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1949 Ford F3 – Wayne A.

September 11, 2019 | Tags: FA

49 Ford F3 restoration. I found the truck while pheasant hunting near Freeman South Dakota. It was parked in the trees on a farm, the owner was not home but his son was there. I told him I was interested and after some email tag, I bought it for $450. and brought it home the following March. I had never restored or helped restore a vehicle before. So this was going to be interesting. I had been a mechanical person all my life. I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. LMC was a great source ... read more >>

1975 Ford F100- Richard C.

| Tags: FC

From Farm Truck to Pit Crew I acquired my 1975 Ford F100 about ten years ago. It was sitting in front of an Auto Zone parts store for sale. I bought it, took it home and started working on it. It needed a lot. I started with some metal panels and cab supports. All brakes were redone with discs on the front. It had a 302 small block Ford engine, which I replaced with a new 302 with a towing cam to boost its torque. A paint job, and lots of other work, and it became a reliable vehicle. ... read more >>

1991 Ford F150 – Rick M.

| Tags: FD

Ole Red Having A Little Fun I am building a '91 Ford F-150 4x4 for my grandson. At 68 yrs old it's probably the last I will do. I hope that he keeps it and gives it to his son if he ever has one.

1968 Ford F100 – Lyle S.

| Tags: FB

Retirement Project I saw the truck about three years ago while on vacation. I thought it would be a great project truck if it was available when I retired. I retired in June and it was still there. I asked the gentleman whose property it was on if it ran and if it was for sale. He started the truck for me and I drove it around a bit. It was rough but seemed like in good enough condition to fix up, and it was made the same year I was born, so I bought it. ... read more >>

1996 Ford Bronco – Nicholas O.

| Tags: FD

Bronco Fascination Ever since I could remember I had an obsession with Broncos specially the full size Broncos having two doors and the removable top. This is my 4th Bronco I’ve owned and the newest. I bought it back in 2012 with 168,000 miles from my then boss. He had repainted it rebuilt the front end and put brand new rims and tires, man was she a looker! The joke with my friends was that it was my Eleanor being I’ve been through so many Broncos and that it had close to the same paint scheme as the Eleanor ... read more >>

1979 Ford F-350 XLT Camper Special – Michael M.

| Tags: FC

My wife is driving 2017 ford f-150 xlt with 5 liter v8 since last year and it was her idea to buy a pickup that time. It was the first pickup we ever owned and finally, to be honest, its a great car in its functionality. She was the one who infected me with that virus and because of that, I got my first own American truck, ford f-350 super camper special from 1979 3 weeks ago. The car arrived here from Arizona after 40 years and the condition is used but properly working. The patina on chassis and ... read more >>

1978 Ford F100 – Stuart P.

| Tags: FC

1978 I bought this a few years back and had been looking for one for a while. I always wanted one of these. So finally, I found the one, it's a 1978 f100 4 x 4. It has been lifted 2" suspension lift and 21/2 body lift 37" tires. She is a beast to drive. I finally found a bench seat for it and am working on the electrics and interior. I  hope to have it going around the shows in a couple of months.

1989 Ford F250, Shawn M.

I'm the original owner of my 1989 Ford F250. I have a 4.9 liter straight 6 cylinder engine with 117,000 original miles. This is a 4×4 with a standard transmission. I put some nice chrome Moto Metal 16 inch wheels on it with BF Goodrich KO2 LT285/75R16 All terrain tires. I'm putting in a single Gibson exhaust system next.

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