1995 52K Cheyenne

It was bought in 1995 as a graduation present. A unknown added a leaf a torsion key to increase towing capacity. During the early 2000s winter the water froze and cracked the small block 305 with 51k miles. The Chevrolet sat on the side of a house then on a trailer up until 2020, where it was dropped off in my driveway and we started to clean it up a little. I had a Small block 350 out of a 1990 Silverado, put a new flywheel and clutch pack on the 350, and dropped it in place of the old 305. The Ac doesn’t work but LMC has my back for when I go to fix it, there is a couple engine sensors, bulbs and soon a fender and bumper came from LMC. The configurations are a single cab short wheel base fleetside, manual locks, windows and bench seats with a smokers package. Has a NV3500 transmission and a solid back glass. Vinyl flooring and aftermarket stereo