Old, Slow, Stinky, and Cool!

A quick background.  My dad bought this truck in ’69 or ’70.  I was 12ish at the time and I learned how to drive in it.  It has been in the family since then.  Last road registered as a farm truck in Colorado in 1972.  It was then taken to our Ranch in South Dakota’s Southern Black hills in 1974.  It basically never left the Ranch until it was brought back to Colorado in August of 2021 to be revived.  Still a 216 with 4-speed drivetrain.  It’ll stay that way until age, physics, and decrepitude (either mine or the trucks’) decide otherwise.  No paint or resto-modding are in its visible future.  With your help and, and the help of other vendors, it is back on the road.

Old, noisy, stinky, slow, and kind of wanders aimlessly when left to its’ own devices.  Just like its owner.  At the age of 64, I’m reliving my wasted youth!  YAY!!!!  Thanks, guys!