Ol’ Green – My 1960 Apache 10 Stepside

This truck has been in my family for 60 years and counting.  It was purchased by my great grandfather new in 1960.  I’m the 4th gen owner.  My father and I restored the truck in the late 80s and showed it locally. It was my daily driver in the 2000s then it sat at my fathers house for a number of years.  My father passed in 2017 and I resurrected the truck in 2020 and have been working on it.  It sports the original 235 (rebuilt once in 2005 ), straight six, and 3 speed on the column.  It has been lowered 6 inches in the rear, 4 inch springs, and 2 inch blocks. It’s also been lowered 6 inches in the front, 2.5 inch drop spindles, and re-clocked torsion bars.  It also has front disc and power brakes.   Some of the photos were in the late ’80s, the latter are more current.  Thanks for looking.