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1993 Chevy Cheyenne – Christopher C.

July 5, 2020 | Tags: CD

A Family Tradition My husband has always been a Chevy truck owner as the picture shows. Being a carpenter by trade, a truck was a must. Who would have known that 47 years later his grandson would also be following in his same footsteps and have his own Chevy truck and work as a carpenter at 18. His 1993 Chevy truck was the ideal buy for his first vehicle, a one owner Cheyenne. Making it his own came easy as grandfather and grandson began to enjoy working together on Christopher's "new" Chevy truck. He hand made the front plate ... read more >>

1967 Chevy C10 – Mark I.

| Tags: CB

My 1967 Chevrolet C10 I am now the second owner. The first owner passed away and left It to his sister and she wanted somebody to have it that would do the truck justice in the way that her brother would’ve. I went a little overboard. I made the truck look like a Baldwin motion. I think the original owner would’ve been happy with what I’ve done. He had ordered a few parts from LMC Truck and had some other things circled in the catalog that he planned on buying before he passed away. ... read more >>

1985 Chevy K20 Scottsdale – Nathan S.

| Tags: CC

I got this truck in 2017 after giving up on restoring my dad's old Dodge power wagon. I loved that truck but it had to many roadblocks that kept me from being able to ever finish it. I saw this one on the side of the road for sale I bought it and it's a daily driver me and my brother painted it just to stop rust it is not restored.

1963 Chevy C10 – Laurie L.

July 3, 2020 | Tags: CBE

Labor of Love. Marrying a 63 and 74 truck We were given the truck cab, engine, and tranny as a down payment on a car build. The black truck we’ve owned just kept showing up. I wanted an old truck and Charlie started this build as a gift. I’m so proud of what he did to it. It fixed the body then painted it, then distressed it. The graphics are very special. Charlie called the historical society and got my parents phone number and address from the year I was born. He also had added my two nick ... read more >>

1987 Chevy S10 – Wayne B.

| Tags: CC

Father and Son Our 1987 S10 was a two year project. Working together was the best result. The truck has a Blueprint engines 350, Holley Sniper fuel injection and a 2.5” dual exhaust. Turbo 350 with a 2500 stall. Rear end is a 8.5” 3:42 posi from a Blazer. Bumpers are also from a Blazer. Interior is new and features a digit dash. Paint color is magnetic metallic.

1979 Chevy Custom – Ryan J.

| Tags: CC

79 Custom I bought the truck last year. The story I was told was it was a high school shop class project back in the 90s. When I bought it it was in disrepair and had been sitting outside for a long time. I spent a good part of last winter repairing all of it and making it my own.

1971 Chevy Blazer – Bill S.

| Tags: CB

The Restoration of Black Beauty! I’ve had my 71 Chevy Blazer since 5-15-1989. I traded my 71 Chevy Step side for the Blazer. When I got her she was blue with a white hard top. Had an 8000 lb Ramsey winch on front and steel bumper on back set up to haul a horse trailer. Running 15 bye 10 rims with 33 inch tires. I wanted it for a daily driver so I replaced bumpers with chrome stock bumpers and 8 inch by 15 truck rally’s on 33 inch white letter tires. Very few parts were available when I ... read more >>

1986 Chevy Custom – Nathen W.

July 1, 2020 | Tags: CC

Marie Laveau Marie started out life as an 86 one ton pull truck that I bought off of a friend of mine a few years back . Now I am a sucker for a one ton truck, but Marie's bed was in pretty bad shape and I had always wanted a 1/2 ton short bed crew cab square. I started stripping down and cutting the day I pulled in the driveway with it. I stripped the whole truck down to nothing and started ordering parts. In a years time I had her where she needed to be for paint, ... read more >>

1983 Chevy C10 – Charlie D.

June 30, 2020 | Tags: CC

1983 Chevy Short Box “Hot Wheels” Omega Orange Paint - Job Rider 5 spoke wheels on Mickey Thompson Rubber Tires - Shaved handles, mirrors, and tailgate - Custom Interior - Stage 2 NOS Kit - TCI transmission - Engine 383 Stroker with fast burning heads, flow tech heads, KB pistons, roller cam, roller top end, steal crank, high tech connecting rods, ARP bolts, air gap intake. 🧡 Hot wheels 🧡 By: Charlie DaPonte 1983 Chevy short box “hot wheels” The truck was once my dads farm truck that we used to take everywhere. After a few years of driving ... read more >>

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