I bought this ’72 K20 in 2004.  I had been trying to pick it up from my brother-in-law for eight years.  Every thanksgiving, he would call and wish me happy thanksgiving.  I would ask if he was ready to sell, and every time he didn’t want to sell.  He restored it.  In just weeks after having it painted he went off the road and through a barb wire fence he never drove it again.  It sat for many years.  Finally, one thanksgiving he said yes.  I brought it home and began a cab off total restoration.  I have experience, as I had another ’72 I did.  Everything has been rebuilt.  Truck has a 396 bored out to 402.  It has a four speed, 205 transfer case, and Eaton in the rear, a read head steering box.  Thanks to LMC and my wife, the truck is complete. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Robert