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1983 Chevy C30 – Curtis F.

March 30, 2021 | Tags: CC

I found a 1983 C30 searria Sierra Classic heavy haul pickup with only 147,000 miles on it sitting at a farm no longer in use. It has a heavy 6.2 diesel, with an after market Banks side winder turbo and a special 10 speed manual transmission! The back window on this standard squally was removed and a sleeper was installed right behind the cab. 2- 36 gallon saddle tanks. And a gooseneck tow package was installed. Along with special ordered aluminum bud rims. It is going to be fun to restore and drive. ... read more >>

1970 Chevy C10 – Cristina P.

| Tags: CB

Wishes Do Come True My name is Cristina and I live in Ontario, Canada. When I was a teenager I remembered watching a movie made in the early 90’s about life in small town Texas on the final day of the school year in the mid-70’s. The movie was “Dazed and Confused”. There were a few big named actors, still unknown at the time. There were some really cool muscle cars being driven around by the teens, including a 1971 Chevy C10! The truck was a black short box with red interior, and I was in love!! Since watching ... read more >>

1986 Chevy K10 – Christina B.

| Tags: CC

I recently bought this 86. I have found a lot of things that need redone on it to bring it to its full glory.. I am having difficulty finding a place in my home town that can redo the windshield as it is broke and the top was chopped before I bought it. But I'm not going to give up on it .. I'll keep you updated

1958 Chevy Apache – Tony B.

March 24, 2021 | Tags: CA

When I was growing up, my dad bought a 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Deluxe. Both my brothers and I learned to drive in it. It was basically my daily driver for most of my high school years. After I graduated, Dad had the truck sandblasted and primed with the intention of restoring it, but , unfortunately, it sat untouched in his basement for the next 35 years or so. He eventually gave the truck to me, and about 6 years ago, I began to restore it. I took the truck completely apart and did a frame off restoration. Since ... read more >>

1992 Chevy 1500 – Anita G.

| Tags: CD

T Truck In the fall of 1991 I drove my husband to Winnemucca, Nevada to pick up his new 1992 Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive truck. Our first son Travis was 5 months old. My husband drove that truck for his gold exploration geology work until we left NV for Albuquerque. This truck was his baby until he got a new truck in 2006 when Travis was learning to drive. The truck became a teenage hunting fishing high school, college, fire department trainee, and finally Fireman transportation truck. Too many clutches caused a new engine installation. Incident in college ... read more >>

1986 GMC S150 – Brian B.

| Tags: CC

The Little Truck That Will Again! This is the beginning of my story with my 1986 GMC S15 High Sierra 4WD. I purchased her in Florida about 3 weeks ago and had her transported to my home in Rhode Island about a week ago. The minimal rust is surface only (which is the main reason why I grabbed her). Loaded with options, and the 2.8l V6, I plan on going through all mechanicals and leaving the patina finish with some clear coat on top to protect it. A 5.3l LS may be in the picture down the road, but ... read more >>

1985 Chevy S10 – Mike K.

March 22, 2021 | Tags: CC

Frankentruck My truck started life as a non-descript 1985 Chevy S10. By the time I got it, it had been gutted during prep for a drag truck that was never complete. I had a crazy idea of a rear-engined truck. So I found a 1981 Buick Riviera and decide that it would be easy to cut off the entire front frame, engine/transmission and all, and weld it behind the cab of the S10. That part was easy, but engineering all of the other problems to make it a functioning vehicle was quite a bit more challenging! Even though there ... read more >>

1986 Chevy 2500 – Tom K.

March 18, 2021 | Tags: CC

I bought this truck with 15K miles on it. We used it for years for work and family, camping trips, 4 wheeling until it wouldn't run anymore. I've been wanting to restore it for the past 10 years but medical situations prevented me from doing this. I've been disabled since 1989 with back problems. My wife has gone through 2 breast cancer treatments and 15 major surgeries. I've gone through 2 major back surgeries plus prostate cancer and most recently lung cancer with chemotherapy & radiation. All of these situations have made it impossible to come up with the ... read more >>

1981 Chevy K20 – Kaden D

| Tags: CC

I got my 1981 Chevy square body from my dad's friend. It is a work in progress! Once the snow goes away I can put a motor in it so that I don't have to move it around by pushing it. But I don't care if its multiple colors right now because I am going to have a nice paint job done to it once the body work, motor and everything else is done. Then the truck will be a beautiful truck and ready for the road and people to look and stare at it ... read more >>

1993 Chevy S10 – Chris S.

March 17, 2021 | Tags: CST

I bought this truck from a coworker that I had been trying to get him to sell for years. This little truck is great & reliable. I've put so many new parts from LMC on it & I still have a garage full of parts. I plan to completely restore this bad boy so it may continue to thrive on the road.