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2012 Dodge Ram Big Horn- Chris S.

February 25, 2019 | Tags:
  • DE, 
  • Silver

My previous three trucks were Chevys, this is my first Dodge Ram. It is by far my favorite. I'm the second owner, its life as a work truck is over. From this point it will be my 5,200 lbs. Hot rod.. my style of customization is "it looks like it came that way from the factory even though obviously it's been modified.." I get a lot of compliments about it, you'd never know it's never garaged.

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1972 Ford F250- Greg B.

February 25, 2019 | Tags:
  • FB, 
  • Teal

This jewel has been in our family for 3 generations. My grandpa bought it in 1972 brand new, he drove it approx. 100,000 miles before he passed away. It had an a/c vent break so my grandpa used a hair roller for an ac vent. Very clever. It's still that way today. Then my dad (Charles Byler) got it and named it gentle Ben (my grandpa's nickname) he was 6'3 gentle giant. Approx 25 years ago is when my dad got it and it has been a restore project ever since. My dad passed away 1 year ago and now ... read more >>

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Ford F250- Connor L.

February 25, 2019 | Tags:
  • FC, 
  • red, 
  • white

From an early age I always loved old Ford trucks, my dad had one and I knew I had to have one. When I was in high school my dad purchased me a 1979 Bronco that I still have. I learned a lot working on that bronco in high school and became a mechanic. Now with the skills and funding to build my truck I always wanted, started with a cab and frame off of Craigslist and parts from other pickups and Broncos. First time painting and body work, learned a lot and made plenty of mistakes. It took many ... read more >>

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2008 Ford Ranger- Chris M.

February 21, 2019 | Tags:
  • america, 
  • american flag, 
  • FS, 
  • patriotic

I brought this Feb. 2018 and I'm the second owner. It was stock when I got it and since then I made some changes. I added fender flares, custom paint job, fog lights, bigger tires, updated audio system, and tinted windows. Plan to add more to as time goes on like a 3" body lift and 3" suspension lift.

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2004 Ford Ranger- Clint B.

February 21, 2019 | Tags:
  • blue, 
  • FR

I bought my truck brand new as a 23 year old kid on Sept. 30th 2004 from Dean Stallings Ford in Oak Ridge TN. I chose the 2004 over the 2005’s that were available because I really wanted a stepside bed. 2004 was the last year for a stepside bed in a Ford Ranger. Since I wanted a particular color and bed I had the truck transferred from a dealer in Louisville KY. I immediately started with slight customizations to make it uniquely mine and even began showing it in car shows. It did very well and brought home it’s ... read more >>

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2001 Ford Ranger- Chuck P.

February 18, 2019 | Tags:
  • FR

I purchased this truck in 2001 for my son as he went off to college. It was much cheaper than a Toyota. The "Edge" two drive version has a nice 4WD stance as it sits higher, thanks in part to its torsion bar suspension. Sitting in the hot northern California sun, by 2017 the paint was showing its age. With only 90k miles, I did not want to buy a new truck. I removed all body trim and glass and had Maaco repaint with their "Platinum" service, which was much cheaper than any other local body shop. If you remove ... read more >>

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