Family Tahoe

I bought this truck in 1998 for my wife.  She left me, and left the state, and left the truck behind.  I was the co-signer and got the truck.  I drove it for a few years, then my brother wanted it, so I told him to take over the payments and he can have it.  So he took it and drove it for a couple of years.  Then my mom decided she wanted it, so she bought it and drove it for a year.  By that time, I got back with my ex-wife and had a son.  My mom helped with my son, and decided the S10 wasn’t big enough, so it got parked for many years.  My oldest son got his permit and wanted to get a truck, so I was going to give him my car.  But he wanted the S10.  I didn’t wanted the truck to get wrecked or destroyed, so mom told me I can have it back for free, just fix it up like it was.  So I got it going again and decided to do a restoration on it.  I started in May 2020, then my mom passed away in June 2020, so I lost interested in finishing it for a while.  In May 2021, I started back on it in and just got it finished in October 2021.  I wish my mom could have seen it finished.  95 percent of the parts came from LMC Truck.  Thank you for making my truck look original again.