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1978 Ford F250 – Keith B.

November 10, 2020 | Tags: FC

I responded to an ad on the lego app. It was a 1978 Ford F-250, a truck I have always wanted. I’m old school! The guy I bought it from started to rebuild the truck 15 years ago but had a fallen out with a friend so it was parked in the woods for 12 years so I bought the truck. I had to tow it home because something was wrong with the motor. So I took it home and started on it

1977 Ford F100 – Scott W.

| Tags: FC

Rolling Tribute The truck originally belonged to my best friend in high school. After graduating in 1983, we remained good friends. About 1987 the engine developed a low end knock so we decided to pull the motor out to make upgrades. We put the engine on a stand and put the truck in the corner of the shop and covered it up. We talked about what we would be doing with it in the coming weeks and beyond. But sadly, that time came and went. The truck remained there for the next 30 years. My friend passed away in ... read more >>

1978 Ford Bronco – Cindy G.

| Tags: FC

Purchased this Bronco back in 2017 after searching years for a good semi-rust starter kit. My husband and son both have a 1978 F150 & F250 that I enjoyed driving I think more than they did. After we started receiving your catalogs, I started paying attention to the Broncos that were featured and instantly knew that's what I wanted. I had a vision in my mind of exactly how I wanted it to look. So the hunt for one started. Finding one in semi-decent shape was impossible, especially in my area in north-western PA rust belt. So we started ... read more >>

1995 Ford F150 – Ronald H.

| Tags: FD

Ford For Life I purchased my f-150 in the spring of 2000, it only had 52,000 miles on it. Over the years it started to show its age and like most fords, rust was developing around the wheel wells and the cab corners were nearly gone. The truck still looked good and it ran like a top.  Unfortunately in the summer of 2018 I started to have some mechanical issues and come to find out I needed a new motor. So faced with the decision of replacing the motor or replacing the truck, I decided to look around online ... read more >>

1974 Ford F250 – Larry C.

November 5, 2020 | Tags: FC

I ordered my truck from the factory through a Ford dealer in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming in late 1974. The showroom had wooden floors and folding accordion doors, not the fancy dealerships of today. I chose a lot of options (see the factory delivery invoice), and was able to order a 390 cu in engine with a special package that was only available for the first time on a Ford truck from the factory in 1974. It consisted of a Holley 4 barrel carb and viscious/clutch fan assy. Chose the C6 transmission with 373 gears in the rear, and the ... read more >>

1994 Ford F250 – Chris D.

| Tags: FD

My Cabin Truck Living at 10,000 feet above sea level you need a reliable truck. 1994 Ford F-250 4x4. Has 137,000 miles and runs perfect. This truck has a 460 CI V8, 6” lift with 35” BFG’s. Chipped and cold air intake provides extra power. Love this truck!

1986 Ford F250 – James T.

| Tags: FD

Ol Red Not my first Ford truck, but probably my last... I had a motorcycle shop and a buddy of mine pulled in one day driving this big red dually! He got it in a trade and I fell in love! A few months later we sold our motorcycle shop and I had a 45 foot long car hauler enclosed trailer that I was going to use as a portable shop, but the trailer was just too much for my 70 C10 hunting truck, so I called my buddy and he showed up with this truck to pull it. ... read more >>

1995 Ford F150 – Blake B.

| Tags: FD

I bought this truck as a project truck from a guy who could not figure out why it wouldn't shift correctly. Once I got that sorted out I started fixing her up more and more over time and it's slowly coming together. I get the occasional compliment because not too many people see a centurion driving around anymore. This is actually the first truck that i have ever owned and I love it.

1996 Ford Bronco – Edward M.

| Tags: FD

1996 Custom Ford Bronco I bought this truck about seven years ago and have been piecing it together since. The paint is original, but that’s about it. The interior has been changed from an XL model to an Eddie Bauer, wheels,tires, and suspension have been upgraded and many cosmetic aspects as well. The original 302 was replaced with a slightly upgraded rebuilt 302. I put the grill together myself and had a custom shop build the front and rear bumpers. I know that some people are cursing me at this moment for not keeping it original, but, I wanted ... read more >>

1976 Ford F150 – Clint V.

November 2, 2020 | Tags: FC

1976 Ford 4x4 Finally found my dream ride a year ago. It’s been to the paint shop for a factory paint job and a new custom interior was just installed. Fresh rebuild on the big block 390, with high performance upgrades including thumper cam. Rebuilt C6 auto with B&M stage 2 kit. 6” suspension lift, 2” body lift. New suspension and steering components. New 35” tires. Quad air powered train horns. It’s loud. 3” performance exhaust. And lots of wonderful new parts from LMC.