Never Ending Project

My name is Marc, I am from northern IL, 29 years old. The truck I own my father had purchased brand new from victor Ford from here in northern IL just 25 mins away. It replaced his 1978 f250 plow truck and upgraded to this 1996 f250 regular cab long before, 5.8 auto trans truck 4×4. Was his daily truck and plow truck from brand new till 2011. I would drive the truck to high school and eventually took over ownership of the truck. Decision was made to straight axle the truck and lift it 4 inches in 2012. With 35s and 16×11 rims. It then got paint and body work done due to the elements and salt taking a toll on the truck. Follow year I, 12 valve swapped the truck along with a nv4500. It eventually become a money pit and just wanted to go faster and faster. I lowered the truck back down on 2005 super duty axles front and back. Kept it stock height and ran it for that year with a hefty built up 12 valve around 675 hp and the same manual trans with a Valair dual disc street clutch. The follow year I ripped out the old mechanical motor and trans, for in place of a 2004 commonrail and a full manual valve body trans built by Logan Yelton with Logan Built. Put just a tune and single turbo upgrade on the truck with minor upgrades was a fun street truck around 550 hp. I have since added a 75 mm for a compound setup and should be around 625-650 hp! The truck has a nice upgraded interior with upgraded pioneer sound system, leather f150 seats, custom sub box center console and other small features. LED lighting and custom built headlights with projectors and tail lights from Tony Rojo. I’ll never get rid of this truck and will continue to wrench on it, making it faster or better than before!