The 44k Mile 12 Valve of my Childhood Dreams

When I was a kid, I can remember the distinctive rumble of dodge diesels. Whether it was the tractor-like 12 valve or the chuggy 24 valve, they both made me pine for one of these trucks. Only until recently was I able to find one of these trucks that wasn’t a rusted out parts truck. I knew this truck was special when it came with an appraisal and tons of documentation. I might have overpaid for this truck but I didn’t care because it had everything I wanted and more. Smooth and loud 12 valve? Check. 5 speed manual? Check. Longbed? You know it. Since this truck only has 44,000 miles on it, a lot of folks say its not even broken in. I plan on not driving it often except to shows and and as a go-getter when I need to haul something big. I love showing people the original window sticker. So far I’ve only added some single side steps from LMC. The chrome with the blue/white paint scheme on the truck are a wonderful addition. I plan to get some nice shiny headlights from LMC in the future to make this truck look even more like it just rolled off the factory floor.