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1976 Dodge W100 – Gustavo S.

| Tags: DC

It was my dads back in day. It was sitting at grandmas till we got it running to drive it home when I was 13. I got a hold of it in 2018, took it apart down to the frame axles and all. I was told I would never get it back together and should have left the truck the way it was in one piece. Determined to finish, I started the restoration from there. Swapping the drivetrain to a 3.9 4bt cummins, np205 transfer case, replacing every nut and bolt. With a little help from dad, because two ... read more >>

1989 Dodge W250 – Kyle W.

February 10, 2021 | Tags: DC

Frame Off Restoration Ever since I was a little guy my dream truck was a first gen Cummins. When I turn 16 I had drove a 93 w250 but it wasn’t no Cummins and it wasn’t the prettiest either. The spring of my senior year in high school, I’m now 17 I had been on the grind to find a first gen Cummins. I live in Michigan so everything here is just rotted unless you spend big money well at 17 I didn’t have big money. I searched and searched until I found this 89 5 speed LE truck. ... read more >>

1996 Dodge 2500 – Cristian G.

| Tags: DE

The 44k Mile 12 Valve of my Childhood Dreams When I was a kid, I can remember the distinctive rumble of dodge diesels. Whether it was the tractor-like 12 valve or the chuggy 24 valve, they both made me pine for one of these trucks. Only until recently was I able to find one of these trucks that wasn't a rusted out parts truck. I knew this truck was special when it came with an appraisal and tons of documentation. I might have overpaid for this truck but I didn't care because it had everything I wanted and more. ... read more >>

1989 Dodge W250 – Austin S.

February 4, 2021 | Tags: DC

89 Dodge Smoker Build Back in 2015 my dad and I picked up my 1989 Dodge W250, that we planned to restore. When we got the truck, the bed was full of minor dents, and the top of the cab was crushed in from a tree that fell. The truck was a 24/7 ranch vehicle, so it definitely took more of a beating than the average. We got it home and slowly started to strip it down and get everything organized so we could start on the body work. Once we got all the cracks welded up, the old ... read more >>

1977 Dodge W150 – Mark S.

| Tags: DC

Fargo to Florida Found my gem on E-bay after watching it for a week and seeing it was a great price I pulled the trigger. The pictures looked great and the seller seemed genuine. After seeing how much it would be to ship I packed and shipped a box of parts then flew to North Dakota and proceeded to drive my old school truck from Fargo to Jacksonville Florida. She ran like a champ and I couldn't be happier with my tin grill.

1990 Dodge W150 – Billy A.

| Tags: DC

Mopar I spent 47 years with Mopar dealers started as entry level tech and for last fifteen years as Service and Parts Director for four Dodge dealers. I have had a list of Mopars (too many to list) I now have two Jeeps and four trucks, two 1988 D100, a 1990 W150 and an 18 Laramie . Retired now enjoying my Mopars.

2000 Dodge 1500 – Bruce M.

February 2, 2021 | Tags: DC

Lucked Out! I had been searching for a used truck since I prefer older truck styling, after months of searching I found a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Lariat that appeared to be in very good shape! I contacted the owner, we went to see the truck and found out he was the original owner and had special ordered it in 1999 from the dealer in the Intense Blue Pearl color which was not available for a 2000, he also ordered it with the HD equipment from a 2500 series truck. Someone had gone to see the truck and ... read more >>

1992 Dodge 150 – Zaiden R.

| Tags: DC

Family Tradition My first truck... A family tradition that my dad didn't stop. When he was 14 he got his first truck, it was a 1962 Chevy. Both him and his father restored. Now he has to pass on the tradition to me and with great surprise I have a truck, my first truck a 1992 Dodge pickup 150

2005 Dodge 1500 – Sheldon G.

December 12, 2020 | Tags: DE

I have owned dozens of classic muscle cars over the years and this truck is every bit as muscular as any of them and more than most. I added the Bumble Bee stripes and HEMI badges but the stance and wheels all came from the previous owner. She has an Air Raid intake, Flowmaster exhaust and the obvious American Racing wheels. Lowered too, just not about how far. 3:91 gears and still manages 13 liters per 100 km's fuel consumption. And did I say? She's FAST