanted to upgrade my truck. I found a wrecked 1992 GT Mustang engine complete.That upgraded me to a 220 horsepower that had only 1100 miles on the engine. I also purchased a AFT and front tank out of a 1992 Ford pickup ... read more >>

1970 Ford F100 – Shannon P.

| Tags: FB

Desperado This is my 1970 F100. I call her Desperado because she has been in desperate need of a makeover for the last 20 years. Bought her in 1990 from her original owner to start a lawncare business. She was pure white with original hubcaps, whitewalls, 360 engine and 3 on the tree. Over time she deteriorated but I still drove her weekly. Ten years ago I moved the 3 speed to the floor and added a Hurst shifter. I always had dreams of restoring her and finally my wife agreed to let me do just that for her ... read more >>

1999 Chevy 1500 – Brian M.

| Tags: CE

One Owner 99 Silverado Bought this truck brand new at Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny Iowa. Now garaged and pampered near Castle Rock Colorado. Never been in an accident and has 240,000 miles. Original paint, 6l90e tranny swap, Vortec Supercharger, original block bored to a 6.2 liter stroker. 625 rwhp. I drove away from my wedding in this truck in 2004 and brought my son home from the hospital when he was born in 2011. I just love spending time with my son in the garage tinkering as my wife calls it. Showing him how things work and how to ... read more >>

1969 Ford F100. Jim T.

| Tags: FB

I have been wanting to fix / repair one of these 69 f100 for many years. I saw one for sale when I was 21 years of age (now 63) but could not afford it at the time. Many years later the urge of wanting a f100 hit me again. Now that I was able to spend cash on purchasing one I begin my mission on locating a 69 F100. Luckily I found one with minimal research and local also. I paid the seller when we reached a dollar amount and then towed her home. This was in 2011 ... read more >>

1987 Dodge Ramcharger – Danny T.

| Tags: DC

The Tank This was my son's truck through high school, he opted for a more economical vehicle so I started playing around with it. Its 1987 Ramcharger two wheel drive, original 318 built with 360 Edelbrock aluminum heads MSD ignition slight cam 3:90 rear end, has 73K original miles. I am selling it now to move onto another project. But I wanted to share my work.

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