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1983 Ford F-100 – Tim S.

November 16, 2018 | Tags:
  • 2 door, 
  • 80-96, 
  • FD, 
  • red, 
  • Two Tone

My brother bought this truck from the original owner in the late 90’s and didn’t do much to it but drive it until he sold it to my son in 2006. It is an XLT Lariat with AC, PW, PL, PS, PB and cruise. Original AM/FM Cassette. All in working condition. We did a slow roll resto on it for several years. New interior, paint and engine were the major stuff. Added an Edelbrock intake, Holley 4 bbl, mild cam and Hooker headers along with a new stainless exhaust when replacing the engine. Its been a labor of love ... read more >>

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1965 Ford F-100 – Michael D.

November 15, 2018 | Tags:
  • 2 door, 
  • 57-72, 
  • FB, 
  • Teal, 
  • Two Tone

This truck was sold in Kennewick, Washington 53 years ago and then some how ended up in San Jose were it was towed from the side of the road by my grandpa. When it was found it had a bone dry gas tank and the bed was filled with broken vodka bottles. So he leaned sailed it and bought it after that. He put gas in it, turned the key and started it.Later on he sold it in 2003 and then last year he found it sitting under a tree just rusting away so he knocked on the guys ... read more >>

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1979 Ford F-100 Ranger – Chad H.

November 9, 2018 | Tags:

    This is my 1979 F100 Ranger. Dad bought it in 1980 when it was practically new. It’s what I learned to drive in the late 80’s. Although it had always been in the family, I didn’t actually own it till 2015. It got its name “Pete” from mom, who had a nickname for all of their vehicles, so I thought I would just dedicate this build in her memory. Here it is almost 40 years later and nearly 3 years of work. It had all the typical rust issues that these trucks have and the paint was old and ... read more >>

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    1978 Ford F-150 – Luke P.

    November 7, 2018 | Tags:
    • 73-79, 
    • blue, 
    • FC, 
    • Two Tone

    In 1978, my grandfather, Sam Porter, bought a 1978 F-150 Ranger. Sam was currently a ranch hand, working in Eastern Oregon. He used the F-150 to haul, tow, and commute daily to the ranch. Then, on a below-freezing day in Idaho, he attempted to start up the truck. The truck was hydro locked, and the 351m engine was ruined. So my grandpa decided to replace that engine with a beastly 460, the largest engine made for that truck. Sam continued to drive that truck every day until around 1998. The truck then was kept in his barn for the ... read more >>

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    1975 Ford F250 – Jessica V.

    October 31, 2018 | Tags:
    • FC

    Life began for “Betty” in the Ford plant in San Jose, CA. She was ordered and shipped to the dealership Benzel Ford by the original owners. Her build was 14 days behind schedule. August 30, 1974, she made her voyage to Ritzville, Washington. Her owners picked her up September 16, 1974. Betty’s early life was full of purpose, transporting canoes to and from the water daily. She was sold sometime during 2008 to a dealer in classic trucks located in Lewiston, Idaho. A private owner purchases her. That owner had big plans of restoring her. He changed her original ... read more >>

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    1979 Ford F150 – Rob R.

    October 26, 2018 | Tags:
    • FC

    Bought this truck from a grandson of the original owner with 85000 actual miles in 2006. All original with A/C and two saddle tanks. Took a hundred dollars to fill up every two weeks but loved to smooth ride of this 20 footer. Installed headers, intake, gas shocks and overloads, and new flow master 40s. Insured the rig and one day my battery operated heated seat caught fire and burnt the interior. Insurance paid me and I asked how much to buy the truck for salvage. He said $190 dollars. I still had full coverage insurance so I said ... read more >>

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    1965 Ford F250 – Tim P.

    October 23, 2018 | Tags:
    • FB

    I purchased my 1965 F-250 from a dealer in Ohio. It was inherited and traded in with no keys. The mechanic hot wired and ran the engine on ether and convinced me to make an offer. It was exactly what I was looking for and my offer was excepted. I soon figured out this truck sat somewhere for a long time. The fuel was jelly, the brake lines gone, and the exhaust gone! This began my relationship with LMC because I found everything I needed to give this Ford the life it never had. The odometer showed 5,470 miles ... read more >>

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    1990 Ford Ranger – Tony S.

    October 19, 2018 | Tags:

      Bought a beater, but got sick of how ugly it was. Then I bought a wrecked 89 STX Ranger for the interior and bed. Then I started to miss my 78 Power Wagon and painted the Ranger with Rustolium and a roller. Now I'm sick of 11 mpg with a four cylinder and a quart a week of oil after 90 miles.. so now I'm going to drop a 5.0 and and a T5 in it for a little bit more fun of a beater.

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