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1985 Chevy 2500 – JT B.

November 24, 2020 | Tags: CC

85 Chevy 6.2 Liter Diesel I got my truck when I graduated back in May. I’ve always wanted a single cab diesel. But my truck is a 85 Chevy 3 quarter ton 6.2 liter diesel. I roll some coal here and there, but recently got some new parts and it’s looking pretty wolfie. -JT

1964 Chevy C10 – David B.

November 20, 2020 | Tags: CBE

Daddy's 1964 Chevy Truck My father bought a 1964 Chevrolet Truck brand new in 1964 for the farm. We used the truck for many years and when I was grown, I became a long haul over the road truck driver. My father, after many years of driving the truck, passed away. The truck sat in a barn on the farm for many more years. When I retired a few years ago, I decided to restore my father's truck. Early Custom Rods, in Raleigh, NC helped with that task and she was rebuilt from the ground up. 99% of the ... read more >>

1985 Chevy K5 Blazer – Fred L.

| Tags: CST

Back to the Blazer In 1985 my father bought a new K5 Blazer. In 1999, when I turned 10, I told him "that's what I want to drive when I turn 16." In 2005 I got my wish; for 9 years I drove my blazer 340,000 miles. I drove to my first duty station in it, drove back home when I got leave, and even used it as my get-away vehicle for my wedding. I had no idea how rusted out my beloved blazer was until 2014; my wife and I were driving home to see my parents and ... read more >>

1966 Chevy C10 – Lonie C.

November 17, 2020 | Tags: CBE

My First Truck I had a 1966 Chevy Pickup from 10th grade in High School until my second daughter was born. I sold it 4 times and bought it back 3 but being that young, I knew hardly anything about restoration at the time it was gone... with that said after owning a 56,57 and 48 truck trying to fill the void of my first love. It was always that 1966 truck. So I started asking around and looking and spent weekends traveling to find the right one to restore and spend my life with... and to my surprise ... read more >>

1993 GMC Sonoma – Mel A.

| Tags: CST

Abandoned My neighbor’s father bought a new GMC Sonoma from a local dealer in 1993. He was a retired USAF Colonel and used the truck occasionally to haul things for his backyard greenhouse and lawn. When he died, his daughter and my neighbor, inherited the truck. They rarely used it and it sat on the street and gathered dust. I went past it everyday when I walked my dog. It bothered me that no one drove the truck or cared for it. Four years ago the truck began to speak to me! So, I made my neighbor an offer ... read more >>

1977 GMC C15 – Jason B

November 12, 2020 | Tags: CC

Bought this GMC 3 months ago and with the help of LMC made it look new again. Original Canadian Alberta truck with only 50000 miles. Cruise, tilt, tach, A/C and power windows. 350 4-bbl Thanks LMC for your help!

1989 GMC S15 – Diance R.

| Tags: CC

This is my 1989 S15 Sierra Classic that I inherited in Nov. 2012 from my aunt, she and my uncle bought in new in 89 in Oak Ridge, Tenn. It is all original except the radio and rear bumper. It has always been garage kept, it probably has never been in snow and very little rain. I got caught in one rain since I have owned it. Fun truck to get out in, get a lot of compliments as most of these little truck's has gone by the wayside.

1964 Chevy C10 – Jim C.

| Tags: CBE

Family Heirloom My great Uncle bought this 1964 C10 truck brand new from O’Hara Chevrolet. It originally had a 6 cylinder with 3 speed transmission and was used daily as a work and farm truck. The truck was later handed down to my Uncle and restored in the early 80s. The engine was replaced with a 283 and the transmission upgraded to a Muncie 4 speed on the floor. The truck was then placed in shows and won several 1st place trophies. As time passed the truck was placed into storage and over twenty years later needed a lot ... read more >>