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1993 Chevy 1500 – Rob P.

April 28, 2021 | Tags: CD

Finding My Dream Chevy Hey everyone, over the years I have had many different truck brands and many headaches. In the end I always circle back to GMC/Chevy. I live up North, you know where they put too much salt on the road which in turn rusts out even the newest trucks so, finding my ideal Chevy was no easy task. I found what I guess you could call a barn find, a 93 Silverado resting for 12 + years with no rust, original paint and only 94000km (this is unheard of) and somehow a wrecker got hold of ... read more >>

1953 Chevy 3100 – Larry G.

| Tags: CA

My 1953 Chevy Truck I bought my truck in the 70s sight unseen for $150. My Brother in Law told me about it, it was in Fallbrook Ca. We picked it up when there was a very heavy rain. It was pretty exciting to tow it with a chain down a very muddy dirt road!! It was in pretty rough condition!! It was a long process, doing most of it myself with my son who was about 10 years old, now he is 44 years old. It has a 327 Chevy motor, Firebird rear end, 350 Turbo trans, and ... read more >>

1997 GMC Sierra – Jesse P.

April 19, 2021 | Tags: CD

The 'Ol '97 Fox Truck Good Day Folks, My 1997 Sierra is one of those trucks that most people in my life have wondered why I've kept and keep around. It's because of its story, and its stories to come, that give it its meaning. Before I had my licence, this was my Uncle's truck he used to bomb back and forth from home to college. Small, good on gas, a standard with Flowmaster exhaust, and an 8' long box - perfect for most of the driving essentials. After he graduated college, the truck was available for purchase and ... read more >>

1985 Chevy 3/4 Ton – Hunter S.

| Tags: CC

My eleven year old son just bought his first truck. He has been saving his money and working very hard so he could buy his truck. He told me,  "Dad when I am a teenager I won't have a high paying job so I want to buy my truck now so when I can drive I won't have a truck payment. Plus I want everything done and my truck fixed up and ready to go by then." He just turned twelve last week. He also said he could have mom and dad and grandparents give him stuff for his ... read more >>

1981 GMC Sierra – Clint W.

April 12, 2021 | Tags: CC

Old School 80's Classic Rebuild by Clint I started on this project over 10 years ago. I remembered as a kid there was a older guy that had spent a lot on an late 70's square body Chevy/GM. Classic old school blower sticking from under the hood. As I got older in life the desire to have one of these trucks never went away. In fact my first pickup was a 1885 Chevy Silverado that I drove for years. So somewhere in 2009 I found a really nice short box that had been partially restored. I immediately thought this ... read more >>

1975 Chevy C10 – William M.

April 7, 2021 | Tags: CC

My Work Buddy I’m a handyman or maintenance person for an apartment complex out here in California. I found this lil gem tucked away in a car port . Which was an old 1975 C-10 Custom deluxe. It used to belong to another maintenance person and friend who passed. It’s my work truck. I’m going to restore it back to its former glory with some upgrades

1989 Chevy S10 – Eric H.

| Tags: CC

My 89 Chevy S10 Tahoe Bought the S10 in November 2019. It had 163k miles and I was the 3rd owner. The couple bought it from their aunt in Kentucky. Well cared for but needed a special touch to get it back to original, nothing major. Just simple repairs and cosmetics. Here's the S10 after it's paint job last month.

2002 Chevy 1500 – Tim T.

| Tags: CE

It’s a very simple story where I passed up two chances to buy this truck. It was 4 months old and I thought I needed an extended cab truck. Two months later I called the seller and he still had it. I asked about driving it. Glad I did. It had 4K miles on it and the new smell in it. This is a work truck with added packages to keep it from looking like a work truck inside and out. I’ve been driving it for 18 years. I love my truck.

2001 Chevy 1500 – Bernie L.

| Tags: CE

Mountain Life 01 Silverado I purchased this truck in 2005 with 33k miles on it. It has been my daily driver of sorts until until I retired in 2016. Since then I’ve been tweaking it & doing a “refresher restoration” if you will. It just turned 130k miles. We used it to travel to and from our permanent campsite in Tennessee.