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1948 Ford F1 – Terry N.

November 13, 2019

As I was growing up I was never really into cars or hot rods and never went to car shows. My wife’s brother and his wife lived close to Philadelphia, PA. He had this 48 Ford F-1 Pickup truck setting in his garage with all good intentions of fixing it up. The 48 Ford set in his garage for a long time. Later down the road he had found out he had cancer and he passed away. The guys around the area where they lived wanted to buy the 48 Ford truck. But his wife would ... read more >>

1977 Ford Bronco – Jackie B.

When I first saw this truck, it was owned by a man in our area who had a building filled with many classic cars, but only one Bronco. When I asked him about buying it , he said "you will never get this Bronco". After a period of time he was diagnosed with a fatal illness and passed away rather soon. His daughters were in charge of his estate so after a reasonable amount of time I called one of the daughters and told her that I was interested in the Bronco. She said she was not ready yet ... read more >>

1965 Ford F250 – Amy P.

| Tags: FB

NEVER STOP DREAMING My dream truck since I was 16 yrs old has always been a 78-79 Ford pickup. It took me til I was 35 to realize that dream when a buddy of ours told us of a 1976 F-250 HighBoy for sale and we bought it! While restoring it to its original condition,(still in the process), my husband tells me of a 65 Ford F-250 2wd that had been sitting in a neighbors yard never moving. My father in law knew the people and we soon learned that it was for sale. The truck was all original, ... read more >>

2004 Ford F150 Lariat – Jessep K.

November 12, 2019 | Tags: FE

This truck had been bought brand new in 2003 from Crossroads Ford in Raleigh N.C. by my father in law’s father. When he got sick and couldn’t drive anymore, I got it from my father in law and I had some major work to do. It had sat under a tree for a while so it was very nasty (inside and out). I had to have it cleaned, paint corrected, and waxed regularly but it cleaned up looking brand new (80xxx ORIGINAL MILES). Then I had to have the wiring harness from front to back replaced because rats had ... read more >>

1964 Ford F250 – Dan D.

November 5, 2019 | Tags: FB

Chet's '64 My wife's Father - Chet - bought this beautiful 1964 F250 new in San Diego. He had it specially outfitted with the biggest 6 cylinder engine available at the time and a low speed rear end and extra heavy duty springs ! The idea was to put a camper on it and travel the USA. Only problem was Grandma was not as into this idea as Chet was ! My two Sons and I drove "Old Blue" from San Diego to Billings, Montana in 1985 and I am still using the truck. Thanks to LMC I have ... read more >>

1978 Ford F150 – Matthew G.

| Tags: FC

My dad bought a 1978 Ford F-150 in 1996 and when I saw it I told him I want this truck! Every adventure in the truck was so exciting to me. I’ve wanted that truck for 23 years and finally this year my dad brought the truck to my house and told me it’s yours with a little work and elbow grease it will be it great shape. The truck has a few dings and dents and rust but I’m working on getting it cleaned and back to it’s glory.

1981 Ford F100 – Jeffrey D.

| Tags: FD

The Blue Step Side I am the second owner of the truck, the first owner bought the truck new in May of 1981 in Florida. It was black with red interior, at some point he painted the whole truck, motor, body and frame red, added the roll bar and a tubular rear bumper, aftermarket rims and steps. The driver's side door got caved in so the truck got painted blue, chassis and motor painted black and the interior color was changed to dark blue. The man then passed away in 2018 and his wife left the truck at there ... read more >>

1965 Ford F100 – Julio R.

November 4, 2019 | Tags: FB

I have always loved the stepside trucks and have always wanted one since I was a kid and one day my dad told me my uncle had one for sale and I went to go check it out and I made the purchase! I currently just need to redo the drum brakes and she should be ready for the road! I am glad I was finally able to purchase a stepside!

1977 Ford F100 – Ken S.

| Tags: FC

Old Blue My grandpas truck. I bought it off my grandma after my grandpa passed. I’ve owned it since 1988. It’s on it’s 3rd engine and same 4speed tranny and Dana 44 rear end . It’s been recently painted and being put back together by me . I’ve lowered it with stock I beams cold bent to 0 camber with lowered shocks. Rear is hangers and shackles with air shocks and traction bars. Led taillights and halo halogens up front . Finishing interior now . Love my truck...

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