This was my daddy’s truck he used since he was 17 yrs old.  Originally it was his uncle’s truck.  My grandfather said once that this truck wasn’t meant to be a ranch truck.  Well she ended up being a ranch truck for many years.  With only 89,000 original miles, she’s ready for a rebuild.  I inherited this pickup from my daddy a little while ago, and we both agreed to rebuild it back the way it used to be in ’74.  It has a 5.9L 360ci engine in it, automatic transmission, and stock disc brakes and guess what!  She still runs!!!  This is truly a dream come true, to finally have a truck I’ve always desired growing up.  It will be more sentimental when she’s all put back together.  This truck was built basically in my back yard here in California, it was manufactured in San Jose, Ca. Just right over the hill from me.  Heirlooms like this don’t come by often and when they do, grasp the opportunity.  To some people, they see a broke down pile of junk.  But in my eyes, I see something greater.