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1956 Ford F100 – Brad M.

February 16, 2021 | Tags: FA

Hawaii Mishap I have long desired to rebuild an early 50’s Fat Fender Ford F100 but could never quite find the project vehicle that offered the right level of challenge without getting myself “too deep”. A visit to a specialty body shop to check out my friend’s 58 Corvette paint job introduced me to the perfect project. Sitting out in the back lot was a wrecked 1956 F100. The story was that the owner had sold it to a buyer in Hawaii and prior to shipment the shipping container was dropped and the truck was badly damaged. Considered totaled, ... read more >>

1958 Ford F100 – Dustin S.

| Tags: FB

1958 Ford F100 on a 1979 F250 Chassis This project started out as a mostly stock 1958 F100 with a 292 Y block. We transplanted the body onto a 1979 F250 camper special chassis and dropped in a 460 with a C6 and NP205 transfer case. We also used a high pinion dana 44 front and dana 60 rear end to put the power to the ground. Thanks to LMC most of the hard to find parts were available for us to complete this project! Thanks for the support!

1989 Ford F250 – Kipp J.

| Tags: FD

1989 F-250 7.3 Diesel Farm Truck! My dad, brother and myself bought it used and it was in pretty good shape. We used it for a service truck, pulling trailers and many other farm stuff for many years. I bought out my brothers share and my dad gave me his share of the truck. The paint was looking bad and was getting rust on fenders. I did a total restoration of the body. Painted and restored to original. With a few minor improvements. Happy to have the 1989 F-250 7.3 diesel back on the road and farm. ... read more >>

1986 Ford Bronco – Luke H.

| Tags: FD

86 Eddie I bought this truck in 2016 as a project a guy had already started. It was originally an Arizona truck, that is why it looks so clean. I've done nothing to the exterior except wash and wax. When I got it, he had already installed a 4 inch lift kit and tires and wheels. There was no transmission or transfer case, but he had a recently rebuilt 460 that came with the truck. I got it home and my Dad and I started tinkering and gathering parts, starting with a C6 out of a 1980 f250 and ... read more >>

2012 Ford F150 – Brant N.

February 12, 2021 | Tags: FE

My Boat Puller I just purchased this 2012 F150 to pull boats in and out of storage. There are a few things I want to do with it before I go fishing in 2021 and I look forward to using LMC to get this done. Rocker panels both sides and rear view camera and bed cover and better rear back up lights!!

1976 Ford F250 – Allen B.

February 10, 2021 | Tags: FC

Old Blue 1976 Ford F250 4x4 Ranger XLT Meet “Old Blue”! This beauty came with my husband over 40 years ago! The stories our truck has brought Allen over the years are of happiness and many family adventures. Ford trucks are built strong! Many years ago, at the local Dairy Queen in El Paso, Texas, Allen would notice a brand new Ford 250 in the parking lot. Of course, Allen was looking out for the owner who had specialized plates that read “King Kong” and offered to buy this truck if he ever wanted to sell. This man happened ... read more >>

1992 Ford Bronco – Carlos F.

| Tags: FD

First Truck Ever since 2 years ago I wanted a bronco and where I live "Puerto Rico" they are very rare, so for 2 years I have been going up and down looking for listings and saving money. I found 1 bronco and the day before I was going to see it the person cancel on me, that same day this bronco came up on sale and I jumped on it. It's very nice and it needs work on it, and I am in this moment putting her back to her original self. I have been using her as ... read more >>

1983 Ford F250 – Max D.

| Tags: FD

Just a Old Truck I bought it in coshocton Ohio in the middle of a rain storm. I brought it home to West Virginia. When I first started working on it it wouldn’t even crank so I bought a new battery and all of the fuses were gone out of it so I put the fuses back in. It fired right away on starting fluid. I then put a 4 barrel Eddlebrock carb and intake. All new hard and rubber brake lines new caliber a pads and rear shoes with spring kits and wheel cylinders. The rear end was ... read more >>