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1986 Ford F150 – Jacob W.

April 6, 2020 | Tags: FD

Ol' Red I was born a Chevy man. One moment, one accident, and one truck changed all of that. After totaling my daily driver in a freak accident, I HAD to get back into something, anything, so I could continue to keep my obligations with work and retain my income. And to make things worse, I did not have a lot of spare cash at the time. I knew I'd be driving a clunker at best that summer, but whatever it took to keep me on the road and reliably get me to work and back home every day ... read more >>

1994 Ford F150 – Jimbo K.

| Tags: FD

My 1994 F-150 4x4 my name is jimbo Kohnke i bought my F-150 new from Kings crown Ford in 1994 its been a great work truck and pleasure truck over the year,s ive kept it in the garage over the years and kept a lot of turtle wax on it ,there has been many different parts ive replace over the years ive bought from LMC truck Life from bumper to bump they been there for my every need and real helpful helping me figure problems when something went wrong and great delivery time i have 277,132.0 miles on it ... read more >>

1995 Ford F150 – Carlos V.

April 3, 2020 | Tags: FD

Ol' Red F-150 4X4 XL It came to me late - it's mine now and I vowed to bring it back to its Glory - The original owner probably did not know it at the time - because it was just a Truck and Transportation. But unlike those who may have borrowed it and owned a title for it in the past - I want to not only take care of it like they did, but pump big and small new beginnings into the heart and soul of My Truck. Like me , this truck is old - but ... read more >>

2000 Ford F150 – Peter R.

| Tags: FE

Bought her new in March 01. The first new vehicle I'd ever bought (with a gift of 10k from my dad who insisted I had to use it for a new(not used) vehicle. Really over-extended myself with this truck but I fell in love. So fancy with the Mark III luxury truck package, running boards,bed rails,covers on the rear door windows and swooping graphics along the hood and down the sides. I still love her but she's getting a little frayed around the edges. Stopped driving her during bad weather more than 10 years ago. Now she's in the ... read more >>

1979 F100 Mirek N. Czech

| Tags: FC

I bought the car at the beginning of 2019 Alabama.It's my first 1979 model, so far I have all the 1966 F100s.That's what I'm going to make a beautiful new car.Thanks to the LMC, I can handle it.Support us here in Europe in the Czech Republic.Thank you I would very much like to buy F150 1979 4x4 that's my dream.

1966 F100 Mirek N. Czech

| Tags: FB

It's my fourth F100 purchase in Georgia. The truck is in good original condition, I just fixed some details and before I repair my red F100 so I can ride in it. It is necessary to advertise these trucks here in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic.

1985 Ford F150 – Zack O.

| Tags: FD

I just got back to Texas from serving in the Marine Corps. I just had my first kid. Going through a divorce and a change of careers. Money was tight but I bought this truck for $500, it did not run, and did not start so my dad and I decided we were going to see what we could do. My dads job was the engine and my job was the electrical part. About $1,000 dollars later she runs and everything works accordingly. She's not the prettiest but she does turns some heads when people hear that 4.9l straight ... read more >>

1965 Ford F100 – Don C.

| Tags: FB

Building a 65 f100 for my grandson which he is ready to get his license. the truck we pick up local in a field the truck has 352 and a granny four speed and is pretty good shape just a little cosmetic damage we change to power steering and rebuild the ac.

1996 Ford F250 – Mark D.

| Tags: FD

Dads 1996 F250 7.3 Just an old farm truck that Dad said he was going to drive until he died. It was getting pretty rusty, floor boards gone, cab in bad shape as well as the wheel wells when he had his heart attack and put a crease down the passenger side. He passed away the next day. I ran it for 2 years and parked it for a year and started to restore it late this winter. Just have a few things to do before we paint this month. But we took it down to frame and motor. ... read more >>

2002 Ford F250 – Bradley A.

April 2, 2020 | Tags: FS

Do I Replace or Restore? Last year it was time to either replace or sink some significant money in my beloved 2002 F250 Lariat crew cab diesel. The bed, rocker panels, and fenders were badly rusted. The 7.3 was still running smooth, but being almost 20 years old it was leaking some fluids and needed some love too. Faced with a $70,000 price tag to replace the truck with a new one, I decided to restore instead. $27,000 later I’m happy with the results. This was and still is the only new “off the lot” vehicle I’ve ever purchased. ... read more >>

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