I’ve always wanted an old Ford truck. An old friend from high school was selling one many years ago and my dad and I went to test drive it and check it out. It was rusty and in pretty rough shape but I fell in love. My dad looked at me and said “you are NOT buying this truck…” He said when you buy a used car you buy someone else’s problems, and then proceeded to buy me a brand new 2011 F150 XLT. I love my truck my dad bought for me, it is my daily driver and it means the world to me. But I still always wanted an old Ford.

My dad died February 13, 2021 of covid, and it rocked my world. He was my rock, and I was always his little girl even though I am 41 years old. It has been really hard and sad and stressful for me and my mom learning to navigate life without him. There hasn’t been a lot of joy or happiness, or even really good days since he’s been gone.

I always look at old trucks on facebook marketplace in my spare time, and I happened to see Blue for sale. She was an hour away from me so a friend rode down with me to look at her and I brought her home. I am not a car girl. I don’t know anything about any of it. But she is my dream truck, and i’ve got a great mechanic that is teaching me, so I hope some of it sticks. She’s a 1978 F150 Custom 2wd. I am stupid in love with her, and she has brought some much needed happiness into my life following the loss of my dad. Going for a drive in her is the best feeling in the world. Dad, I hope you’re not too mad at me for buying someone else’s 43 years worth of problems!