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1972 Chevy C10 – Chris B.

October 28, 2020 | Tags: CB

American 72 C10 I bought this truck for $1100, as it sat rotting away in some guys back yard. I always had dreams of building a ratty "shop truck." Once I got it in my shop, tear down went quick. With the help of my daughter, friends and wife we got it to frame in a few weeks. I thought I'd be driving it in no time, boy was I wrong. I bartered for some help with metal work and that hole next winter my good buddy, who owns a restoration shop, and I picked away at the cab. ... read more >>

1968 Chevy C10 – Michael M.

| Tags: CB

Betsie Lives! I bought Betsie about 11 years ago, intended to use her simply for parts, although she didn’t have very many that I thought that I could use, she had been neglected since the early 80’s and just sat behind a building out in the elements wasting away. After all who wanted a long bed with faded paint and was the base of the base optioned truck. 250 inline 6 , three on the tree, but Betsie was special, I began to recognize when I winched her up on the trailer. All the tires were flat, brakes were ... read more >>

1995 GMC Sonoma – Jeff M.

October 26, 2020 | Tags: CD

Chicken House ZR2 I purchased this truck from my brother who is a chicken farmer. The motor was no good, cracked block and head. Full of chicken house smell. I totally gutted the interior and washed the inside before starting on it. Installed another 4.3 in it rebuilt the transmission, brakes, shocks, 2' body lift, poly lock system, new tires and rims,  all new rubber swaped out door, fender, new hood. Modifications to the body are custom amd fiberglass fender flairs I made and attached. Modifications to the front to get rid of the plastic bumper cover. Dash cover ... read more >>

1990 Chevy K2500 – Kile F.

| Tags: CD

Roy This truck was bought new by my Great Grandfather in the fall of 1989. He bought it for hauling cattle. For the first 70,000 miles up until he passed in 1994 it was never unhooked from a stock trailer. The truck was passed onto my father. He had repainted it three other times in a 5 year period and still used it as the farm truck until 2015. The frame cracked up by the power steering box and rusted the front of the frame so bad that the front end about fell out from underneath it. He didn’t ... read more >>

1979 Chevy Silverado – Tom P.

| Tags: CC

My First Truck I have a 1979 Silverado that I am trying to refurbish for my son. My dad bought it new and was his first truck. He handed it over to me in 1981 when I turned 16. I will never forget the day he handed the keys to me and said take good care of it. It was my first truck and now I want to fix up and give to my son. We have hauled cords and cords of wood and rock with it and many hunting stories etc. Someday if I win the lottery I ... read more >>

1991 GMC 1500 – Gary S.

| Tags: CD

My 1991 GMC was down but not out when I got it, I got the truck for free so I couldn’t pass it up. I saw the potential and I knew with just a couple thousand dollars I could bring her back to her glory. I’ve been doing things here and there for the past four years and I still have a couple of things I would like to do but I think I’ve done justice to the originality of truck. The truck is super clean , no leaks or drips everything works and the little V-6 just purrs ... read more >>

1966 Chevy C10 – Tom F.

| Tags: CBE

Grandpa's 1966 C10 This was my grandfather's truck. He passed away and my father gave me the truck when I was 16. I drove it through high school and then I parked it for the next 27 years and then my father-in-law retired and he needed a project to do so we pulled it out from the weeds behind my barn and he started working on it for the next three years it was quite the labor of love

1971 Chevy Blazer – Don K.

| Tags: CB

Here We Go Again! I have had and built many trucks over the years. '52 Dodge, '53 ford, '71 chevy 4X4 short, '77F1504X4, 71 chevy C30 Dually, '55chevy pro street, '69 chevy longbed (for son) '71chevy dually 6X6. So now why not a '71 chevy blazer

1993 Chevy Blazer – David M.

| Tags: csd

Back to Life My best friend and I have been building a 1993 Full size blazer for four years. The trick though is I live in Tucson Arizona and he lives just outside of Atlanta Georgia. We have gone through every piece and replaced quite a lot. If it wasn't for LMC and their superior Catalog we would be in left hunting in Junkyards for worn out parts. The new parts give us reliability and a chance to modify the Blazer in a classic fashion to include replacement damaged, rusted panels and a beautiful color change from Blue to ... read more >>