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1997 Chevy K10 – Gary H.

November 29, 2020 | Tags: CD

The Love Of A Square Body When I first turned 16 back in 1980 I bought my uncle's 73 Chevy C10 stepside, straight 6 cylinder, three speed on the tree. I always wanted to get another one now that I’m knocking on 60. I found a 77 K10 four-wheel-drive short bed. When I first saw it with the for sale sign I said I got to have it. It's all in primer and needs some odds and ends but that will be my summer truck to cruise around in no AC. It has the 255 option, you know two ... read more >>

1998 Chevy 1500 – Gordon W.

| Tags: CD

Williams Family Truck In 2016 I was looking for a truck to replace my 1996 k1500 that I used for 20 years. I live in Maine so it was very rusty from the main winters. I located a 1998 two-door long bed in Marshville North Carolina it was owned by Ned and Joyce. They bought it brand new in 1998 and they took wonderful care of it. Long story short by the time I got home, there's no way I could use this truck for my work because it would absolutely ruin it. The truck was so well taken ... read more >>

1965 Chevy C10 – Richard F.

| Tags: CBE

Built a 65 Pick up in 1982, a friend borrowed it and was T-Boned which totaled the truck. I found this truck and transferred the power train, Rebuilt it from bare bones to what it is today as a family project. Kids joined in to help. The bed is made of Oak, and looked so good, We built a Tilt Trailer with a solid Steel Floor used as a utility trailer. Most all parts to restore this truck was purchased from LMC Trucks

1991 Chevy S10 – Cody B.

| Tags: CST

My First Truck I'm 15 years old, I turn 16 in April and get my driver's license. I always wanted a square body S10 short wheel base. My dad found one and we've been fixing it up slowly so we can have it done by the time I get my license in April so that I can drive it back and forth to school and take it to car shows with my dad's 68 Chevelle.

1996 Chevy Step Side – Ricky B.

| Tags: CD

Keeping my Dads 96 Step-Side Alive My dad Chet worked at General Motors for forty years. To make sure that his family was taken care of, my dad would work 12 to 16 hour days at the GM plant in Michigan as a manager. My dad was one of the hardest working guys that I knew in my lifetime. I remember when dad purchased his 1996 step-side special order and customized just the way he wanted it. Dad had purchased a couple more trucks through the years but his step-side was all that he would drive. My dad was ... read more >>

1972 Chevy C10 – Robert S.

| Tags: CB

The Coolest Can of Worms I Ever Opened My girl and I bought this truck sight unseen, well we did see some pictures in the add and a video. It looked like a nice truck, dark green met. Had a piece of plywood in the back. It looked tacky to say the least. I decided I would call LMC and get a new floor and a steering wheel to match for her for Christmas. So I sanded and was going to paint it. Long story short she got wind of my plans and said strip it. Thus the can ... read more >>

1957 GMC 100 – John J.

| Tags: CA

My 57 GMC 100 My friend looked for a 57 GMC for years and found one not far from his house, I believe he owned it for about 15 years. It was in great shape very little rust and solid floors and ran great. I told him how much I like the truck and when he was ready to sell I would be interested. Sad to say but his health started to fail and he could no longer take care of or drive the truck so he ask if I still wanted it. Of course I said yes and ... read more >>

1971 Chevy K10 – Pason M.

| Tags: CB

Rusty My grandfather got this truck in the late 1990’s and him and my father worked on it a lot. They pulled the motor, rebuilt it to be a 383 stroker, built a custom front and rear bumper, positraction differential, KC highlights and other upgrades. Shortly after they finished the truck, my grandfather contracted throat cancer and passed away a few months after I was born in 2002. My dad continued to use the truck as a daily driver and took me to soccer games and sorts as I grew up. One day the the way back from a ... read more >>

1995 Chevy C1500 – Jason F.

| Tags: CD

Chevy C1500 Silverado Hi everyone this is Jason and I bought the 95 Chevy C1500 Silverado 5.7 350 in August of 2020 from a friend of mine it does run and drive. I am on the journey of restoring the truck I am also going to junkyards to get parts for it and get it to look like when it first came out here is a before picture of it and I call it Big Green because of the color of it