Finding My Dream Chevy

Hey everyone, over the years I have had many different truck brands and many headaches. In the end I always circle back to GMC/Chevy.
I live up North, you know where they put too much salt on the road which in turn rusts out even the newest trucks so, finding my ideal Chevy was no easy task.

I found what I guess you could call a barn find, a 93 Silverado resting for 12 + years with no rust, original paint and only 94000km (this is unheard of) and somehow a wrecker got hold of it and started the process of wrecking it and why, cause that’s what wreckers do, I guess.
Anyways, long story short, the wrecker through it up for sale as is and not running, no distributor, no plug wires, flat tires, no battery, a cut fuel line, a cut transmission tube and numerous other missing items. All I could do was to make sure I could turn the motor by hand and take my chances, so I gave him $4000 and towed it away.

After replacing all the missing items and a new fuel pump she finally fired up. What a relief, next was a detail inside and out.
My plan is to keep this Chevy as stock as possible however I have added some upgrades such as a 2” leveling kit, shocks, 31. X 15 x 10.5 bfg’s, new headliner and a few other little details.
Bottom line is, I now have a truck I love that I can work on and hopefully can pass it down to one of my kids.

I do have several videos up on YouTube about this Chevy that you can check out at Hammered Halo. Don’t forget to subscribe as I will always be updating new and exiting upgrades on it.