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1993 Ford Ranger-James J.

June 8, 2015 | Tags: 1993 93 aqua Ranger

Brought the truck for a daily driver. For $500 . Truck needed some TLC. Hadn't had a tune up, or maintenance in 3 years. Had it towed home and me and my 4 year old son worked on tuning it up. Next thing we know, we were changing the front end. We're in the middle of fully customize the truck. Thanks to LMC.

1970 Ford F100-Jack S.

June 7, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 57-72 FB white

Purchased in November 1974 when stationed in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The truck was 4 years old with 12,000 miles on it. It now has 397,429.5 miles on it and is restored to showroom condition. It is a member of the family, if I can't take it with me I won't go!

1971 Ford F100-Jeff V.

| Tags: 2 door 57-72 aqua blue FB

Just bought this diamond in the rough 2 weeks ago. It's a 1971 F-100 Custom with the original Swedish aqua blue/ Wimbledon White two tone paint, 360 cu. in. auto transmission. This truck has been sitting since 1993 and it was dug out from the woods up in the hills of Fairbanks Alaska. The frame and all body panels are relatively rust free, just some light surface rust, and a few as expected dents here and there. When I got the truck delivered home I did some fluid checks, inspection of all engine components. Put a new battery and hooked ... read more >>

1991 Ford F250-William K.

| Tags: 1991 91 blue Lariat super cab XLT

This truck had been abused its entire life, every panel on it had been dented numerous times. I purchased it for $900. I needed a truck badly, promised it I would do it restore it but first I had a lot of work for it. I loaded over 2 ton in one haul - took it like a trooper. Last Fall I pulled it apart and started rebuilding. I was having difficulty finding parts until a friend turned me on to LMC - great find! I had to find replacement doors, unfortunately the interior panels were beige and the truck ... read more >>

1991 Ford F150-Ethan A.

| Tags: 1991 91 red

The truck was originally bought by my grandfather, sold to a coworker and sold back to my father. Since 2010, my father and I have been working on the truck. The truck has given my father and me a ton of father and son bonding time that I enjoy as much as I had.

1989 Ford F150-Joe P.

| Tags: 1989 F150 red and white

I got this truck a few years ago. I have put new paint and new tires and wheels and tinted windows. The inside looks like new .I keep it in the garage. No one is allowed to eat in side of this truck. And also I put new tool box and bed rail caps on it.