My 1953 Chevy Truck

I bought my truck in the 70s sight unseen for $150. My Brother in Law told me about it, it was in Fallbrook Ca. We picked it up when there was a very heavy rain. It was pretty exciting to tow it with a chain down a very muddy dirt road!! It was in pretty rough condition!! It was a long process, doing most of it myself with my son who was about 10 years old, now he is 44 years old. It has a 327 Chevy motor, Firebird rear end, 350 Turbo trans, and the top is chopped & it’s lowered. My wife & I drive it to car shows along with our car club the SENTINELS !!! Recently my a club Brothers re painted it & put new wheels & tires on it with some other modifications!! For my 78th Birthday gift !!!!