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1978 Ford F150 – Justin H.

October 29, 2020 | Tags: FC

The Start of A Legacy I pick this 1978 F150 up from a gentleman that drove it and built it throughout his life. It’s always been my dream to own a “dentside” Ford. I finally had the chance to buy one and I get the chance to pass it on to my son when he is old enough. It just goes to show if you take care of things, they will last.

1971 Ford F100 – Joseph D.

October 28, 2020 | Tags: FB

71 Ford F100 Turning 50 Soon I bought my 71 Ford F100 a few years ago and it has been a work in progress for a long time. My goal was to transform the old workhorse to its full potential. I do not show this truck but every time I take it out I am approached by someone that has their own story about an old truck in their family or just to acknowledge the F100 looks great.

1988 Ford F150 – Glenn B.

October 26, 2020 | Tags: FD

"Buddy" I restored this 1988 Ford F150 and during the process found the original owner’s information, so I did an internet search on him and found out he was a WWII airman and that he had passed in 2015. I was able to find the name of is granddaughter and sent her a picture via social media of the truck after the restoration was complete. I told her that she may not remember the truck but thought her Dad might like to see the picture. She responded with the truck has a name "Buddy" and it was what I ... read more >>

1952 Ford F1 – Doug F.

| Tags: FA

52 Total Redo Purchased as a half finished project I was going to finish. Parked it, worked on it and then life got in the way. Fast forward twelve years and we’re selling the ranch and had to make a decision. Keep the 1968 Mustang, which was 98% done or the 52 Ford Pickup which was about 40% done. Seems like an easy decision, we’ll we kept the 52 pickup and committed ourselves to finish it. We lifted the cab (didn’t have a bed) and put a TCI chassis under it with IFS, four link and a Currie 9”. ... read more >>

2002 Ford F250 – Logan B.

| Tags: FS

 First Truck I’m currently 15. I bought my truck in may of 2020 and it had a bad axel so we hauled it home. It ran and it was sound. It’s a 2002 Ford F-250 sd 7.3l dark hunter green xlt I worked up to buy it for 3800. Considering the axel was out is the reason it was so low it. Got fixed and 2 weeks later she quit on me my high pressure oil pump and is out currently. It’s being worked on but it’s eventually gonna be a show truck but for right now she’ll do. ... read more >>

1987 Ford F150 – Jaime B.

| Tags: FD

Beasty After being in the workforce for 10 + years, I went back school and drove around an old Pathfinder until it got eaten up by rust this past August. A friend of mine called me and said he had sometime that has been sitting in his backyard for over 7 years and it had a few issues, but nothing that time and little elbow grease would fix and make it a good reliable truck again. It was a 1987 Ford F-150 2WD with a 302 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It definitely looked like something that had been ... read more >>

1965 Ford F100 – Jeff W.

| Tags: FB

Retirement Present As a retirement present to myself after 25 years of Active Duty Army, I found this 65 F100 a couple hours from home. Since it was running and driving I got to pick it up with my 2 sons on our way to a swap meet! A couple months later we started pulling it apart because "stock" just isn't an option. Full body off, coated the frame, floorboards, cowl repairs, drip rails and complete drivetrain rebuild and upgrades! It's still not done but we've had quite a few smiles per gallon. Lots of thanks to my family ... read more >>