When I was a kid my grandpa had a 79 ford and it was like the biggest best truck in the world to me.  So basically I’m 40 years old now and I’ve been through a few 79 Ford’s but they all just wore out. I found a 79 and  took it to the frame and started building me a new 79. Everything is new, every bearing, every seal, and every rusty bolt. All that’s left is the paint job and to do the interior. It is far from stock, I found a 429 cobra jet engine and rebuilt it. I’ve had it started once just to check it out the diffs, 4 speed trans, and transfer case. I had rebuilt bulletproof 9inch rear Dana 40 front 6 inch lift tipeed with 21/2 body and new 35.12.50 mud tires. I’ve turned now to the interior that’s why I be ordered my LMC catalog. I’m customizing the interior to my liking, digital dash, 15 inch kickers, fosgate amp, custom switches to control my lockers and lighting. I am getting ready to go into the paint shop of my buddy’s. I will be painting it myself going to be the baddest 79 around here in just a few short months almost home now