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1966 Ford Bronco – Mark K.

January 20, 2021 | Tags: FBR

66 Bronco Half Cab I purchased this old horse from my father in law 20 years ago, when it was still just an old truck. I started looking at the first registration and found it to be an early truck that had been purchased the same month and year I was born. It might be in better shape than me? At least when my sons and I are done. Not going crazy with the build but hope to pick the new Bronco driving the original to herd it home.

1969 Ford F100 -Jeremiah O.

| Tags: FB

Family Heirloom 1969 F-100 This is my 1969 FORD F-100. It belonged to my grandparents for the majority of it's existence. They had a camper on the back and used it to pull their 1969 Aristocrat Lo-Liner camping trailer. I remember many wonderful camping trips from my youth, where Grandpa and Grandma joined us with this truck and trailer. The truck wasn't used for much else, so it didn't acquire very many miles. Eventually they stopped camping as it became too much work for them to enjoy it. About 10 years ago my brothers and I purchased the Aristocrat ... read more >>

1952 Ford F3 – Wes N.

January 14, 2021 | Tags: FA

Wes' 1952 F3 Daily Driver I’ve always had the dream of owning a ’49 Ford F1. One day while perusing the Manitoba classifieds, I came across a green ’52 F3. The truck had a Chevy powertrain, duals, a homemade flat deck and stacks. The truck, though not exactly the style I was into, looked really neat. I decided it could be a fun daily driver and thought maybe I could even put a dump box on for collecting firewood. My very supportive wife agreed to make the 3 ½ hour drive out to see the truck on her birthday. ... read more >>

2000 Ford F250 – Lynn C.

| Tags: FS

I bought this truck right after my mother passed away to keep me preoccupied! I had a 1979 when I was younger & had always wanted another lifted truck & I found this one! It is 2000 with the 7.3 & is a BEAST!!

1987 Ford 150 – Félix L.

January 9, 2021 | Tags: FD

“My Dad’s Beauty” This was my dad’s beauty, “a pickup not just a truck, but a pickup.” He bought it brand new in 1987 and I went with him to get it. We were both very excited. The first of many rules was that the doors were not to be slammed shut. The second was that to keep the paint in good conditions the pickup needed to be parked inside. “En la marquesina!” In Puerto Rico it is common to use a carport not a garage. He would also wipe it down every other day with a damp cloth, ... read more >>

1978 Ford F250 – Jason C.

| Tags: FC

I purchased this truck sight unseen from an eBay auction early 2020. It was the scariest click of the mouse I've ever done. Two trucks of the same model and nearly the same year had sold within the previous month and each earned bids higher than I could afford to compete with. I've always loved the classic Ford bump and dent-sides, and nearly bid on a crazy clean F150 standard cab that had 3-days remaining on it's auction when this Crew Cab came up for auction. Because I've never really won anything on eBay, I practiced on "how to ... read more >>

1976 Ford F150 – John W.

| Tags: FC

Smokey I will call the truck Smokey as that is where it currently resides, Smokey Lake Alberta Canada. So far there is not much of story as I am still making arrangements to pick up and transport to Vancouver Canada. Needs a lot of body work but I think the drive train, interior and everything else is in fair shape. I am sure there will be lots to add to the story.

1977 Ford F150 – Tom G.

January 5, 2021 | Tags: FC

I'm an automotive junky.. I don't crush, I restore them, or do a little work for the next person to finish them. I saved my truck from the crusher. I paid 500 bucks, it needs lots of work. But if I do I will do the box side doors I have and some floor patches. The truck will be good for me to finish or the next guy. But it will not get crushed... I try to do my part with saving the older stuff

1990 Ford F150 – Daniel S.

January 1, 2021 | Tags: FD

My Dream Truck When I found my truck she was barely running and was just craving for a new life. Something in my head said buy her, restore this old truck. Give this old truck a second chance at life. This truck has been the best truck and my headache but she never gave up or left me on the side of the road. Now that I put the time money and effort she is slowly coming to life OLD SCHOOL FOR LIFE.

1978 Ford F250 – Troy H.

| Tags: FC

Family Tradition I got my 78 a few years ago and finally got it done this summer with lots of help from LMC Truck and my dad and brother. As you can tell by the picture we are a Ford family. I remember riding in my dad’s 50 as a little kid. He has had it since the early 70’s. It was an everyday driver until my younger brother came along and the two bucket seats didn’t hold all 4 of us. It was parked until he restored it again in the late 90’s when my brother and I ... read more >>