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1979 Ford F150 – Tim B.

February 10, 2021 | Tags: FC

Not much to tell so far. I owned a few of these a long time ago, had a 460 2WD then, put a 429 crank sprocket and adapted a 454 Quadrajet carb onto it - was a real tire burner,  just want to try one more project while I still can. So far found a 2WD parts truck with a blown 460 and C6. Cab, doors and front clip not bad. Box is pretty ratty. Had a full set of mags and tires on it, a Starshifter, and a 460 Edelbrock intake. Originally an AC equipped truck. Found an ... read more >>

1995 Ford F250 – Kayla S.

| Tags: FD

Female Driven 1995 F250 I got the truck from my grandpa when I turned 16. I restored it myself in 2019 at 21 years old. All the work was done by me in my barn with some help from my dad who owned the truck before my grandpa.

1979 Ford F150 – Briana V.

| Tags: FC

Tarahumara I found my dream truck after years of searching for her. The only obstacle was the location since it was thousands of miles away in Chihuahua Mexico which is where the Tarahumara came from. From there my truck was transferred to Sinaloa Mexico where some relatives held my truck for safe keeping. A few months later my truck made it all the way to me in California which was one of the best days of my life. That’s when the restoration process came into action and has been ever since.

1963 Ford F100 – Kate J.

February 8, 2021 | Tags: FB

1963 Ford F100 Unibody “Dierks” Summer of 2008 my daughter Kate was gifted a ‘63 F100 from her Uncle Ron. The truck was basically sunk into the ground and sitting on the axles from not running for the past 26 years, the truck was almost too far gone until my daughter said she wanted the challenge of getting “Dierks” back on the road. She had her hands on every step of the project, from pulling it out of the ground to the final clear coat and everything in between! Only working on Dierks here and there, the project took ... read more >>

1978 Ford F150 – Brandon D.

| Tags: FC

My grandpa bought this truck from his neighbors back in the 80s, my dad then drove it all throughout high school and when he headed off to college it became a farm truck back home. It was kicked by hungry cows, the clutch went out, we realized the truck had been rolled over, and it developed a bad oil leak so it sat for about 20+ years. One day my dad brought it up and mentioned restoring it since it’s been in the family so long, I thought it would be an awesome first truck so we dug right ... read more >>

1978 Ford Bronco – Pieter M.

| Tags: FC

15 Years With LMC I purchased my 1978 Bronco (4spd 351M) from a Kansas farm owner 15 years ago. It was truly a rust free Bronco. It’s been with me living in Florida and is now retired in the great state of Tennessee. I’m at the point now where I just enjoy driving it on the weekends to the Cars and Coffee gathering here in Franklin, TN. Have to says thanks to LMC for bringing my Bronco back to life. Thanks!

1954 Ford 100 – Mike V.

February 5, 2021 | Tags: FA

Theo “Theo” my 1954 Ford F100 became part of my life in 1973. The beater farm truck, hand-painted yellow and black, was obtained by my want-to-be farmer, Lutheran Minister dad, Theodore. As a young college kid, vehicle looks we’re not as important as just having transportation. The truck was driven hard and got me back and forth from college. On September 1, 1975 the F-100 provided first-time date transportation with my todays wife, Christel. When I came to pick her up for future dates her college dorm roommates knew I was coming from the loud sound of the truck. ... read more >>

1985 Ford F250 – Austin K.

February 4, 2021 | Tags: FD

Big Red's Revival I bought this truck off FB Marketplace for what I thought was a decent deal for a solid old diesel that just needed some minor mechanical and cosmetic work to get back on the road. When I was in high school, my close friend had a truck just like it, but never got the chance to buy it from him after I moved. It is heavy duty optioned truck, that originally had a 6.9L IDI diesel, still has the 4 speed T-19 manual, and a nice beefy Dana 70 in the back. It's a Centurion modified ... read more >>

1996 Ford F250 – Marc V.

| Tags: FE

Never Ending Project My name is Marc, I am from northern IL, 29 years old. The truck I own my father had purchased brand new from victor Ford from here in northern IL just 25 mins away. It replaced his 1978 f250 plow truck and upgraded to this 1996 f250 regular cab long before, 5.8 auto trans truck 4x4. Was his daily truck and plow truck from brand new till 2011. I would drive the truck to high school and eventually took over ownership of the truck. Decision was made to straight axle the truck and lift it 4 ... read more >>

1973 Ford 100 – Mark L.

| Tags: FC

The Green Lizard I'd been riding 6 or 7 hours on the bench seat of my 1973 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck before landing in San Clemente (So. Cal). I was hauling my 1969 hardtail (rigid) Harley bobber (chopper) to my buddy's pad. The next morning we were riding out to the 2012 Born Free 4 motorcycle show. It was early Friday evening when I arrived. I was readying for dinner and a night on the town when my buddy's running around posse began to show. They were all 30-something-year-old bachelors practicing the Mystery Method or system for meeting women ... read more >>