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1989 Dodge Ramcharger- Gene G.

April 23, 2019 | Tags: DC

I had agreed to buy the ’86 W-150 Power Ram (orange one on the trailer) from a guy selling it on Facebook. It was said to be road-ready, except for an ignition timing problem. Well, that was by far not the truth. I was going to show up with a ready-to-run MSD distributor and swap them out in his driveway, then drive it home. Good thing my gut told me to trailer it. This truck is now a work in process, and will hopefully be road-ready come spring! As for the trip, my younger brother, Chris, and I took off ... read more >>

2003 Dodge Dakota- Al H.

| Tags: DDE

I have always liked this style of second generation Dakota. Mine, with the 4.7L V8, 5-speed auto and 4WD, I believe is the best. I felt that this type of truck would be perfect to pull our camping trailer (we call it “the summer home”) and to help around the yard. I saw this particular Dakota on a used car lot with 78K original miles, and it was love at first sight. It needed work: a new headliner, dents removed, peeling clear coat paint, brakes, tires and front end parts. Where some would look and see too much work, I ... read more >>

2014 Dodge Ram 1500- Tim K.

| Tags: DE

Trucks are about lifestyle, and they fit mine. Some of my earliest and best memories are with my grandpa in his ’53 Ford pickup. Whether we were taking the milk cans to town, slopping the hogs or driving to nearby Jack's Fork River to play, it was fun. Over the years, I've had several SUVs and rugged trucks that were good for off-roading, towing boats and campers, or hauling furniture or family. Today's street version, dubbed “Sissy Truck” by my brother Jim, has looks, luxury, performance and convenience with the best of cars. I just have 4-wheel-drive, off road clearance ... read more >>

1984 Dodge D100- Donald N.

April 22, 2019 | Tags: DC

I bought my truck in 1984 new. Had it for 15 years then traded it in. Back in 2016 my wife and I went out to try to find it again. Or one like it. But we found our truck. The guy that owned it was going to junk it. So I told him it's our truck and our thirty year anniversary. So he just gave it to us. Now she's home again and never leaving. We my even camp in it again. Don't think it will make Florida that we drove on our honeymoon. ... read more >>

1998 Dodge Ram 1500- Ryan M.

| Tags: DE

I was 13 when Dad and I went new truck shopping. We spent the whole day going to multiple dealerships. Truly he wanted a new Ram, but we looked at all options. We played the "New Dodge" game (punch buggy parody) since the second gens came out. I pleaded for him to make one last stop at Springfield Dodge when I saw it. I said "Dad, I think I found your truck!" I sure did. I covered the bases. Needs were 8 cylinder, 4 wheel drive, and 8 foot bed. This truck had those things, along with center console, fabric ... read more >>

1989 Dodge D350- Stephen J.

| Tags: DC

I bought this truck new March 1989, it worked heavy construction for a very long time and hauled a lot heavy loads. We are both retired now, and the only hauling it does is when I have the fifth wheel camper on. The truck got a makeover 5 years ago thanks to Orlando supercenter and LMC and still looks great today! the truck has almost 600,000 on it and still get's the job done. We break down now and then but it just gives me a chance to meet a new friend along the road. Thanks LMC for helping us ... read more >>

1998 Dodge Dakota- Mark K.

| Tags: DE

Not all sight unseen eBay truck purchases end badly. The 1998 Dakota SLT (3.9 V6, auto, 2wd, 147,000m) in these pictures is living proof. Won the truck in the pictures off eBay for a final successful bid of $3800 based on a great description, excellent pictures and an honest phone call with the seller. Having won it, I decided because of the great condition, I’d drive it from Wisconsin to my home in south central Texas. Made a week long holiday of it by taking the Amtrak train to Milwaukee to pick it up. The morning after getting it, I ... read more >>

1988 Dodge W100- Jason K.

| Tags: DE

I remember the day my dad brought home his new truck, it was a 88 dodge w100 power ram. At that time I was 10 years old and I was probably more excited about it than he was. I remember riding around with him many of weekends in it going fishing, hunting, and many other excursions. Well I'm 40 years old now and my old man retired the goat to the back yard many years back and it has been there ever since. Last year I talked him into letting me take it home and give it a little TLC ... read more >>

1997 Dodge Ram Van- DJ G.

April 19, 2019 | Tags: DE

Saw this sweet cruiser one day in an industrial area just begging to be plucked, put my biz card on the window & shortly there after I was driving it home. The original paint took a lot of work to shine up, but it did and gets many compliments by random people in my travels. I put Cragars on it with new skins. I fitted styrofoam panels wrapped in fabric on the walls & redwood bender board slats on the ceiling. Grant steering wheel. Rockford sound system. Custom 4" tach. Front & rear swaybars held by poly urethane bushings. Flowmaster ... read more >>

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