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1972 Chevy C10 – Pat D.

April 2, 2020 | Tags: CC

First Date in Black Truck My wife and I went on our first date in 1997, the year I bought the truck. The truck date 11/71 my wife 2/6/72, two months apart. We have had a lot fun good times driving black truck, this year we are restoring it . New paint , fixing some minor rust issues. I love watching her drive it. She pulls up to a street light the guy nest to her looks at the truck and looks at her her a starts shaking his head. He can't believe a woman is driving this truck. ... read more >>

1978 Chevy K10 – Richard J.

| Tags: CC

"WORTH THE WAIT" I am the ORIGINAL OWNER and had to special order to get a K10 equipped and the color I wanted. When I took delivery I was told by the dealership owner that my truck was special because it was #2 of 2 made equipped exactly like mine and Redondo Blue color (documented) in 1978. Redondo Blue was a standard color on vans and not available on pickups. This was my daily driver for 25 years. After family and friends encouraged me to restore it, I started the restoration in 2003. After many health issues and 16 ... read more >>

1981 Chevy K20 – Gabe M.

| Tags: CC

Heavy Chevy I’ve always saw squarebody Chevys around town my entire life, and thought how cool it would be to have one of those behemoths. I got my chance a few months ago with this truck. It’s a 350 powered K20 with a 4 speed, full time 4 wheel drive, and not much else option-wise, She certainly needs work, but with some parts from LMC, she’ll be on the road again soon.

1972 Chevy K20 – Jeff W.

| Tags: CB

Purchased (2) 1972's and with a total resoration converted the 2 into 1 massive, awesome Truck. It took my brother and I about 3 years to complete. Color is hi-lighter yellow. My wife and I have enjoyed taking it to all the car shows, and talking to everyone , who says " my Grandpa or my Dad had a truck just like this one". It's so awesome.

1954 3100 – Ron C.

March 31, 2020 | Tags: CA

I grew up in Iowa and these trucks could be found on farms all over. They were true American work horses. They built, maintained and improved American all through the 50s, 60s and beyond. It is an honor to keep old trucks on the road. Kind of a Thank You for a job well done. I bought he truck sight unseen and as expected, got a lot more than I bargained for. It ran and drove but it was far from road worthy. A mild restoration turned into a complete frame off project but the journey was half the ... read more >>

1974 Chevy C15 – Donny P.

| Tags: CC

Never Left Town I bought this truck from a local gentleman in his 80’s selling off his property to move to an apartment. It was quite rusty but only had 64,000 miles on the clock, 350 auto. The truck was built in Janesville, Wisconsin, sold new in Algoma Wisconsin and I don’t believe it ever left Algoma. We spent that winter restoring the truck. Thanks for the help LMC.

1970 Chevy C10 – Chad L.

| Tags: CB

My Dream Truck After a 5 year search for this specific truck, I finally found one in decent enough shape to restore. When I purchased the truck, it has been sitting for several years and did not run. It sat in my garage for a few years waiting on me to get started. I opted for a full frame off resto-mod. Every single nut and bolt is new, and every mechanical part has been bought new, or rebuilt professionally. 6" suspension lift, bored 454 big block added but kept the standard transmission and transfer case because that is my ... read more >>

1966 Chevy Apache – Sergio G.

| Tags: CBE

MY DEAR CHEVY TRUCK 66 I got it in 1991, it had been 10 years it sat in a yard with a lot of problems, rusty and mechanical, some parts were spoiled. My wife did not agree with my purchase and maybe it was a great challenge but I was in love. From 1991 until now I have been restoring my dear chevy truck and perhaps it is not 100% I feel my chevy looks so beautiful. I live in Mexico and here is complicated to get some parts but I found your web site and feel a great ... read more >>

1954 Chevy 3800 – Michael N.

| Tags: CA

My Vision I wanted something that was different than what anyone else was driving. I started with a 54' Chevy cab with a 9' chassis.I cut 17" off the frame and moved the rear axle forward 11-1/2" I rewired the whole truck, added a GM 383 stroker, & converted it to a 4X4. There is a ton more to describe.I built it myself. Most of it outside when I lived in CT. Here is before and after

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