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1978 Chevy K20 – Eric M.

June 1, 2021

A young man's vision. It took 3 years of countless hours for Justin's vision to roll down the road. My son Justin, at 14 years old saw a vision in the neighbors old farm truck sitting in 4ft high weeds. I told him he was crazy and we were from the the knowledge and experience to even think about getting on the road. Heck we didn't even know if it was for sale, let alone ran. My son talked me into stopping by and talking to the old man to see if he would sell it. We did and ... read more >>

1972 Chevy Suburban – Jose S.

Growing up my dad had couple classic cars and I used to be his Sunday helper hoping that after we were done he would hand the keys over. The good old days , now I went from a modern car to this and I love it ! The previous owner did most of the work.  I picked up were he left off and I will continue on working on it.  She’s not perfect but she runs very strong.  All original miles and matching numbers. I’m waiting for my pop’s to get better after surgery to come visit and go ... read more >>

1977 Chevy C10 – Mike C.

Best Friend!!! It was my best friends truck and he died Jan 26 2020. My best friend Casey McD. had an extensive car collection, consisting mostly of Oldsmobile 442's, Cutlasses and a W-30. Then there was this Stepside, I had walked past this truck for 25 years in his pole barn and never really looked at it all that much. His sister gifted me this truck as I was his best friend and she felt sad for me. It's in really good shape as it's been stored for 30 years, I'm fixing it up and going to drive it ... read more >>

1971 Chevy C20 – William W.

May 24, 2021

Ken’s gift. In 1971 my uncle Ken purchased Chev C20 4x4 with all the extra features such as 4 speed manual transmission and over cab lights. He put a camper top on the back and put some sporty rims and wheels on it. Fast forward 50 years later the truck is all original to include the paint and looks as good as the day it came home. Ken is sick now his body not what it use to be. He can’t drive his beloved truck anymore. Ken gifted his truck to me, his nephew, knowing it would stay in ... read more >>

1974 Chevy Blazer – John K.

My Dads Blazer. My dad has always loved the square body Suburbans, Blazers, and short wide pick up trucks. It started with a 1976 Suburban, green in color with white trim, four-wheel-drive. I can remember as a kid my sister and I would lay down in the back of it and we will go to the drive-in movie theater. My mom would pop a big brown bag of popcorn we would take a 2 L of soda pop and have a ball watching the movie until we fell fast asleep. Another memory of the Suburban was that my dad ... read more >>

1996 Chevy Suburban – Anthony G.

Franklinstein It started off as my Mom's daily driver kid hauler. But with 230k on the body and years of neglect from never having enough time, she passed it on to me, and me and my dad have been trying to make it nice, and back in spec again. It has a hood and driver door off the same year yukon that we paint matched, and quite a few speed holes from dried out plastic pieces that met one too many rocks, but she still drives like a dream, and is built like a rock. We still have a ... read more >>

1975 GMC pickup – Kevin L.

1975 GMC pickup long box Camper special My son Kevin and I bought this truck four months ago, we tore the whole thing down and 12 hours to the bear frame, sent frame out to sandblast and we Apoxsee prime and paint it frame, new springs new gas tanks just rebuilt the transmission 400, and we just stripped the engine down454 big block

1981 Chevy C10 – Robert L.

May 13, 2021

Mr. Clyde custom deluxe This truck bling to a old man and my neighbor I called Mr. Clyde he was a retired U.S. Marine true American and he used this truck to haul produce he grown and sold at the farmers markets he drove this truck a lot for years he drove it work but put it in the farm he had all the mechanics done he wanted power so he pulled out the factory engine transmission and rear ended which was a straight 6 and 3 on the tree and put in a 340 hp. 350 4 bolt ... read more >>