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2015 Dodge 1500 – James B.

October 13, 2020 | Tags: DE

New Truck One of my friends totaled my last truck 5 years ago. She was arguing with her kids and wasn't paying attention, slammed into a Tahoe. 3 months ago my wife's mini van's front end was shot and needed replaced but we didn't want to put more money into it. So I went to my nearest dodge dealer and got looked at a black truck. Then went to the next dealer and bought a silver 4 door with the hemi motor. It was 2k cheaper than the first one and the black one had a 6 cylinder. My ... read more >>

1987 Dodge W250 – Todd P.

| Tags: DC

RAGS TO RICHES This truck was given to me 3 years ago and it was pushed into my driveway. It literally was broke from one bumper to the next. Through the help of my friends and LMC, if you check my buying history with you I spent a lot of coin with you. Today this truck has made a full recovery and is a Vegas showcase... Thanks LMC

2003 Dodge Dakota – Mick E.

October 5, 2020 | Tags: DDE

Ramsey Mine is a 2003 Dodge Dakota I ordered brand new from the factory was a work truck for most of its life. Now I'm retired, it's my daily driver. 61000 trouble-free miles that's a dealer installed wench, from the Mopar catalog thanks to LMC I'm keeping her on the road.

1998 Dodge Ram Sport – Michael M.

October 1, 2020 | Tags: DE

"Beastie" In 1998 I decided to trade my car in for a truck, so my girlfriend and I went looking. We tried out a dakota and thought it was ok. My girlfriend saw a full size dodge with the prettiest blue paint you ever saw and said we should compare it to the dakota. Needless to say there was NO comparison. I sat up in that truck and a warm fuzzy feeling came over me. so I bought the truck. I've nicknamed her beastie, because that's what she is. Heavy loads never slowed her down nor did snow or ... read more >>

1975 Dodge D100 – Steven J.

September 28, 2020 | Tags: DC

The Rehab of my '75 D100 Pictured is my first new vehicle purchase. A 1975 Dodge D100 Adventurer which I bought on August 9, 1975. The price new was $3,749.95. $49.95 of it was for the rear step bumper as none of the trucks on the lot came with them from the factory. My truck has the original 318 CID engine and 3 speed column-shift manual transmission. (3 on the tree). This truck has always been my favorite vehicle to drive. It goes straight down the road and handles well in all road conditions including some hair-raising events like ... read more >>

1995 Dodge Ram – Terry T.

| Tags: DE

My 95 Dodge Ram I bought this truck in 1995 and owned it until 2013. At that time my wife had lost her job to a layoff and her car was not very dependable. We could not afford a high car payment at the time so my only option was to trade this truck in on her a car. Now this truck was my baby it had been pampered the whole time I had it. We went out on our first date in this truck. And my daughter was very attached to it too. So anyway I traded it ... read more >>

1987 Dodge W250 – Dan N.

September 18, 2020 | Tags: DC

Driveway Resto I purchased this truck in 2014 from a co-worker and spent the next 6 years working on it. It has an 8 ft Utiline bed which is not original to the truck since Dodge stopped making stepsides after 1985. Many parts were purchased from LMC. I can send more pictures if you decide to post this.

1985 Dodge Ramcharger – Zachary E.

September 16, 2020 | Tags: DC

The Ramcharger Rebirth My sons and I started this project about 5 years ago. It was a my father's before it became mine. I still remember riding in the back of it to go fishing. The project started with a 4 inch suspension lift, motor swapped for a 318 la to a 360 magnum out of a 1995 ram . We put a carburetor conversion intake on it and ran a demon carb also clean the engine painted it and changed all the gaskets and put on mopar valve overs. Then we started rewiring everything. The wiring had be ... read more >>

1992 Dodge W250 – Luke W.

September 3, 2020 | Tags: DC

92’ W250 Cummins Diesel I’ve always been a dodge truck guy. My cousin actually had a similar pickup in high school that he let me ride in, after that ride I knew I had to have one someday. A coworker of mine had this one for sale, it was an old beat up farm pickup. After finding the right parts and thanks to LMC truck, we restored it in my body shop in our down time. There was quite a few men that made this project possible without them it would probably be an old beat up farm pickup!!! ... read more >>

2012 Dodge 1500 – Todd Z.

August 13, 2020 | Tags: DE

Meet Kromeio I always wanted a truck. I've been driving cars sense I had my licence. My first car in the 90"s was a 1974 dart. So I got the Mopar bug. So when I wanted a truck I had a few choices... I was used to cars so I thought of a small truck, but in the 2012 lot of the manufacturers did not make new small trucks. My choices were gm or mopar products. In my search check out the ram trucks. I did not want a fuel guzzler so I did not want a Hemi. So ... read more >>