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1990 Dodge D100- Daniel K.

February 27, 2019 | Tags:
  • black, 
  • DC

This truck was originally purchased by my father in 1988 and eventually passed down to me in 1998 to drive in high school. It was used as a run-around truck for many years after I went off to college and the truck stayed home. I started the complete frame-up rebuild in 2013 and I couldn’t be more pleased with my final result.

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1983 Dodge D150- Mark K.

February 21, 2019 | Tags:
  • DC, 
  • white

This is my 1983 Dodge D 150. The build was started in 1996 but as it was being finished up, I moved from Michigan to south central Texas. I cocooned it in climate controlled storage to wait for the day when it could be finished, a few months at the most. That “few months” stretched into 18 years. After the truck got to my garage in 1996, I threw away everything but the cab, frame and hood. All the sheet metal was replaced with NOS. The bed was a dent/rust free one purchased out of California. Once all the sheet ... read more >>

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1986 Dodge D150 Royal- Tracy B.

February 18, 2019 | Tags:
  • DC

I inherited my father's truck after he passed away in 2013. He bought it right before he retired and he was the second owner. He took very good care of his Ram. He was kind enough to share it with me the last few years before he passed. Once he passed my mother told me he would want me to have it and care for it as he did. Of course I would do just that and have ordered some parts from your website. I plan to continue to work at making it pristine and make my father proud that ... read more >>

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2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport- Ian M.

February 12, 2019 | Tags:
  • DE

Both of my parents had Ramchargers when I was a kid, so I grew up with Dodge trucks. I've had several Ramchargers of my own over the years, a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500, and then this 2008 Ram which I bought brand new from the dealer. Finding this truck wasn't easy, and the dealer had to get her from another dealer out of state. Only 1950 Rams were painted Sunburst Orange Pearl in 2008, and mine is 1 of 14 the way she's configured. I only have 58,000 miles on her, so we'll be together for a long time to ... read more >>

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1988 Dodge LE 150 Ram- Paul D.

February 5, 2019 | Tags:
  • DC

My truck is a 1988 Dodge LE 150 Ram. I purchased it in 1998 in Springfield, MO. The truck was in good shape. I worked out of it for four years, then I retired. I got a little dog named Sally. We went all over Missouri and Kansas back roads fishing. Sally loved to ride and help me drive. She loved our old Dodge truck. I lost Sally from old age October 26, 2017. I couldn’t save Sally, but I saved her old Dodge with the help of LMC Truck parts and Ken’s Body Works. Ken did a beautiful job ... read more >>

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1993 Dodge D350- Brock L.

January 31, 2019 | Tags:
  • DC

Since I was old enough to talk I have always loved the First Gen Dodge Diesel. I knew I would have one as soon as I could afford it. After searching all over the Southern United States, I finally found and bought this 1993 when I was 19 years old. It needed alot of attention. After months of restoration work, lots of parts from LMC, and with the help of my dad, we finally finished the truck. It has a new paint job, new trim pieces, new lights and new custom interior. Everywhere I go someone will strike up a ... read more >>

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1976 Dodge D100- Robert G.

January 14, 2019 | Tags:

    The first time I took my wife of 36 years now on a date back in High School, as we were headed back to her house she said, “ stop, see that truck, someday I’m going to own it." It was a 76 short wide D100 lowered and painted with a ton of laquer paint. Well 7 years later I bought it for her. But with two daughters by then, and no power steering or brakes, shortly the fun ran out of it, and we let it go. I have told her for years, someday I’ll find another one and ... read more >>

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    1972 Dodge D100- Lamoin T.

    January 9, 2019 | Tags:
    • DC

    This truck was my late father's. The body is a 1972 D100, it sits on a 1975 W200 chassis. Has a 360 4 speed and full time transfer case with a part time kit installed. 6 inch skyjacker springs front and rear sitting on 35 inch tires. Took me ten years after dad passed to start this build. So happy it's on the road again.

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    1992 Dodge D150 – Travis L.

    December 11, 2018 | Tags:
    • 2 door, 
    • 72-93, 
    • black, 
    • DC, 
    • Silver, 
    • Two Tone

    This is my 1992 Dodge D150 truck, I’ve had this truck for about 2 years know and I love the ole truck. It has the 318 fuel injection motor and the 5 speed standard transmission. My grandad loves these old trucks so he’s helped me do a lot to this truck! We’ve taken the old carpet out and replaced with a black vinyl mat and I’ve had the seat reupholstered. There's much more I’ve done to the truck inside and out. Lot has been done from LMC!! I’ve really enjoyed it.

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