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1985 Chevy K-10 – Robert L.

September 16, 2019 | Tags: CC

Brownie Bought new in 85 and its been through. It's been through 2 motors &  3 transmissions. I've redone all the interior and working on the exterior. It's still going strong. Thanks, LMC for the parts to restore it

1962 GMC 1000 – Matt H.

| Tags: CBE

Ranch Rescue My vehicle in college was a restored, clean, one-owner 1970 Chevy CST10 with a/c and details down to the matching original seat, headliner and door panels. So when it was time to shop for my son's first vehicle, we instantly thought "old truck," but it had to be on a budget. After months of online shopping across several states, we were the first to act on a 1962 GMC 1000 that had survived its stint on a California mountain ranch--and had the patina to prove it. We made quick friends with the seller, who threw in a ... read more >>

1988 Chevy S10 – Danny T.

| Tags: CST

I purchased this S10 from a neighbor in 2000 with a bad motor. Dad needed a truck at the time, so we found a used motor and installed it. I got it from the estate when he passed away in 2009 and started planning a restoration. I took it to a local shop where it was disassembled and prepped for paint. It came to a stand still there as the shop was busy. I moved it to another shop for completion and it is now on the road. I got a personalized plate in memory of dad,  DAD-TRK. ... read more >>

1988 Chevy Blazer – Adrian M.

| Tags: CSB

The Blazer My dad Bought me the Blazer so I’d have something to flip and make me money, but, as soon as I started to drive it I fell in love. And after hearing from everybody who previously owned one, the regret of selling theirs, I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake.

1968 Chevy C20 – Zac T.

September 13, 2019 | Tags: CB

It all started when I found a 1920 Fordson tractor in my mother in laws back yard. I ended up trailering it home with the intention of getting it running then turning it into a bad ass lawn ornament. A few weeks after it arrived at its new home, I threw a dinner party where I had someone offer me a 1968 Chevy C20 with a 307 motor and a 4 speed Manuel tranny with only 40,000 original miles in trade for the tractor. I reluctantly agreed after having seen only a few pictures of it along with promises ... read more >>

1973 Chevy C10 – Wade M.

| Tags: CC

Engine, No Truck My neighbor gave me a 454. Looked like it had been dug out of a hole. I've been going through it. It will be super nice and powerful when finished. I would like to install it into a 1973 to 1987 C-10 SWB. Interesting how hard they are to come by. Of course the things I want are hard to get. Ha!

2000 Chevy Blazer – James B.

September 12, 2019 | Tags: CST

Truly A Blessing I'm a disabled Veteran, (Vietnam) I needed a vehicle that I could trust to get me back and forth from my doctor visits. I'm on oxygen so I can't afford to be stranded. I stopped by this car lot 5 years ago to buy a Chrysler I had seen in an ad. When I got there it was already sold but the guy was nice and liked my Veterans hat and found out that I'd been in the same company his recently deceased father was. He took me around the back of his ... read more >>

1967 Chevy C10 – Ben R.

September 11, 2019 | Tags: CB

67 C10 with Character When I was in high school my grandfather handed down his 70 GMC C15 to me. While that one is long gone, that body style stuck with me as a clear favorite, particularly the 67. Years later I was able to purchase a 67 long bed with dreams of restoring it to its former glory. Unfortunately, I had neither the means, space, nor skills to take it on at that time and wound up letting it go as well. A few weeks back I came across another 67 that I had to have--a very original ... read more >>

1951 GMC Panel – Walt W.

| Tags: CA

51 GMC Short Panel Truck I bought my short panel from a guy that had it stored in his basement garage for 40 years. He had taken most of it apart, sandblasted, primed, and loosely reassembled. The body had small dents, etc, but it was nearly rust free.

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