Growing up, my father Tom was a contractor in Flagstaff, Arizona. He experienced the highs and lows of the business but no matter what was going on in our lives he always relied on his two-toned, blue, 1977 F150 to get him from job site to job site. I have lots of great memories of my Dad and I driving around in this truck. It was easy to spot him around town and know you’d get a wave from him.

When my dad unexpectedly passed away in 2012, I had moved to Lake Stevens, WA and started a career. The truck needed a lot of work as it had been run hard for many years as a work truck but I couldn’t let go of it. I had it shipped from Arizona to Washington where it sat next to my shop until the summer of 2019 when I decided, with a lot of help from my father in-law Joe, to restore it back to its original glory.

Joe is a retired 30yr Ford mechanic and had a lot of experience wrenching on these 1970s trucks. The truck needed a good amount of body work but with the help of LMCs catalog (new bumpers, grill, molding, lights, exhaust, carpet, seat cover, etc.) and a few of the bigger pieces from a local scrap yard we got to work. In a little over 3 months, it began to run and look great again.

I love driving it around and always get thumbs up from those who can appreciate the work we did in keeping it on the road. The 8ft bed still comes in handy when I’m doing construction projects of my own and I know my Dad would be thrilled that we kept his trusty steed alive.