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1982 Chevy K5 Blazer – Jose P.

September 11, 2019 | Tags: CSB

K5 or Die Trying! So, here it is. My 1982 K5 project. I bought it about 5 years ago off of craigslist. Guy was a older kool car dude. He actually had a 70'something Corvette in the garage and the blazer was used as a security barrier so they couldn't steal his car out of the garage. Anyway, it was running pretty good with an SBC 350 motor. He was also using the truck to practice bodywork (and he actually did a pretty good job too!) So, here I was totally in love with this guys lawn furniture so ... read more >>

1951 Chevy 3100 – Todd W.

| Tags: CA

Franks '51 Chevy My dad Frank bought a 1951 Chevy truck off a grape farmer outside Fresno CA back in the mid 70’s. We grew up with this old yellow beat up pickup. Frank had a vision but not enough money to restore it and hot rod it. Over the years and some car shows I grew to love the truck and see a vision as my dad talked about his own. As I got older we fixed and tinkered and I watched him work on Revell models cars I grew to love paint and shiny rides. I could ... read more >>

1975 Chevy C10 – Erich D.

| Tags: CC

Project in The Making I got this thing over a month ago and was told that I was the 4th owner. The bed and front passenger fender were replaced, but she still had the original 454 engine with only 70k miles on it. It sat for 20 years and was parted out. It needs some more work before she's fully restored but we'll get her there. I just got her driving. Now for a paint job!

1987 Chevy C20 – James A

| Tags: CC

Big Blue In 1987 my Father and I were looking for a truck to help us with our furniture restoration business. With trouble finding a used one, we decided to buy new. We ended up purchasing a 1987 Chevy 20 Custom Delux. After several years of proud ownership, the name Big Blue was coined as to its deep Chevy blue color. As time and age took its toll on her skin, she became known as Big Rust or the Rusty turd! I finally got the money and time to have the truck repaired and painted. Thanks to LMC for ... read more >>

1996 Chevy Tahoe – Mike A.

The Energizer Tahoe that keeps going and going! We purchased our 1996 Chevrolet 4x4 Tahoe brand new. This thing drives, rides and idles like it did back then when it was new. It still gets 18 mpg on the freeway and 12 mpg city. I trust this vehicle to go anywhere! Over 400K miles on the vehicle and could see engine number four (4) in five years? Thank you, LMC for providing the parts when needed that fit perfectly, most recently the driver door handle and wheel well splash guards.

1963 Chevy C-10 – James J.

| Tags: CBE

PROJECT "WORK TRUCK" I purchased this 1963 C-10 Shortbed Fleetside truck in 1995 from a co-worker who used it as a daily drive, who had purchased it from a fellow who had bought it in Oklahoma. After having the truck for over twenty years, and being recently retired, I realized that it was too nice of a truck to just leave as a daily driver so I decided it was time to either restore it or sell it to someone who would. In the fall of 2017 with the help of my son, I started the restoration by totally ... read more >>

1987 Chevy S10 – Jim H.

| Tags: CC

Back to Minitrucks After 23 Years I owned three minitrucks during the years 1976 to 1996. In moving to Texas in 1996, I sold my 1986 Mazda B2000 extended cab and thought my truck days were over. Twenty-three years later, I spotted this 1987 Chevy S10 with 281,000 miles, but good bones, while at a car show put on by our local high school auto tech students. In addition, the truck was "hauling" a 1970 Honda Minitrail built as a project by the students. The students needed to sell the CT-70 to have funds for a ... read more >>

1969 Chevy C10 – Herman R.

| Tags: CB

Dads Old Truck Dad passed a few years ago. I remember when he bought the truck. It was a few years old when he got it from a friend. He wasn’t able to drive several years prior to his passing. It’s been sitting for years at my sisters under oak trees and walnut trees. She finally let us have it as it was just rotting with no care. It’s now at our house and slowly we are getting it back into it original shape.

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