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1973 Ford F350 – Bret M.

October 26, 2020 | Tags: FC

73 Super Camper Special Grew up with a 1978 Ford F-350 and my parents sold it in 2001. Been missing that truck ever since. Fast forward 19 years and I was redoing my back yard and needed a truck. I found this truck on Facebook marketplace out of Montana. I flew up to kalispel, Montana bought the truck but only got to butte, Montana. I left the truck and flew back home. Had my girlfriends father tow it to Alturas, CA where we fixed the oil leak and the front brakes. So far I’ve slowly been doing things to ... read more >>

1979 Ford Bronco – David E.

October 25, 2020 | Tags: FC

When I was 11 me and my dad went and bought a 1979 bronco for my mom for her birthday. She loved it, but she didn’t ever do anything with it so it sat for 3 years until me and my dad replaced the motor from an old farm truck and got it running. Now it is my first car and I plan on restoring it later in my life fully. I am 15 and starting a project.

1983 Ford F150 – Gage S.

| Tags: FD

It Wasn't Easy, But It Was Worth It! My grandpa gave me this old truck when I was 13. He bought it at an auction for 500 bucks in Anchorage, Alaska. It took two full years to compete with a lot of help from my Uncle, family, and LMC truck. Finished it just months before my 16th birthday. Originally a state truck from Fairbanks, Alaska. With 84,000 miles it had been sitting for at least 15 years. We started by pulling and rebuilding the original in-line six. We worked our way through the interior and the body. Through many ... read more >>

1980 Ford F150 – Zach W

October 19, 2020 | Tags: FD

At age 15(2010) I was handed the keys to this beauty in the first photo, living in Maryland daily driving this truck was the worst thing I could’ve done road salt ate the body away over the years till it wasn’t worth saving. I always talked about doing a full restoration because this truck and I had been through everything together and finally began 2017. With the help of a lot of hard to find specialty parts from LMC I began a full frame off restoration of my truck. We took it down to the bare frame of a ... read more >>

1974 Ford F250 – Jake L.

October 18, 2020 | Tags: FC

Gus This is my 1974 Ford F-250 named Gus. A few weeks ago me and my dad built a Ford Explorer and called it the Jurassic Fart. We built it for a trailer race demolition derby. When we got there I noticed an old dentside Ford truck on a trailer. I asked the owner if he was wrecking it that night and he claimed he wasn't wrecking it but there would be accidents. So I sat there in the bleachers and watched that perfect truck get wrecked. It was sad to watch. But afterwards people were allowed on the ... read more >>

1956 Ford 100 – Charlie F.

| Tags: FA

Big Red Visiting a close friend in New York, as I pulled into his driveway, it had a For Sale sign on his "Baby ". We worked out a good deal and had her shipped back to Florida. That's been 4 years. Gave her a lot of TLC. BIG RED is doing real good and so is my friend.

1959 Ford F100 – Taylor S.

October 13, 2020 | Tags: FB

Restoring My F100 Dream Truck I finally found the F100 I’d been dreaming of for years this past winter, and within a few weeks I found myself deep within a restoration. This solid 1959 F100 step side was ready to be taken to the next level with proper body work, TLC, and fresh paint. I chose Lead Foot Gray, which is a new F150 color, to give this classic a modern twist.

1979 Ford Bronco – Don E.

| Tags: FC

The One That Got Away 1979 short bed F-150 got wrecked so insurance company gave me $2,000 and I keep the truck. I had a 3 inch body, 4 inch suspension, extended ss brake lines, double shocks, chrome 31 spline locker, c-6 400 built. You get the picture, anyway looking for a good one to replace the old one. No luck, girly says hey there is a 79 bronco I said let’s go look I buy it and put all the stuff on it. Then we split up, what ever... I said you want the bronco or the beemer? ... read more >>

1983 Ford F150 – Jason B.

| Tags: FD

Papaw's Truck My grandpa's brother bought this truck brand new from Jellico Ford in Tennessee. Back in those days folks bought trucks to use, they were just another tool on the farm to help put food on the table. So it went straight from the dealership to the log woods on the farm they worked. I remember them skidding logs out to the landing with mules and then hooking a chain to the logs and dragging them over to the mill with this truck. My papaw soon traded my uncle out of it and it became forever “Papaws Truck”. ... read more >>