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1986 Ford XLT- Scott L.

April 23, 2019 | Tags: FD

My first car was a 1966 Mustang. It was purchased in 1980 while I was a junior in high school. My parents made me save for it, I paid $1300, my dad assisted and taught me how to do repairs. After a year I sold the Mustang for $3000. From that point on my dad always went in half on purchases. We restored several cars. To this day we, including Max, my son, have several old cars. In 1986 my dad and I both bought new F150's. I traded mine for a new ‘88 GMC while dad kept his until ... read more >>

1948 Ford F1- Alfred P.

| Tags: FA

My dad bought a 1948 Ford F1 truck from its original owner in about 1965. My dad passed away in the summer of 1978. I purchased his old truck at the farm auction my mom had in the fall of that year. The truck sat on the farm or in my shed for thirty-four years before I began restoring it. The frame-off restoration took about six years and I am still doing the final touches. I had the original 6 cylinder, L-head, 226 cubic inch engine overhauled. It has the original 4-speed transmission with "Granny 1st gear.” ... read more >>

1965 Ford F100- Rich K.

| Tags: FB

1965 Ford F100, "Effie" It was originally purchased by a farmer in Soda Springs, Idaho. It has a 240 6 cylinder and a 3 on the tree. Dateline Iraq: November 2011, two days before my birthday. I had not talked to my parents in a few months and now I was able to call home. Bad news, they had rolled my truck!! Thankfully both of them were fine but the truck was totaled. So for my mid-tour leave I went back to home to Idaho to take the salvageable parts off of my wrecked truck. While there I had ... read more >>

1979 Ford F150- Darrin S.

| Tags: FC

I first saw my truck in early fall of 2009 while visiting my cousin. My Uncle Danny owned the truck and had done a little work on it but it was still nowhere where it needed to be. It ran decent and had been sanded down and was in primer. I expressed interest in the truck, but at that moment my uncle was still holding onto the idea of fixing it up himself. However, after thinking about it, he decided restoring the truck was more than he wanted to realistically take on and after seeing my excitement over the truck, ... read more >>

2000 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition- Bill W.

| Tags: FE

This is Bill White and Gina Williams' 2000 Harley Davidson edition truck. It was the first year of the Harley Davidson edition truck and was unveiled in Sturgis in 1999. There were 8197 produced. It had 260 horsepower Tritan V8 and was the first vehicle released with 20" wheels all the way around. I purchased it in 2007. Even at that time it had low mileage. In the ten years that I've owned it I haven't put 40000 miles on it. However that is very hard! It feels like you’re driving a NASCAR truck! One of the only trips long ... read more >>

1999 Ford Ranger- Brenan R.

| Tags: FR

I drive a 1999 Ford Ranger. I received my truck as a Christmas/graduation present from Mom and Dad three years ago. I couldn't imagine the amount of work my father put into fixing up the truck before it appeared in our garage Christmas Day. Countless things were fixed and added to the truck before I ever saw it. New headlights and tail lights, bumpers, wheels, radio antenna and a cover for my bed, just to name a few. My truck served more than just transportation to and from school. It created bonding experiences with those I love. Dad and I ... read more >>

1967 Ford Bronco- Richard and Bridget K.

| Tags: FBR

I met my wife, Bridget, back in 2014. I had recently been assigned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. As we started dating I would usually pick her up in one of my old Mustangs or my 1965 F100. She liked the car well enough, but she loved the old F100! She often commented how she used to drive a convertible, and had I ever considered getting a convertible for one of my old muscle cars? But I could just not do that. A convertible is not a true muscle car. Then one day while surfing the internet for old Fords for ... read more >>

1990 Ford Bronco- Lisa D.

| Tags: FD

Back in September of 2015 I was surfing the vehicles for sale by owner ads on Craigslist. As I paged through the thumbnails, I came across a 1990 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer. I took a look at the photos that were included in the posting and decided to make contact with the owner. I asked the owner the current condition of the vehicle. The owner stated those were old photos of the vehicle and it was currently sitting on the back lot of a local Ford dealership with a blown transfer case. I let him know I was still interested ... read more >>

1950 F1- Densel and Candy T.

| Tags: FA

For years we had both wanted a fat fender Ford. We even knew right where one sat and who owned it. For 28 years she sat there. Our friend had hoped to restore her himself for years, so he would not part with her. In February 2016, my husband ran into him and ask about her again. His health was not good enough to do anything with her but was unsure about parting with his father's truck. Something must have struck his heart because about a month later he called. He knew how much we wanted her, and explained we ... read more >>

1965 Ford F100- Chuck S.

| Tags: FB yellow

Back when I was in Junior High I learned to drive in my dad's ‘66 Ford. Later I drove it to high school and finally wore out the old six cylinder and put a 352 VB in it. As life goes, it went by the wayside. I always wanted another one, so in 20041 found this one in an estate auction. It was a one-owner with 37000 miles but it had been sitting a long time. I got it home and started getting it drivable. I drove it for a couple years the way it was. In 2006 I started ... read more >>

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