Up In Flames

I bought my truck 8 years ago.  I tore it apart as it was in really rough shape.  After some rust repair and a lot of parts from LMC I was ready to put it back together.  The paint was nice, the interior was new, and I was ready to replace the bumpers.  As I was getting ready to start the truck to bring it in the shop, it back-fired and the fresh paint ignited like a book of matches and it went up in flames really quick.  The cab and front end was completely destroyed and I was devastated.  So here I am, I finally purchased a donor truck which was a long bed but luckily I only needed the cab.  After 3 lengthy parts list from LMC I am ready for my 2nd rebuild.  I still have to get the engine rebuilt from the donor truck but I am happy to be back on track.  Thank you for providing quality affordable parts.  Wish me luck.