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1978 Ford F100 – Donald H.

July 20, 2021

Thank You LMC! In 1978, I bought a new Ford F-100 in order to move to the Lake Tahoe area in order to build my home. It became my work truck for the next 40 years in the construction industry. When I retired so did my trusty ‘work truck’. About that time I came across a LMC truck catalog and I decided then that I need a retirement project. My beat up work truck became my hobby. Over the years with some great help from LMC, my old truck became my pride and joy. It gets tons of compliments ... read more >>

1978 Ford F150 – Scott S.

July 13, 2021

1978 Mark-52 Project April of 2021 we made a plan to take our father's 2011 F-150 and a 1978 F-150 that I had purchased and combined them into one. A crew of downeast hillbillies started cutting, grinding and welding until we had fitted the 1978 cab on over the 2011. With plenty of blood, sweat, and potty mouth, we managed to achieve a complete project in just over 3 months from multiple people helping out. We had hopes of finishing up our project before our father had passed away from complications due to diabetes. His favorite truck of all ... read more >>

1977 Ford F150 – Brian B.

July 6, 2021

Growing up, my father Tom was a contractor in Flagstaff, Arizona. He experienced the highs and lows of the business but no matter what was going on in our lives he always relied on his two-toned, blue, 1977 F150 to get him from job site to job site. I have lots of great memories of my Dad and I driving around in this truck. It was easy to spot him around town and know you'd get a wave from him. When my dad unexpectedly passed away in 2012, I had moved to Lake Stevens, WA and started a career. ... read more >>

1971 Ford Bronco – Chad M.

My Dad has always been one of my closest friends. He was a mechanic before he retired, and throughout my life, we always bonded over car projects. It's what we liked to talk about, and its what kept us close over the years. He was always there for me anytime I needed help with a project. When he decided it was time to go into a nursing home a few years ago, he started losing interest in life. So I decided I needed a new project to work on. I have loved the early Broncos ever since I watched ... read more >>

1952 Ford F1 – Michael W.

A Truck called Grandpa I bought my `52 F1 in May 2010 by accident. Originally I want to buy a 1966-69 Ford Mustang. While checking out a '69 California Special, I saw the front of this truck in the garage of the Mustang seller. I asked him if it is for sale and he said yes. And I bought it. It had a bad start because on the way home. The engine stalled due do a bad battery connection. After three months, the temperature goes up to 250° F, a bang and it start smoking. The German Autobahn was ... read more >>

1989 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer – Joe H.

July 1, 2021

Growing up in OBS Ford’s, I’ve always had a soft spot and longing to own one of my own. In the winter of 2019, I was fortunate enough to come across a gorgeous ‘96 Bronco that I couldn’t pass up. After about 9 months of rebuilding and enjoying the ‘96, I came across a ‘68 F100 short bed 4x4. On a whim I sold the ‘96 and picked up the ‘68. The ‘68 was about 3hrs from home and late one evening a good friend of mine and I packed up some tools and had the plan for Roadkill-ing ... read more >>

1969 Ford F250 – Devon B.

June 28, 2021

Elmers 69 High Boy My father-in-law bought her used in 1969 with 70 miles.  Seems that a father bought it for his son.  The father saw his son driving recklessly.  The father took it back to the Ford dealer. When Elmer have me the truck, everything that had rubber components had to be replaced! Seems it hadn’t been driven much; only 52000 miles. This was back in '95. This last winter 2020/21 I did a frame off restoration. Replacing door skins , front fenders,  and added headers dual exhaust, intake manifold for a 4 bbl carb, installed new PS/PB, ... read more >>

1998 Ford F150 – Jadan B.

June 23, 2021

I recently bought this truck because I thought it was beautiful. I’m 17, so I invested all I had into this beast to get it. It was missing a front drive shaft for 4x4 and soon needs some new wheels (35s).