• 1955 GMC 100 – Mickey T.

    Memories Galore Story of my truck I purchased my 1955 GMC 100 P/U in 1975. The truck broke down in the parking area where I lived, in Chattanooga, TN. The owner worked on it, ... read more >>

  • 1966 Ford F100 – Scott W.

    My daughter's first truck. "Pearl" This is Pearl. My 17 year old daughter’s 1966 F100 custom Cab. She wanted an old truck for her first vehicle. We bought Pearl before Abby had her license ... read more >>

  • 1956 Ford F250 – Tommy V.

    Dream Come True I purchased this 1956 Ford F250 from a friend whose dad bought from the original owner's son after he passed away. This truck means so much to me because I learned ... read more >>

  • 1996 Ford Bronco – Robert S.

    I bought my 1996 Ford Bronco back in 2014 when I was still 16 in high school. Working in a packing plant to pay for it. Originally my dad was the first one to ... read more >>

  • 1970 Chevy C10 – Tyler F.

    My father bought my 1970 C10 in 1995 when I was about a year old. The truck had been purchased in 1970 by an oil company for a fleet vehicle from a local Chevrolet ... read more >>

Welcome to LMC Truck Life

This site was born out of file cabinets filled with the letters and pictures that we have received from truck owners over the years. These letters told us the story of your truck. The highs, the lows, the happy events and the events that tug at our hearts.

Seems every truck has a story and we can’t wait to hear yours!

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