The journey to my garage…

This truck was born in 1972 in Fremont, California.  It was purchased in Kingsman, AZ at the Chevrolet dealership!!

It lived 21 years in Arizona, before coming to Cecil, Ohio in 1993, where Mr. Smith drove it regularly.  In 1997, a complete restoration was started, and over the next few years, brought back to pristine original condition.  After Mr. Smith got the truck to the condition he wanted, he put a cover on the truck, and over the next 20 years, took it out for a drive a couple times a year.  Mr. Smith was having some health issues and decided to sell the truck.  It was purchased by Mr. Heckley in Woodburn, Indiana where the restoration was continued with new bumpers, new dual exhaust hooked to the original 75,000 mile 307.V8.  Mr. Heckley sold this GMC to me,  from Woodburn, IN.

I’ve continued to restore this truck to its current condition!!  This truck was a Godsend at a difficult time in my life….  In 2017, I spent 75 days in a hospital, with a perforated small intestine which turned into sepsis poisoning.  My wife was asked on many occasions if she knew where my funeral arrangements would be made.  She spoke words of healing over me and after 2 weeks of unconsciousness, I woke up, and started a very long recovery process.

This ’72 GMC has played a part in bringing me back to life, looking forward to participating in life again!!  When I prepare my truck for a show, it helps me forget about the constant pain I’m in, and gives me something positive to focus on!!  Although the GMC’s journey took 45 years from California to Arizona, to Ohio to Indiana, it was meant to be in my garage to help me live life again!!  Last weekend, the truck took “Overall Best of Show”, and I looked up and thanked God for this blessing in my life!!

My name is Larry, and feel blessed to own such a time capsule, and have a wife who supports my passion!!  This truck has had previous owners who appreciated her just like I do!!  My goal is to keep it in stock condition, replacing, or refurbishing her along the way!!  My son, also appreciates the originality of this truck, so, it will remain original for many years to come!!