I have owned numerous C10’s through out the years.  My love for trucks comes from my Father always having a truck when I was growing up.  My Father worked at one of the Big 3 Automakers in Detroit.  The ups and downs of the 80’s never allowed my Father to purchase a new truck.  When my Father was able to, it was in the 90’s.  I fell in love with the truck and body style.  Fast forward 20 years later and I had the opportunity to pick up this 1991 GMC in a trade for a motorcycle. The truck had a lot of issues but it was love at first sight.  The engine is the factory TBI 350 that has been rebuilt, a new bed from Texas was installed, and the truck was lowered with a 4/6 kit.  All this couldn’t have happened without the help of two life long childhood friends.  The truck was re-painted in Auburn, Indiana and brought back home to Michigan, where it was re-assembled with LMC Truck parts.  The truck brings joy to my family as I have started teaching my 11 year old son how to properly wax and care for the truck, which will definitely be his one day.