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2006 Chevy 2500HD – Greg M.

June 11, 2015 | Tags: CE

I purchased my truck just a little over two years ago from the state auction. It was a white bone stock state-owned work truck when I first got it. Since then I have named it "Dirtygirl" and have redone everything including paint, interior, sound system, motor work, and some custom fabrication done by myself. Mods: Paint- The truck was repainted in Kawasaki ninja green, with skulls airbrushed threw out the truck. It also has a gold pearl pinstripe and the biohazard emblems ghosted into the paint. All done by American Classics auto paint and design in Longwood, Fl. Interior ... read more >>

1987 Chevy – Colton C.

| Tags: CC

Items such as the seat and dash board were the beginning stages of this trucks frame off restoration. From there the original factory rims were sent out for powder coating which the frame was sanded and painted. The entire interior is redone, and at this point, 2011 the truck was sent out for paint. After 3 years the paint and body work was finally completed. After the return of the truck, LMC assisted in the final stages, including accessories for window and door components. The Hot Rod Black finish on the 1987 Chevrolet is a unique touch. LMC helped ... read more >>

1987 Chevy Silverado – Bud M.

| Tags: CC

It starts in Fenton, Michigan just south of Flint. I (17 at the time) bought a 77 GMC High Sierra. The truck just fell apart from rust and I had to junk it. Growing up in Chevy land had me in love with Chevy trucks from the get go. Fast forward 20 years(now in Ga) and the search began for a semi restored 87 Silverado, SWB, 4x4. Took 3 months of searching and finally we found her. A Huron Blue/White two tone beauty called Nelly Bell. Slowly but surely we are improving on her. She had frame issues at ... read more >>

1985 Chevy Scottsdale – James O.

June 10, 2015 | Tags: CC

Bought the truck when I was 14 with my dad in NC. From there I started completely restoring the truck reading book after book and Internet article after article on any information on restoring the trucks. The truck became lifted with 11 inches of lift and 40-inch TSL super swampers. The interior was completely redone, custom rearend that My dad and I built for it . a new 350 gm crate motor was stuffed under the hood. I sent the truck off for re wiring and the lights were converted to model headlights along with a custom stere. The ... read more >>

1975 GMC Jimmy – Michael F.

| Tags: army green Green

Ever since I was a little kid, I always thought the full convertible square body blazers and Jimmy were the coolest cars on the roads. It was rare if you ever saw one with its roof off driving on the road, but every now and then you'd come across one. I knew one day I would have one, so, on my 30th birthday, I went out and picked one up. She was just a rolling rust-free body when I got it, but one year and several paychecks later, my 75 Jimmy has become my dream truck! ... read more >>

1979 Chevy K10 – Jake C.

| Tags: CC red

The story of this truck began in January of 1979. The truck was originally purchased by my granddaddy. He used it as his daily truck and on our cotton farm. We have been cotton farming in our family for over 50 years. This truck was used to haul cotton to the cotton gin in town. My granddaddy drove this truck from 1979 until 1989 when he bought a new Chevrolet truck. This truck was retired for farm use only after that. One of my first memories of this truck was when I got my John Deere pedal tractor. I ... read more >>

1985 Chevy C10 – Dylan P.

June 5, 2015 | Tags: CC

I was inspired by my father. He had a truck just like this so I always promised him I would get one and make it a project and he passed away so it's in memory of him. Not finished yet but each day getting closer.

1971 Chevy C10 – Kent M.

| Tags: Green

Hello LMC truck fans! Just wanted to share my finished 71' C10. Just needs windows tented and rhino lined bed. It's been a year and half project but all worth it! Couldn't of done it without LMC. I know there are other suppliers of parts out there, but I have never had an issue or wrong part from LMC, therefore, that's where I get all my parts. I sent this truck in not to long ago before it was finished as an in-process project and now I want to share the finished project. My first truck ever was dark ... read more >>