1982 S-10 V6 Longbed

I was in high-school in the 90’s and an older friend had this beater truck. I fell in love with the thing and a year later, by freak chance (a story in itself) I was able to purchase it for 800 dollars. I drove it all through high-school until it rusted through so badly it wouldn’t pass inspection. It sat in my garage for a couple decades, becoming rather rare unbeknownst to me, until one night I figured I’d dust it off “one body panel per night” as I puttered around the garage. Now it’s 2 years later and it will finally pass inspection. The irony is, it no longer needs inspection because of the antique plates!

LMC, if you’re wondering how much of this thing is actually from your company, you should know that besides what my name brings up in your records over the last couple years, there was a ALSO period around 2009 where parts for this truck were purchased. Some of those parts were a fender, door, rocker panels, cab corners, drivers floor panel, bushings, rad support, and possibly more.