Another Item Checked Off My Bucket List

I always wanted a vintage Chevy truck and had been seriously looking for years.  My rubber necking over those going down the road used to drive my wife crazy.

It was late summer 2020 that I found the right one for sale in southwest Missouri.  After doing a once over of the truck, I called the owner just to find out that someone else had shown interest and would be back to get it in a few weeks with the money.  I left my name and number just in case the deal fell through.  Two weeks later I got the call that the truck was available and within the week I was trailering “Ole Red” back home.

This is a great truck having a small block 350, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, 3 speed automatic, factory P/S, factory P/B, and factory A/C.  With a good bit of under carriage work since completed, a new oak bed with polished stainless steel ribs, and other light maintenance issues resolved…… “Ole Red” is coming back to glory!