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2002 Ford F150 – James W.

February 4, 2021 | Tags: FE

My Red Abomination This is truck is nothing special, but it sure does the job well. I received this truck when I was 15 years old when my dad brought me out to one of our friend's junkyards. This was an awesome deal that I couldn't miss out on and its served me well. It's even got a McDonalds cup in the bed

1970 Ford F100 – Bryan B.

| Tags: FB

My New/Old Truck Story About a year ago I bought a 1970 F100 Sport Custom SWB. My third of these trucks in my lifetime. It was a daily driver for a man who passed away locally and I bought it from his nephew. My plan is to restore it to its original red/white color, it's currently blue. It is a Sport Custom package with PS, PB, Automatic and 360V8. I have recently had the engine completely rebuilt.

1989 Ford Ranger – Nathaniel D.

| Tags: FR

Im building a 1989 ford ranger. I am putting a 1988 ford ranger front clip on it and putting the cab on a 1979 f250 frame with a 2001 f350 superduty front and rear axle 4.10 gears with a 302/5.0 changing the 5.0 to a carb 302 with a 4 speed with a 205 transfer case in with a wood burnt flat bed

1970 Ford F100 – Jack L.

January 30, 2021 | Tags: FB

My dad is a certified mechanic and wanted to pass his skills on to me. For my 14th birthday, he decided to find me a classic car to restore and teach me car repair during the process. I told him I wanted a 4x4 Ford pickup. That's when we found Mator, a running but rotted out 1970 Ford F100 Short Bed Flareside 4x4 with the 300 inline 6. We were able to pick up this relatively rare truck, (less than 500 manufactured), for $2,000. It was originally owned by the Nevada Bell company. To start off the restoration, I ... read more >>

1977 Ford F250 – Duane J.

Simple Green I've owned my 1977 F-250 SuperCab for 36 years. I am the third owner. I call it Simple Green for obvious reasons. I've had numerous adventures in it, from towing my boat to the lake for water-skiing, to the desert to ride motorcycles with my son, brothers, and friends. My most memorable adventure was a 26 state trip in 2010. I traveled from my home in Southern California, along all of Route 66, to Missouri. From there I traveled to Tennessee to pick up my, then, girlfriend. Now my amazing wife. From Nashville, we explored Tennessee, Georgia, ... read more >>

1970 Ford F100 – Vince W.

| Tags: FB

70 Bump Side My earliest memories were sitting on my dads lap steering his 1970 F100, sitting in the middle on the way to school and riding in the bed on the way home from soccer practice. I finally got my hands on one but it just wasn’t right, after some months of restoring I got it just right, more importantly, I got my wife to fall in love with it.

1964 Ford F100 – James W.

| Tags: FB

My Old New Truck This is my new 1964 f100. My son bought this truck several years ago but soon lost interest in this project. So he sold it to me. It had been in a collision with a pole or tree head on. It still has its original front fenders but everything else between them has been repaired or replaced. Frame rails straightened and cross member replaced. All the work took place in my home garage. The original engine and transmission were rebuilt. It's a great new truck. Thanks for supplying a lot of the parts. Jim ... read more >>

1950 Ford F1 – Frederick L.

| Tags: FA

Fred’s Fifty Ford F-1 Pickup Truck As a kid growing up on the farm in Wisconsin in the 1950’s and 1960’s our family used the 1951 Ford 3/4 ton truck to haul everything from firewood to bags of Wisconsin Certified Seed Oats to Shetland Ponies. Mom and Dad and 3 kids would ride in the cab to go to church on winter Sunday mornings because it was the only vehicle that would start. As a young adult in the mid - 1970’s I found a 1950 F-1 for sale for $300 on a backroad farm. I had to purchase ... read more >>