My whole time growing up, trucks have been big at our house. I would have been turning 16 soon after I got this truck. My dad and I decided to start fixing it up so when I turned 16 I would have a nice truck that would last me a while. It ended up starting with doing simple things but then sort of went overboard. It had some clear coat that was pealing so Dad and I decided to try to repaint the spots that were pealing. We have done some work before but are no where near professionals. After it was all done, it turned out amazing, considering a 15 year old painted it. The new paint blends extremely well with the old paint making it super difficult to tell what was repainted. Once we put it all back together, it turned out excellent. Many people have been complimenting how good the truck looks. It took countless hours and many late nights, but now that it is done, it has definitely been worth it. It may be 23 years old, but she still looks great and runs great too.