The “79”.

I always wanted to fix up an old truck and when my son started to take an interest in doing a project like this that’s when I really started looking. My dad had a 79 F-150 and I was born that year also and when I came across this one I took the chance and grabbed it and I’m sure glad I did and with your catalogs I found out this truck was built the same month and year that I was born, it’s even a Canadian build truck according to the vin. It seemed to run well but needed some work, the cab corners were soft and the floor of the bed was rotted out. I brought it home and we went to work. A lot of parts from LMC and even more time went into this project, it took almost 3.5 years to finally get it on the road but it was worth the wait, even though I’m not done yet it is a lot of fun to drive and I’m taking every chance I can because once my son gets his license I’m sure he will put a lot of miles on it