Not Your Typical Truck

So I was in the market for a vehicle and lately I’ve been noticing a lot more people driving Teslas at work. So I thought to myself, should I buy a tesla? Its gas efficient, and doesn’t make any noise and looks futuristic in a way, and would make it seem like I care about the planet. But then I thought to myself, “does this really represent who I am?” The answer to that question is heck no. I don’t like reading books, drinking coffee for leisure, or listening to soft rock music. I like my beer cold, my engine loud, the smell of gas, and my Rock ‘n Roll. So, rather than conforming and being just another guy at work with the same boring car, I got myself this beauty. It’s louder than a drunk girl at spring break yelling “Hi mom!” on MTV in the ’90s . It’s prettier than your wife when you first saw her when you were drunk. It gets more attention than a open bar at a wedding, and is faster than your sister at Mardi Gras. I love this truck and I hope you do too.