A Gift of Appreciation

I had a 1999 Ford Ranger that left me stuck in the desert until a little girl in a Jeep came to pull me out. I swore from that day on that my next truck would be a 4X4. Well, the Ranger was totaled in an accident, and I was in search of another truck. I had been giving my sister – in -law and her family a leg up after they fell on hard times. Well, one Sunday, they pulled up in front of the house and called me out. There sat a 2002 Ford F150 FX4 XLT. It had over 200,000 miles on it. And, it had sure been used. But, it was beautiful. They told me it was a gift to me for helping them out. It’s been 2 yrs, and I have had to redo the front suspension, but it runs great, and I love it.