My Dad has always been one of my closest friends. He was a mechanic before he retired, and throughout my life, we always bonded over car projects. It’s what we liked to talk about, and its what kept us close over the years. He was always there for me anytime I needed help with a project. When he decided it was time to go into a nursing home a few years ago, he started losing interest in life. So I decided I needed a new project to work on. I have loved the early Broncos ever since I watched Stacey David building Crazy Horse, so I started looking. I found this one in a small town about an hour and a half away. It was not in very good shape, but the price was within my budget so I bought it. Promptly tore it apart, and Dad and I started planning the rebuild. He helped me with several projects on it, including getting the new 4.11 gears set up in the front axle. Sadly he died before I completed it, but I truly believe it made his last few months much more enjoyable. The truck is completely custom. Pretty much every part of it I replaced or reconditioned. It is running a blue-print engine 408 Stroker with dual quad sniper EFI backed up by an ax 15 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, 4.11 gears in a dana 44 up front and 9 inch in back, both with trutrack diffs. custom fuel door, custom dash etc.. it is a lot of fun. I received an LMC truck gift certificate from Stacey David when he had the truck on his show in the “What Are You Working On” segment. It was on tv about 3 weeks before my Dad passed away. Thanks for helping me get this truck finished.