To say I have liked Chevrolet trucks my entire life is an understatement. I learned to drive in a 1964 C10 and have owned a Chevy my entire adult life. My current truck, a 1990 C1500, is one I will never get rid of. I purchased it from my uncle who bought it brand new from the dealer and was one of the first big purchases him and my aunt made after they were married. I have owned it since 2005 and had kept it pretty much stock until about 5 years ago. It was about then I discovered LMC and all the parts they offer to bring it back to life. I purchased the truck as I was starting my professional career and didn’t have much at the time. It got me around and did what it needed to do. It sat for quite a while after. I had purchased other vehicles to do my daily driving but I always had a dream of what I wanted it to become. It isn’t where I want it to be but I have made quite a good start. The truck means even more to me now since my uncle has since passed away. He never wanted to sell the truck but was in desperate need of a bigger vehicle to tow his toys. The day I picked it up I caught him outside saying good bye to it. It has been so fun to work on and continue to upgrade. My young girls love to ride with dad and my wife loves to drive it around and everyone is always checking it out. I look forward to many more upgrades and many more miles with it. Hopefully I can pass it down to my kids someday.