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1972 Chevy 2500 – Josh W.

January 20, 2021 | Tags: CB

72 Chevy My son has always wanted a 72 chevy and always been a hard worker, from mowing yards, washing cars, to being a big hand in the family paving business he has earned it. Its been a few year project but we got it done before his 16th birthday, beautiful truck and hard working son.

1985 Chevy 1500 – Bob K.

| Tags: CC

My 85 Chevy I bought the truck 21 years ago. Itis  my prize possession. I built the truck bed, the box sides, wheel wells, fenders and much more from LMC truck. I changed the cab with a out of state cab. It has a custom made interior trimmed in real polished stainless steel, and a real inner cab roll bar. Lots of upgrades, yet stayed true to the vintage and style of truck. I did all my own body work and painter myself.

1954 Chevrolet 3100 – Michael C.

| Tags: CA

5 Generations in a 1954 Chevrolet 3100 My grandfather purchased this truck in 1954. He was a carpenter and used it for work. He gave this truck to my father in 1965, and I drove it to High School graduating in 1967. It wasn't cool then when a lot of the guys had 56 & 57 Chevys but it is cool now. My father gave this truck to me in 1994 and I got cheap paint job on it to make it look better, but it still ran perfect. I taught my daughter how to drive in it when ... read more >>

1963 Chevy C10 – James J.

| Tags: CBE

PROJECT DAILY DRIVER I purchased this 1963 C-10 Shortbed Fleetside truck in 1995 from a co-worker who used it as a daily driver. He purchased it from a fellow who bought it in Oklahoma. After having the truck for over twenty years, and having recently retired, I decided it was time to take it from a daily driver to something little more a special. In the fall of 2017 with the help of my son, I started by doing a frame off restoration. After having the frame blasted and painted, I installed disc brakes on the front, a power ... read more >>

1952 Chevy 3100 – Floyd G.

| Tags: CA

Unit 25 31 Years of Community Service Prior to and after World War Il the John Bean Division of Food Machinery Cooperation (FMC) manufactured fruit sprayers for the agriculture industry. During the war years, John Bean began manufacturing fire trucks for military fire departments using the high pressure fog pumps they had used in the fruit sprayers. Following the war, John Bean began selling these high pressure fog fire trucks throughout the country and world. Unit 25 began its life on June 27, 1952, when it was delivered to the Chester Volunteer Fire Department in Chesterfield County, Virginia. The ... read more >>

1978 Chevy K10 – Jim K.

January 14, 2021 | Tags: CC

I recently bought a 1978 Chevy Pick up which I hope to restore, it’s an original short box 4x4, original paint, faded but solid. The inside needs some TLC but in time I hope to restore it to its former glory.

1964 Chevy C10 – Gary G.

| Tags: CBE

20 years of Enjoyment Purchase this truck with no driver side floor or rocker panel. The front fenders were rotted off. I rebuilt the truck with LMC truck parts very happy with my project the way it’s coming out

1951 Chevy 3100 – Jim K.

| Tags: CA

Misty Is a story of a beautiful girl, aged to perfection. 69 years old, and proud to be on the road. Restored to perfection. California’s best journeymen have come together to make this truck, second to none. 3 years in the making. She shines inside and out.