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1989 Ramcharger 2W – Irving V.

May 10, 2019 | Tags: DC

This beauty has been in the family since 1993, it is very close to my heart because it was the first bought by my mother. She gave it to me when I was in High school. Have a ton of stories, my last long trip before I stopped using it was back in 2004, when I drove it from Guadalajara Mexico city to attend the first NASCAR race in Mexico. It has only 85,000 kilometers (approximately 52,800 miles) from factory. I started it's restoration in December last year (2018), bought all the water strip kit among other parts from ... read more >>

1987 Dodge B200 – Bo H.

| Tags: VN

ENDLESS SUMMER The Van Millennials dig retro! 17-year-old Bo Hall was quite content with his old Ford pickup until he saw "Endless Summer." Originally built in Oceanside, CA. as a tribute to the Beach Boys, Bo discovered not only a whole new kind of wheels but also a simple surfer music he'd never heard before. This midnight blue metallic 1987 Dodge B200 has a stock 727 TorqueFlite coupled with a 318 with a mild cam and 4 barrel Edelbrock. Sweet headers and Flowmaster Super 44s make this ride sound like ocean waves crashing onto the beach. After a complete-tune ... read more >>

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel – Rickey R.

| Tags: DE

This is my daily driver. I like it more than my car. I use my Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel to help my parents out with hay seasons. This involves me hauling tractor mowers, rakes, and balers (square and round) from one field to another. I also tow a hay trailer as well, and it has an in-bed ball attachment to help out with this. This helps my parents out by getting the most hay in for the cattle that we have to feed throughout the winter.

1987 Dodge W150 – Ben L.

| Tags: DC

I bought this 1987 Ram a long time ago. It’s a 318 2bbl, with 140 thousand miles on it. I’ve put new tires, brakes, shocks and much more on it to keep it running. This is not my daily driver. I use it to go to the flea market once every two weeks. Someday I’d like to give her a new paint job.

1986 Dodge D150 – Nathan N.

May 9, 2019 | Tags: DC

The truck was purchased by my late grandfather (Del Jensen) in 1986 from Erdkamp Motors in Exeter, Nebraska. He used this as a farm truck to run errands in town, pick up parts for the combine, that kind of thing, and when not using it parked it in his machine shed. From talking to my uncles, there were only a couple years that it sat outside, which explains the fading of the door panels, but an otherwise unscathed interior. I remember as a kid, my grandpa took us kids out to teach us how to drive. I might have ... read more >>

2003 Dodge Ram – Shawn D.

| Tags: DE

I purchased this truck brand new in 2003. This is the first new truck that I have ever owned. The truck has served my family and me well. When my children were little we took it on many road trips and have seen many places. I have used this truck as a truck. It has hauled auto parts, engines, dirt, rock, fishing poles, appliances, furniture and LMC parts. As my kids grew older, it was also used to teach them how to drive. I figured if they could drive a truck, they could drive anything. The truck now has ... read more >>

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 – Alex B.

May 7, 2019 | Tags: DE

Hello, my name is Alex Brown and I’m 28 years old. I’ve worked as an auto mechanic for 7 years. And this is my '09 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. I’ve only owned this Ram for about 4 months and I love the truck. This is my first Ram, as I’ve owned 5 Dakotas previously, with the last one a Hemi Dakota. My favorite motor is the Gen 3 and newer Hemis, although I appreciate almost any and all builds. Being in the Dakota world for so long, I decided that I wanted to move up to the bigger truck. ... read more >>

1991 Dodge W150 – Jack G.

| Tags: DC

Vintage Vehicle Have attached news article of 12/6/2018 from local paper that tells my story. The update is I am having the truck painted in May. I have received new window, vent, and door seals from LMC to make the truck quieter for wife Pat.

1975 Dodge W100 – Mark Y.

May 6, 2019 | Tags: DC

My 1975 Dodge W100 was handed over to me from my grandfather, who used it to clear snow from his 2 mile long driveway for 12 winters straight before the cold weather took its tole on his body. Prior to my grandfather owning this gem, my father picked this truck up in a trade from a buddy of his. I'm using it as my daily driver. After a few pumps and turn of the key she fires up every time. It has a 383 w/ 4 barrel Edelbrock, elect. Fuel pump, high rise mani, headers w/ glass packs, 3 ... read more >>

1999 Dodge Ram – Peter C.

| Tags: DE

I drove a 2002 Chevy Silverado and one day after work I was headed home and somebody pulled out in front of me and I T-boned him and the truck was totaled out. I never was a fan of Dodge, but I also have never owned one. I found this truck down in West Palm Beach and took the drive out to check it out. I picked this beauty up for four thousand, of course it needed work to make it look like this. After driving her for a year somebody pulled out in front of me again and ... read more >>

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