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1997 Dodge 2500 – ZJ B.

June 14, 2021

Bought the truck in 2017 with 160,000 miles and have slowly worked through all maintenance items and had it repainted, swapped wheels and tires, and removed the brush guard and replaced with LMC bumper, and redid the interior. Now the truck is used strictly for hauling farm and lawn care equipment and just rolled over 200,000 miles.

1985 Dodge W150 – Eric W.

June 8, 2021

This 1985 Dodge W150 Prospector was given to me as my first vehicle in 2007 with the stipulation that I would fix it up. My dad bought this pickup in the late 90’s and used it as the farm truck as well as his daily driver. One morning on his way to work he hit a deer and took out the whole front clip. Following replacing the front clip and a quick motor swap, it was handed down to me. In the middle of the restoration I continued the legacy by also hitting a deer, fixing the front end, ... read more >>

1993 Dodge D150 – Washington

June 7, 2021

My Dad wasn't the original owner, but he used this 1993 D150 for many years. I bought it from him, in 2008, and have continued to use it to haul everything from gravel and compost to limbs, other yard waste and furniture. It has the 5.9 liter V8, a Red interior and the club cab makes room for plenty of useful tools and cargo. Everything is original, although I did get a paint job & bed lining recently, and also updated the (LMC provided) box ridge caps. The odometer is showing 104K miles and it still drives & rides ... read more >>

1992 Dodge W250 – DJ L.

Deployment COVID nightmare I bought the truck several years ago and quickly decided to change the color. I had a vision in mind for the truck. It is a low mileage Cummins. The painter took so long that eventually I had to go on a deployment to the Middle East with the USAF. The truck was almost completely taken apart when I had left and the bodywork was halfway done. During the 2020 deployment, the body shop closed its doors and I came home 6 months later to a big pile of parts. I had to find another body ... read more >>

1985 Dodge D350 – Traci H

May 25, 2021

Rescued 1985 USAF Alert 4 Door 2WD Pick Up This truck was located on a Gov Auction site and won. It came from the USAF via UGa in Athens Ga. Mileage is 85K and equipped with a 360ci 4 bbl, auto, PS, PB and NO AIR CONDITIONING, no radio either although the passenger fender is holed for a stock antenna. So this lil beauty has had a rough and neglected life. I do not have a facility to do a full resto, nor do I like so called resto-mods in these fine old gems. My work is to bring ... read more >>

2000 Dodge 2500 – Brian C.

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The Long Journey Begins I bought my truck in 2012 or 13. We are a bunch of rednecks, so we name our trucks. I couldn't figure out what to call ,"her" . I say her  because trucks give me a vibe, this vibe was feminine. Because of letters on her license plate, she was christened,"Chloe".Now, my Chloe girl is in need of a makeover. So, I've been collecting parts, for the chassis. I have enough to get started, but need body parts. So  I ordered a LMC truck parts catalogue, for mostly body parts. Chloe's story will have to ... read more >>

2007 Dodge 1500 – Nick S.

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Bait and Switch For the Better My wife and I have been toying around with the idea to get a RV in the neighborhood of 25 feet give or take . We had a 2014 F150 5.0 a few years ago but traded it for a BMW . Well obviously we had to again find a 1/2 ton truck to safely pull a 25 trailer . Since we had a BMW, a Corvette, and a Jeep Trailhawk, we figured we’d have to part with one of them or maybe two of them to afford a truck . Well we ... read more >>

1986 Dodge RamCharger – Aiden B.

April 12, 2021 | Tags: DE

My first ride, purchased a few months before I turn 16, is a 1986 Dodge RamCharger SE 150 with a 360/5.9 engine. I’m very tall for my age (6’6”) and wanted something big and unique and a RamCharger fit the bill. We found a solid, rust free truck and my Dad and I are working on it to get it in shape to be my daily driver and weekend adventure vehicle. We have a good base but it needs a lot before we get there, First up, getting running better and replacing a lot of the rubber seals, door ... read more >>

2003 Dodge 2500 – Taner B.

March 17, 2021 | Tags: DE

Mr. Arizona Well Covid forced me to sell my low mile loaded 2016 Ram sport. I still needed a truck with no payment so I bought a 2003 Diesel Ram 2500. Being from the salt belt, she is rotting all over 🙁 The Box, doors, rockers, and fenders. It all needs replacement or repair. So far I found a box from an SRT, doors from an Arizona truck, and picked up aftermarket fenders and rockers. Even had a friend fabricate the body side sills due to rust. The truck once finished will be painted the same colour as my ... read more >>