Ford F-100 Step-side Restoration by Drew and Elaine P.

This was a delivery truck in my home town in Southern Utah. It spent many years delivering goods for “Care and Share,” a non-profit store that takes donations of food and clothing and distributes them to those in need. They had named her “Ol’ Lizzy.”

After driving her for 23 years, I decided she deserved a facelift. Well, the facelift turned into a total restoration. LMC Truck made it all possible. I couldn’t imagine trying to find all the parts I needed without them. It took 2 years, but boy… Does she get the looks now! April 3rd will be our first car show as a finished build.

Looking forward to, and would be honored to have a few copies of the LMC Catalog with her picture on the cover to display over the new wood bed in some upcoming car shows!