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1977 Ford F250 – Rual L.

August 8, 2020 | Tags: FC

Classic Work Truck I bought this truck in 2019 with a seized engine, dents and dried cement all over the body as it was being used for work by its previous owner. Completely renovated the 351 engine with all new parts, and did body work then repainted the whole truck, as well as redid interior and slapped on bigger wheels/tires. The truck is now a weekend and car show truck. All work was done in the home garage as a father son project.

1982 Ford F150 – Desantiel E.

August 5, 2020 | Tags: FD

When I got this truck it was falling apart. I bought it from a gentleman who wasn't going to repair it. He bought it in 1982. He said I'm too old too care, it will need a lot of work. I'm sure you will, I said yes I will and I kept my promise. I put all my love into it. 1982 F-150 V6 2wd And her name is Tiger My pleasure was to relive this truck. Leaving from Rebuild Carburetor - Power Steering Pump - Power Steering Gear Box - Oil Pan Gasket - Valve Cover Gasket - ... read more >>

1984 Ford F150 – John B.

August 4, 2020 | Tags: FD

1984 F150 300 I picked this truck up in Georgia two years ago when I was stationed in Alabama. It was a project vehicle while I was in Flight school. It ran but it needed a lot of love. With the help of LMC Truck I was able to get it back in shape and hauled it 1400 miles back home to New Hampshire. It's not perfect yet, but It runs and drives great and we’ll be out in the woods this Fall hunting with it.

1965 Ford F100 – Alex M.

| Tags: FB

First Car My name Is Alex and I just got my driver's license a year ago in 2019 and my mom helped me purchase a 1965 Ford F-100. I found the car on Craigslist in Massachusetts and I live in NY so we went to see it and I immediately knew it was exactly what I wanted. I’ve done a lot of work on this truck, I redid the interior and a lot of mechanical work. I changed the alternator, starter , repaired the heater, a few leaky seals and a new clutch. She’s running perfectly now. It has ... read more >>

1986 Ford F150 – Michael N.

August 3, 2020 | Tags: FD

86 Two Tone Bought this truck about 4 years ago, the guy said I was the last one he was going to show it to. It was going to be parked in the field if I didn't get it. So the carbureted 351 long bed came home with me. After a lot of work on it it's become a pretty decent gas hog. But as you know with these old trucks there's always something to be done to them, and LMC has been the only place I can find some parts that I needed. ... read more >>

1986 Ford F150 – James M.

| Tags: CC

A Joy to Own We bought our 1986 F-150 with its accompanying 1966 Alaskan Camper in May 1998 from my wife's grandfather in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He had bought the camper new in 1966 and the truck off the lot in 1986. It is just basic, with a 4.9 liter 6 cylinder motor, 4 speed manual transmission and 4 wheel drive. Power steering and power brakes were the only options. It sure has had a good run so far! TIt's made it's rounds over countless Colorado mountain passes, some of which include Rocky Mountain National Park Trailridge Road, Wolf ... read more >>

1951 Ford F1 – Mark L.

| Tags: FA

Ole Blue My 3rd F-1. Built in 13 months, clone of a 48 f-1 I sold in 2012. I got to missing it so I  found this truck. It had been started on and left to sit. Gm subframe, new crate motor, 700r4, ac, and built to drive and use. All work done by me. Drove from north Georgia to Austin , Texas and back in 2012 for the lone star roundup. Back and forth to Florida many times.

1987 Ford Ranger – Kenneth R.

July 31, 2020 | Tags: FR

1987 Ford Ranger "Raphael " Hello this is my 1987 Ford Ranger named Raphael. I bought this truck from an older gentleman which I had later found out was a relative. The truck was bone stock with roughly 188,000 on the milage. It was originally maroon but I had other plans. Just getting into the truck scene I had no idea where to get my parts from. All the auto part stores told me "they don't make those parts for a Ford Ranger!" I had seen an LMC logo at a carshow back in 2010 and I went to ... read more >>

1978 Ford F250 – Tim H.

July 29, 2020 | Tags: FC

A Vintage Hauler For My Vintage Camper About 5 years ago I picked up a 1972 Born Free slide in camper. We did a few trips to visit the wife’s family with it in the back of my diesel. But I kept looking for a good deal on a truck that was originally supposed to be hauling it. October 2019 I found my 1978 f250. 2wd 460/c6. It was a good running and ok looking and the price was right. So I brought it home. Cleaned it out and gave it a quick paint job to match the camper. ... read more >>

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