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1969 Ford F250 – Bob M.

July 9, 2020 | Tags: FB

Denise's Ford F-250 My mom and dad were the original owners of this truck. It was purchased to pull a camp trailer. Dad installed a camper shell so that he could carry his fishing boat on top and his motor bike inside along with all the additional equipment that he wanted to carry. The truck was used for this purpose from the original purchase until they could no longer go on extended camping excursions. They then used the truck as a ranch truck for dump runs and picking up lumber etc. until dad passed in March of 2000. My ... read more >>

1976 Ford F250 – John C.

| Tags: FB

Front Yard Find My story starts in 2000 when I got a company truck that was 2wd. I had owned 4x4's for a while and thought I'd look for an old used beater to take hunting and four wheeling. I looked at ads and car shopper magazines to no avail. Then one day, I drove a different way home from work and spotted this l less than perfect 1976 Highboy, a little rusty but not too bad... No for sale sign, just sitting there. So I got the courage to go past the chained up Bulldog and knock on ... read more >>

1984 Ford F250 – Austin N.

July 7, 2020 | Tags: FD

This truck is our retired brush truck from my hometown fire department that I have proudly been with for nearly 5 years. She was in service from 1986 till 2017 when we retired it and sold it off and now its home is with me where I shine it up and take it out once and awhile.

1991 Ford F150 – Andrew B.

| Tags: FD

OLD BLUE I purchased this truck from a local dealership and it was a daily driver for many years until wear and tear finally got the best of her. After checking new truck prices I decided to re-furbish "OLE BLUE". A new engine, transmission, complete front got her running great. A friend of mine who owns a local body shop took the truck and removed all the dings and dents and repainted it in the original colors. I then replaced the headlights, grill, emblems, mirrors, bed rails, etc all purchased from LMC. We get a lot of attention everywhere ... read more >>

1981 Ford Bronco – Octavio B.

July 5, 2020 | Tags: FD

Bronco Restored My grand father bought this bronco in 1981. In 1984 he gave it to my father, we used it as a family road trip vehicle until 1989. In 1994 the Bronco had been in the sun and the weather took its toll. I asked for a car, and my dad told me that if I could fix it, the bronco would be mine. It became my first car. I sold it in 2000 to a friend of the family. 17 years later I saw him again, after talking for awhile, I asked him if he still had ... read more >>

1988 Ford Ranger – Chad B.

July 3, 2020 | Tags: FR

1988 Ford Ranger I was raised by my uncle after my father passed away and I recalled the years of my youth driving around in my uncle’s first generation Ranger back in the 80’s and 90’s. We always loved that old truck and I always had the goal of buying and restoring one. After getting a solid deal on an old 88 Ranger that had been sitting for years we embarked on a full frame off restoration on the truck. In just over six months we completed the restoration and really happy about the final outcome. We couldn’t have ... read more >>

1978 Ford F150 – Brian J.

July 2, 2020 | Tags: FC

My Jade Beauty Over 3 years ago I had some engine trouble, the camshaft gear stripped out in the original 400m in my 78 Ford F-150 4x4 Shortbed. My plan was to simply get it running again but then my son found another 78 Ford, same color scheme and everything, and cheap too. I couldn’t pass it up, so I ended up with a long bed F-250 2wd Camper Special that ran great, so now that I had a daily driver my son and I started working on the Shortbed. Totally stripped it down to nothing, a true nut ... read more >>

1965 Ford F250 – David B.

My Sunoco Truck I've only had this truck a little less than a year, I wanted something that could be driven, not sit around for months maybe years waiting to be put together. Yet I didn't want a truck that was already done. I found this truck in Yorkanna, Pennsylvania. I've gotten door seals and I am waiting on a gas tank. I want to put it back behind the seat, the ones in it are not sufficient and leak. So whenever I get the tank, which I am told is on back order... let the fun begin ... read more >>

1955 Ford F100 – Steve K.

June 30, 2020 | Tags: FA

Buds 55 F-100 I always knew Pops truck would be mine one day, sad thought was Dad would have to pass and be with the Lord before that chapter begins. That chapter started in February 2020 and shared air space with COVID19. 25 years in restoration came down to searching through an empty house looking for a title, will and keys to Daddy’s truck, and asking his friend Lee all of the questions about the truck I couldn’t ask pop anymore. Long story short truck went from its life long home in Arizona 2,400 miles East to Va. Beach. ... read more >>

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