In my job, I was always afforded the latest and greatest in pickups.  For over 30 years I’ve had a company pickup, and no need for a personal pickup.  I bought this 1978 F-150 as a project, a sort of “entry into retirement “.  I wanted a ’70s series Ford, and wasn’t really looking hard, when this sort of fell into my lap.

This is the 17th vehicle I will restore, and the very first one I’ve done for myself.  It had no interior, and the wrong seat when I drove it home.  None of the lights worked, and it was dark.  On the side of the road, I got headlights and taillights, and had my wife follow me for the 2 hour drive home.  It’s a work in progress, not going to be show worthy, but when I give someone a ride I’m sure they’ll like it.  Once I find a tailgate, I’ll get a little more serious about the exterior.  For now, I’m pretty satisfied with the way the interior is going.