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1980 Ford F100 – Drew & Elaine P.

| Tags: FD

Ford F-100 Step-side Restoration by Drew and Elaine P. This was a delivery truck in my home town in Southern Utah. It spent many years delivering goods for "Care and Share," a non-profit store that takes donations of food and clothing and distributes them to those in need. They had named her "Ol' Lizzy." After driving her for 23 years, I decided she deserved a facelift. Well, the facelift turned into a total restoration. LMC Truck made it all possible. I couldn't imagine trying to find all the parts I needed without them. It took 2 years, but boy... ... read more >>

1960 Ford 100 – Jeremiah R.

March 24, 2021 | Tags: FB

A Tale of Two Trucks I've always had a desire to learn how to fix cars and do body work but I didn't know where to start. So I went to the one person I knew that had the knowledge and experience to teach me, my uncle. After talking to him and what kind of project we could start together, we decided that a short box Ford between the years of 1957-1960 would be the truck to fix. So I went on the hunt and found a 1960 F-100 short box and that's where the journey began. From there, ... read more >>

1957 Ford F100 – Rich R.

March 22, 2021 | Tags: FA

My First Rebuild 1957 F100 For decades I helped friends with their trucks, car rebuilds, tune ups and just daily drivers. In 2015 I bought a 1957 F100 with a 292 Y-Block and a flat black painted body with an interior that had seen many modifications over the years. After bringing it home I found an marketing page for a white over red F100 and said, I want to make it look like that. Well after some long hard days and the help of LMC I have it close! Love to be in it and enjoyed the experience and ... read more >>

1956 Ford 100 – Justin T.

| Tags: FA

Dulia Just bought this truck a week ago, with all the parts with it. 90% of body work is done, older fella whose hands are getting arthritis in them and he couldn't keep working on it. Part of the price negotiation was that I would name the truck after his deceased mother "Dulia" and that's exactly what we did. Now we get to fixing her up and getting her back on the road.

1968 Ford F100 – Mike P.

March 17, 2021 | Tags: FB

My 1968 Ford F100 I am a Vietnam vet with a love of old Ford trucks. Thanks to my two sons Mike and Jason they brought back to life an old California bell work truck for their Father. The trucks life started as a repair truck for California Bell in San Fran. It was born with a short bed flare side, six cylinder with a 3 speed on the column. My sons built the truck for me and transforming it into a true muscle classic. Neither had any knowledge of builds, but with the help of YouTube and LMC ... read more >>

1960 Ford F100 – Dan B.

| Tags: FB

This was my dad's pick up. I have been driving it for about 20 years now. I am 71 and I even took my drivers test in this truck. I even drove it to high school sometimes (if dad would let me) I finally got it painted

1964 Ford F100 – Elba U.

March 12, 2021 | Tags: FB

Dad's Father's Day F100 My Dad bought this truck in 1972 at a dealership in Garden City. The first owner in 1964 was from Syracuse, KS from some receipts I found in the owner's manual. Dad let my older brother drive it to the family farm in Pawnee Rock, KS on the weekends. I had to settle for shifting the gears or just steer since I couldn't reach the pedals. My earliest memories were the extra clothes Dad kept between the seat and gas tank, and a gun rack in the back window. The truck passed hands to my ... read more >>

1976 Ford F250 – Bill L.

March 8, 2021 | Tags: FC

Dad’s 76 I grew up with this pickup. My dad and I hauled many loads of firewood and memories that I will have for many years ❤️ Dad passed almost two years ago and when the dust settled the family ask what I wanted of Dad’s and I said I wanted Dad’s 76. My brother hauled her over here from Idaho where she sat in one of Dads shops for over 15 years. Every time I came home for a visit I’d ask Dad if I could buy her and same answer, no going to fix it when I ... read more >>