A Tale of Two Trucks

I’ve always had a desire to learn how to fix cars and do body work but I didn’t know where to start. So I went to the one person I knew that had the knowledge and experience to teach me, my uncle. After talking to him and what kind of project we could start together, we decided that a short box Ford between the years of 1957-1960 would be the truck to fix. So I went on the hunt and found a 1960 F-100 short box and that’s where the journey began. From there, we found ourselves always on the lookout for trucks and truck parts. We both have Class A licenses and even went over the road hauling freight across the country then bringing trucks back home with us. That’s how we found his 59′ to fix. It has been quite the adventure and I will forever cherish all the memories I have made with my uncle and the knowledge he shared with me. One of the memories that sticks out with me the most is that at the end of a day fixing on these trucks we would kick back with a can of cold Pepsi and browse the LMC catalog putting together lists of parts that we would need to fix the next thing or dreaming about the parts we could put in our trucks.