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1972 Ford Ranger XLT – Ken C.

May 20, 2019 | Tags: other

This truck has always been in San Diego! I'm the 2nd owner and my home and yard would not be the same without it. Thanks to LMC for the many parts over many years. Now I need another old truck so I have something to put dirt and rocks in.

1965 Ford F100 – Tony F.

| Tags: FB

This is Becky Williams Truck in Tampa, Florida. Becky was an NFL cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the late 1970's. She loves the old Fords. We bought this truck in Dade City, Florida, sitting on the side of Hwy 301.We have replaced everything mechanical, but tried to leave as much cosmetic stuff all original. We used a 390 motor as we found the high performance parts more accessible. 3 speed on the floor, headers, holley, edelbrock, etc. Thanks to all the quality parts from LMC, our project, 2 years later is complete. As you can see, it ... read more >>

2002 Ford F150 – Karen M.

May 13, 2019 | Tags: FE

It was my 40th birthday present. Being from a farm family in Nebraska, I learned how to drive a tractor first and a pickup next. Dad and mom had farms scattered over a couple of counties and there were never enough drivers to move the farm equipment from one farm to the next, so I was recruited to drive before I had a license. If you could reach the gas, clutch and brake pedal and see over the steering wheel, dad put you in the driver’s seat. I was lucky enough to drive Chevys, Dodges and Fords over the ... read more >>

2011 Ford Ranger – Martin M.

| Tags: FR

When I was looking for a truck, I wanted to find something that would fit my needs. I didn’t want anything too big but still needed the 4-wheel drive for when I go hunting and fishing. So imagine my surprise when I came across this perfect truck. It has served me very well, and with good upkeep and regular maintenance, I hope to have it for a long time to come.

1971 Ford Bronco – Randy J.

| Tags: FBR

I had been searching for a Bronco for about two years. I found out through a friend there was a Bronco sitting at a hunting camp and had been there for about 10 years. To my surprise the owner was willing to sell. I drove to South Mississippi, and after about three hours of negotiations with the owner Mr Hugh, I finally had a Bronco! I loaded my pride and joy on a trailer and we headed back to North Mississippi. My son and I immediately started the restoration process. To my surprise I found it to be in ... read more >>

1981 Ford F100 – Darrell P.

| Tags: FD

F100 REPLACEMENT I purchased my ‘81 Ford in 1999 to replace a 1980 that was lost in an F5 tornado. The truck was in good condition with only 84K miles. It was a lower end F100 Custom but was unusually optioned with power steering, power brakes, 302 engine, auto transmission, factory tach, but without A/C or factory radio. The truck more than filled the bill of replacing the 1980 truck and was never purchased with any intent to rebuild or restore. In fact, I gave it to my son who owned it for approximately 5 years. However, in an ... read more >>

1950 Ford F1 – Vern S.

| Tags: FA

First a little background: every once in a while I would see an F1 pickup on the side of the road, in a driveway or parking lot, and wondered if the owner would be interested in selling. Sometimes I even left a note on their windshield with my phone number but I never got a call. Going home one afternoon back in 1987 I decided to make a shortcut from Winchester Blvd over to Pollard on Hacienda in Campbell, California, and there it was, a For Sale sign on a genuine Ford F1. It was in reasonable shape, a ... read more >>

2004 Ford F250 – Donald W.

| Tags: FS

My Harley-Davidson F250 is the best of both worlds, a work truck and comfort, complete with a heavy duty 5R110 transmission. The truck has been in the family since ’08 and is currently showing 97k on the clock. I purchased the truck from a Ford dealer in Colorado. It was a retired construction owner’s truck that had a blown 6.0 Power Stroke motor. It wasn’t perfect, but it would work just fine for me. I had purchased a 28 foot enclosed trailer, and my old 2 wheel drive F150 truck just wouldn't cut it. My girlfriend and I took ... read more >>

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