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1975 Ford F100-Edwin A.

June 22, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 73-79 blue FC

We have been looking for over a year for ( thermactor air rails) that huck into engine heads for air injection on our truck. She's ready to drive but here in Arizona you have to have an air cleaning system. We have been able to buy all the parts we need but the air rails. My son and I have rebuilt the truck for 4 years, got it running ,took to emissions testing, They told us we cant plate it without an air system on it for pollution control. My son is 20 now and has never been able to ... read more >>

1970 Ford F250-Richard B.

June 21, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 57-72 FB flat bed white

My father in law got the truck from his father in law who had it sitting on his ranch. My father in law brought it home and began restoring it in the late 1980s. He had the original 360 rebuilt into a 390 in 1992. He got busy with life and work and wasn't able to work on the pick up anymore so it sat in his shop until I bought it from him this last December. Over 20 years after he had the engine rebuilt, my dad and I started putting it back together and finally started it up ... read more >>

1978 Ford F100-Jose C.

June 16, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 73-79 brown FC

I had a 78 on the 90's. And sold it because of economy. When I saw this on sale I said to my self this is my dream truck. Let's start the project..

1973 Ford F250-Dusty B.

June 15, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 73-79 blue FC

My names dusty Byrnes I purchased this truck in May of 2014 from the second owner. This 73 high boy was an old farm truck from rio Linda California. I bought it for 2200 dollars in running condition but needed a lot of tlc the previous owner had rebuilt the 360 so it had just a thousand miles when I bought it. I wanted to do this truck right by restoring it back to original. I've always wanted a 73 to 77 Ford F-250 my dad had a 75 when I was a young kid i had so many memories ... read more >>

1964 Ford F250-Dustin R.

June 13, 2015 | Tags: 2 door 57-72 blue FB

One day I was looking through the newspaper classified ads and there was a picture of an old brush truck for sale in a silent auction. It had been tossed around between 2 fire depts it's whole life. So my family and myself went to look at it and I placed my bid. The reason they said they were retiring the truck was because it would overheat when pumping water, it had manual steering,it was a 4 speed and they were switching to automatic vehicles, it was slow and didn't have ac. I didn't think the chances of me winning ... read more >>

1972 Ford F250-Nick B.

| Tags: 2 door 57-72 blue FB white

It took four months to complete this 72 f250 4x4 build. It turn out better than I hoped. Thanks to LMC I got quality parts to put this truck together.

1996 Ford Bronco-Edward M.

| Tags: 1996 96 Green

I bought this truck in 2012 and have been piecing it together since then. It has been with the family through 2 separate military deployments and many ups and downs. The paint was in good shape for the age and all I had to do was some wet sanding and polishing. I have added a K & N cold air intake, new carpet, floor mats, roll bar, headlights, wheels and tires, 2 inch lift, grill, nerf bars, tail lights, and a performance chip. I never see this year of Bronco in any workable condition and receive complements often. ... read more >>